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No Such Thing as Free Speech with “Holocaust Denial”

No Such Thing as Free Speech with “Holocaust Denial”

• German lawyer Sylvia Stolz condemned to prison for telling the truth.
• Found guilty by “mind-reading” Bavarian judge.
By Ronald L. Ray —
Sylvia Stolz is an outspoken, 51-year-old lawyer in Germany. At the end of February 2015, she was condemned by Judge Martin Rieder of the Munich State Court to 20 months in prison for alleged denial of the so-called Jewish holocaust during World War II, and for “inciting racial hatred.” But there is just one problem with Stolz’s “guilt”: she never denied anything.
Judge Rieder, however, in true clairvoyant fashion, claimed to find the criminal act in what he said was the “meaning and purpose” of a talk Stolz gave in 2012 at a public conference in Switzerland, albeit the “denial” was “not at all so openly addressed.” Instead of judging words and actions, he presumed to judge an unspoken intent—the ultimate in thought-crime prosecution.
This supposedly horrific act occurred at an event sponsored by the Anti-Censorship Coalition [Anti-Zensur Koalition] and was one speech among many. Some 2,000 people were in attendance to hear Stolz talk about judicial censorship and gave her a standing ovation. It’s all on video for the world to see—with English subtitles, no less. Click here for the full video in German.
Frau Stolz, the wife of imprisoned Revisionist Horst Mahler, is no stranger to persecution. In 2007, Stolz defended Revisionist historian Ernst Zuendel in German court from similar charges of “holocaust denial.” But when she attempted to bring forth exculpatory evidence, namely, scientific and historiographic research which at least raised legitimate questions about the existence or extent of a Jewish genocide in WWII, the judge disallowed her efforts and banned her from the trial. To her credit and honor, the intrepid lawyer continued her vociferous defense of Zuendel as they carried her out of the courtroom.
Because “holocaust denial” is a criminal offense in Germany, no evidence is admitted in favor of a defendant which flies in the face of the “obvious facts” of purported genocide—even when that evidence is the truth. Lawyers who dare inject the truth into the proceedings, as Stolz did for Zuendel, are punished swiftly and severely. That is how Stolz landed in prison the first time, for more than four years, and was disbarred for five years.
So what happened in 2012 to get Stolz into hot water again with the Trotskyites at the Ministry of Truth? What did the woman say?
Frau Stolz spoke about censorship: the deliberate and systematic repression exercised by the German legal system against those who raise publicly any doubt or denial of the Zionist-created myth of “at least six million” Jews “gassed to death” by National Socialist Germany. She reported what happens to people, including defense lawyers, who bring forth the results of numerous scientific studies proving the impossibility of the “gas chamber” story; who point to numerous court verdicts over the last decades, from the Nuremberg war crimes trials onward, which declare the total lack of standard forensic evidence for a Jewish genocide; and who note that those same verdicts declare an almost total reliance on the contradictory testimony of unreliable witnesses, some of whom committed perjury.
That is to say, Stolz simply recounted to the audience what courts themselves and scholars had said about the so-called “holocaust,” which raises doubts about the official story, but about which it is forbidden by German law to speak, in contravention of the country’s constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech and opinion.
Stolz herself took no position on the alleged WWII events at the conference, but she pled for the right of free speech and, following in the footsteps of Western philosophers from Aristotle on, for the importance of seeking the good, the true and the beautiful.
However, a Swiss law professor was offended all the same and claimed she was “inciting race hatred.” “Holocaust denial” is not criminalized in Switzerland, though, and the “incitement” charge is difficult to prove in Swiss courts. It may be for this reason that the Swiss justice authorities asked a Bavarian court to try Stolz—despite the fact that Germany has no jurisdiction in independent Switzerland.
The powers that be demand at all cost that those who dare to speak the truth about WWII Germany be silenced and severely punished. The religious orthodoxy of “Holocaustianity” may not be questioned by the masses, for, if they did, the brutal global hegemony of Zionist warlords and banksters might then collapse.
Now, it seems, the “holocaust” story has become so much a political dogma, that even to talk about the doubts which courts themselves cast on the official narrative is too much truth for the authorities, who swiftly drag the offender to punishment without even a fair trial and presentation of evidence. In Stolz’s case, the Zionist-controlled world media and the Munich court itself deliberately misrepresented the facts to justify a condemnation.
This gross injustice against Sylvia Stolz must be rectified. It is unknown at present whether she will appeal the shameful verdict or not. While the German Constitutional Court, its highest court, has ruled that such freedom of expression is legal and constitutionally protected, the lower courts and prosecutors routinely ignore that judgment and make appeals too costly in terms of additional costs and punishment for the persecuted to take their case to the high court.
Readers are encouraged to contact the German authorities and politely but firmly demand freedom for Sylvia Stolz, using the website of the German embassy in the United States or by calling (202) 298-4000.
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  1. The persecution and subsequent prosecution and imprisonment of attorney Sylvia Stoltz for the high crime of questioning the decades-old media accounts of the Jewish "Holocaust" should be a matter of concern for any person throughout the world who cherishes freedom of speech as a natural, God-given human right. God, the Creator of humanity...endowed His creatures with free will...freedom of thought...for a reason. He ( God ) did not intend for His creatures to be mindless robots, myrmidons...people who blindly and without question believe and accept the "facts" of history as told by people who have a vested, self-serving interest in promulgating a false narrative...a narrative convenient and beneficial for them. It is, of course, a given that Stolz's mal-prosecution and 20-month imprisonment were instigated by the usual suspects...the Luciferian Jews. Beware of the Jew, for he is the ancient destroyer of mankind...

