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The ADL and Their Ties to the Columbus,Georgia Police Department

America's Most Powerful
Racist Hate Group

The Anti-Defamation League is the longest running and most powerful hate group in the United States with 28 offices domestically and 3 offices abroad. They bring in nearly $60 million a year to combat free speech and the right of ethnic minorities to defend themselves from bigotry (including Black Muslims, Arabs, and Euro-Americans).ADL's Dark HistoryThe Anti-Defamation League was created in 1913 by the racist secret society known as B'nai B'rith (which means "blood of the Chosen"). This organization, which exists today excludes people based on their ethnic background and religion. It is exclusively restricted to powerful Jews who believe in racial superiority.

The ADL has spearheaded efforts at censorship against all people who wish to express themselves culturally and racially. The Director of the ADL Richard Gutstadt wrote to all periodicals he could find to censor the book, "The Conquest of A Continent." Mr Gutstadt brazenly writes, "We are interested in stifling the sale of this book." The

ADL was also instrumental in terrorizing St. Martin's Press into canceling their contract last year with David Irving.

The ADL trys to cover its anti-free speech activities by giving out a Free Speech "Torch of Liberty" award occasionally. The most prominent recipient is flesh peddler and woman denigrator Hugh Hefner. Obscene pornographer
Larry Flynt is another supporter who has contributed 100,000s of dollars to the ADL.

ADL's Criminal and Spying Operations

In 1993 the San Francisco and Los Angeles offices of the ADL were raided for evidence of criminal wrongdoing in many spheres. The raids turned up evidence of the ADL's compliance in the theft of confidential police files stolen from California police departments. The ADL had been paying Roy Bullock a salary for decades to spy on people and steal police files. He stole files from SFPD through corrupt cop Tom Gerard. His illicit contact in San Diego was white racist sheriff Tim Carroll.
The ADL has been linked closely to organized crime, especially Las Vegas mafia boss Meyer Lansky. Theodore Silbert worked simultaneously for the ADL and the Sterling National Bank (a mafia operation controlled by the Lansky syndicate). As a matter of fact the granddaughter of the mafia boss, Lansky, herself is the ADL's liason to law enforcement, Mira Lansky Boland. (What a convient arrangement! She used ADL money to treat Tim Carroll and Tom Gerard to an all-expense paid luxury vacation in Israel.)

Another Las Vegas gangster, Moe Dalitz was honored by the ADL in 1985. Another among the shady contributors to the ADL's supremacist activities is the Milken Family Fund, of "junk bond" fame. The ADL uses its well-oiled propaganda machine to protect their "friends" in the mafia and pornography industry by shrieking "Anti-Semitism!!!!!" at the slightest movement of the law against these perverse interests.

ADL's Ethnic Intimidation

The ADL has mastered the art of intimidation and blackmailing unlike any of the powerful mafias they are associated with. The ADL has influential contacts in media and politics that can ruin a person or business if they don't follow ADL's agenda.

Already mentioned are instances of bad cops falling under the allure of the ADL, ones such as Tom Gerard and Tim Carroll. Yet now good cops and even freshmen cops are being "conditioned" for the type of anti-free speech, anti-cultural diversity, police state that the ADL would like for our country.¬├ŁThroughout the nation the ADL is threatening police departments with all kinds of retribution if they don't initiate state-funded lectures and seminars for law enforcement given by ADL spokesmen. The ADL rakes in large sums of money for these sessions, boosting their already overflowing coffers. Already ADL men have been seen at the scene of crimes ordering cops on how investigations are to be conducted.
Perhaps at no time in history has any other criminal organization, such as the ADL, been able to infiltrate and influence law enforcement to such an extent, and its tenacles are growing.

Freshmen sheriffs in San Diego are now being personally "trained" to respond to "crimes" by the Southwestern Director of the ADL, Morris Casuto . The most alarming part of this horrible story is... The ADL is a very powerful, secretive racial/religious supremacist organization, with substantial ties to the underworld of crime and pornography. To burrow their way into the minds of children the ADL has created the "World of Difference" program designed to cause self-hatred in young children and to persuede them to go against their own people and heritage. Children are taught that homosexuality and interracial affairs are virtues, great epiphanies to be experienced. In a report to its few, but wealthy supporters in 1995, ADL boasts that it has reached more than ten million students and more are ready to be indoctrinated. The ADL hopes to make children susceptible to the world of crime and vice they and their criminal associates have in store for America.