  2. Question: What socio-political entity wields the most power in every Western society? Answer: The Zionist Jew power structure. "Right Wing" radio and TV frequently deal with the Jewish Question and the Jewish power structure ( the media ) that exerts an enormous influence on the minds...attitudes...of the semi-literate American masses. Do none of these people perceive that they are ruled by a hostile and racist all-powerful entity? Americans...lulled to sleep by Jewish sitcoms, "Reality Shows," soap operas, SPORTS....are missing the true dynamics that really rule the world. And that dynamic is the control of the organs of mass information dissemination...controlled by the Jews, a unique race of people who consider themselves to be beyond reproach, beyond question. After all, they are the Chosen People of God Himself. Thus they are any member of any other race of humanity. The Jewish influence on the American population is incalculably immense, indeed, and subtle, too. Most potato chip-munching, couch-potato Americans have no idea that their minds...their attitudes...are being a hostile and hateful power. The Jews. This explains why the Jewish media will, in times of social unrest...present images of black thugs looting, robbing and burning. This is because, although the Jewish power structure ordinarily extolls the virtues of the black will immediately throw their "black brethren"' under the bus when it suits their purposes. And the Jews' purpose, as always, is to divide, then conquer, for their satanic intellect knows that a dis-united people cannot stand...

  3. This writer wishes attorney Stoltz well, if only this deed could be achieved by mere wishes. An intelligent person must ask him or her self: Every race of people on earth can be criticized with little negative backlash. Only the Jewish race cannot be criticized via pain of law...prosecution...imprisonment. To question the Jewish "Holocaust" is a punishable offense in most countries in Europe and, the Land of the Free, America. Why does a fact ( or non-fact ) of history need to be the force of law? If a fact is indeed a fact...or non-fact....the Marketplace of Ideas will sort it out. Why the Laws??

  4. A "fact" of history should be able to stand by itself via its own merits or demerits. When laws are imposed for the purpose of protecting the "fact" from objective scrutiny...perhaps the fact is not a fact at all...

  5. The Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ) was established in 1913 in the wake of the brutal murder of Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old employee of a pencil making factory in Atlanta, Ga. The firm was run by Leo Frank, a Jew. Authorities first accused a black custodian of the murder and subsequently arrested him. The ensuing investigation later revealed that the custodian was not the murderer. The pedophile murderer, it was discovered, was the proprietor of the firm...Leo Frank. Frank's trial by jury was a six-pointed star circus, replete with back-room double dealings and intrigues upon intrigues. Frank was ultimately convicted of the crime by the jury, a jury that consisted of several Jews. But Frank's conviction was not the end of the incident. Jews throughout the state of Georgia rallied to his defense, causing numerous delays in the imposition of his punishment. Finally, in 1915, the outraged citizens of Atlanta and other cities in Georgia, seeing that justice was not being done...took matters into their own hands. They raided the jail in which Frank was being held, seized him, then spirited him to Marietta, Ga. where he became a dangling tree ornament. This was the birth of the ADL, a Jewish-run organization whose stated purpose is to denounce every vestige of anti-Semitism, whether real or imagined or contrived. Since its inception over 100 years ago, the Anti-Defamation League has defamed innumerable non-Jewish groups...groups whose purpose is to protect the interests of their kith and kin. This is rank hypocrisy at its most blatant. Even worse, though, is the fact that over the decades the ADL has infiltrated, thus influenced, countless law enforcement entities at every level of government...local, state and federal. The FBI, once the pre-eminent law enforcement agency on the federal now nothing more than the simpering lapdog of the ADL. The ADL is a PRIVATE organization, thus it has no legitimate business intruding itself into the affairs and policies of any PUBLIC entity...especially publically funded law enforcement entities. The ADL has a long and smarmy history of abusing the civil rights of American citizens who are doing nothing more than conducting their lawful business in the public arena. The rights and privileges the ADL claims for itself it denies to other groups, always, of course, using the excuse of combatting anti-Semitism. The ADL is a toxic, criminal organization comprised of toxic, criminal people. Although it routinely orders the investigation...and persecution...of other organizations, the ADL should be investigated and its criminal members arrested and jailed.

  6. "Birds of a feather flock together," so the sages say. Why then, FBI, do you consort with a criminal organization such as the infamously criminal ADL??