Rogues Gallery of The Criminal ADL Abe Foxman
The ADL's head and master of espionage.
Roy Bullock The ADL's paid informant who rummaged through trash for decades for the ADL, until he was given the sensitive position of being the conduit for stolen police files coming from the San Francisco Police Department by way of Tom Gerard. He was paid $550 per week for his services. Also an associate of racist sheriff Tim Carroll. His existance was discovered after the FBI raids on ADL offices in 1993 and resulted in the publicizing of 750 pages of information on the spying operations of the ADL.
Tom Gerard San Francisco Police Officer who stole sensitive, confidential files from his agency and gave them to Roy Bullock to assist ADL's spying operations on Americans. Among files stolen were ones on the Black Muslims, Arabs and right-wing organizations that were in any way critical of ADL. Received an all-expense paid luxury vacation in Israel, courtesy of the ADL.
Tim Carroll Racist ex-detective in San Diego's Sheriff Department. Remarked in 1993 that he would like to see "all illegal aliens shot" and "all the n**gers sent back to Africa on a banana boat." An associate of both Roy Bullock and Tom Gerard. He mysteriously retired from the Sheriff's Department after the raids on the ADL offices at the early age of 54. Also received an all-expense paid luxury vacation in Israel, courtesy of the ADL. Despite his overtly racist nature, he was put in charge of security at the ADL's National Convention in September, 1997 using strong-arm tactics against participants and visitors. This is interesting considering it was his bumbling confessions to an investigator that led to the raids on the ADL.
Mira Lansky Boland The "law-enforcement liasion" for the ADL. She arranged luxurious trips to Israel for certain key police officers who could have something to offer the ADL in return. Among these were file thief Tom Gerard and racist Tim Carroll. She is uniquely positioned in that she is the granddaughter of Meyer Lansky, one of the most powerful mafia figures in US history.
Hugh Hefner Famous pornographer who was honored by the ADL with its ridiculous "Torch of Freedom" award. From him proceeds protection for all pornography in this country, which is and has always been associated with vice elements like the mob and ADL.
Larry Flynt This pornographer is a major contributor to the ADL of 100,000s of dollars. He has been jailed often for "obscene pornography" and the general hideous defiling of women in his Hustler magazine (whose description is beyond the limits allowed on an AOL web page).
Theodore Silbert Mob associate of Meyer Lansky, employee of the ADL and mafia front "Sterling Bank." Was simultaneously the CEO of "Sterling Bank" and National Commisioner of the ADL.
Moe Dalitz Las Vegas mob figure and close associate of Meyer Lansky who was honored by the ADL in 1985.
Milken Family Fund Billion dollar fund that has given extensively to the ADL, the money of which was made in the "junk bond" scandals.
Morris Casuto Southwestern Director of the ADL who personally trains freshmen law enforcement to do the bidding of him and his criminally indicted organization. Morris Casuto is also close friends with racist Tim Carroll.

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  1. The above article regarding the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ) is spot-on...right on target. Since its inception in 1913 this Jewish criminal organization has been complicit in innumerable crimes, not the least of which is the theft and mal-use of police files. The ADL is indeed a ravenous, all-devouring octopus whose grasping tentacles spread far and wide...even into the insignificant, former cotton mill town of Columbus, Ga. Recently revealed documents show that the Atlanta office of the ADL was highly instrumental in the persecution and mal-prosecution of a former resident of Columbus whose name shall remain unmentioned. This person, a white rights activist, now resides in another community vastly better than the dark, dirty and dangerous multi-cultural hellhole that is Columbus. In August of 2011 this activist was arrested for the heinous crime of using non-lethal pepper spray to defend himself and his property from two black thugs who sought to carjack his vehicle. Although both assailants have extensive criminal records and were on felony probation at the time of the attack, this fact was never brought forth by either the prosecution nor the defense. The victim's subsequent "trial" in November of 2011 was a shameful sham, a disgusting mockery of justice that was based not on the alleged offense that resulted in no injuries to either assailant but, rather, on the white rights activists years-long social activism. The activist had long been an irritating thorn in the side of the corrupt and intolerant power structure that has run Columbus for many decades. And this is where and when the sinister machinery of the ADL began to churn. The above mentioned documents reveal that as early as 2002 an ADL agent had infiltrated the Columbus Police Department, had begun an interaction with a CPD detective. Although the name of the detective was redacted on the documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, informed sources suggest that the detective was Cathy Bush, an exceedingly unpleasant woman who is infamous for her abusive, power-tripping behavior. This detective retired from the CPD in October of 2012 and, her ardent championship of multi-culturalism notwithstanding...subsequently moved to the white-flight zone of Seale, Ala. Bush is now employed by the Muscogee County Sheriffs Office, a job that allows her to continue to waddle about with a gun dangling from her ample hip. If the vastly wealthy and powerful ADL has infiltrated even an insignificant, former slave-owning town such as Columbus, Georgia, one must wonder about its influence over other, much more important cities and towns. The ADL is truly a criminal organization that engages in racketeering and other illegal activities. As such, it should be prosecuted under the federal RICO Act. This, though, will never happen. Powerful Jewish organizations are exempt from the laws that govern everyone else...