Thursday, March 5, 2015

NJ Deli under attack for honoring White History Month

NJ Deli under attack for honoring White History Month

A small deli in Flemmington, NJ is honoring March as White History Month. The local Hunterdon County Democrat responded with a vicious agitation-propaganda piece inciting hatred against the owner.
Columnist Rick Epstein incited hatred against the owner with outlandish claims.
Jim Boggess of Jimbo’s Deli posted a sign honoring White History Month. Radical left-wing columnist Rick Epstein penned a hate-filled rant for the local Hunterdon County Democrat. This is a paper owned by the same parent company as the extreme left-wing Newark Star-Ledger.
Epstein hypes a completely bogus claim that the sign contains a secret message promoting the Ku Klux Klan. He says that that the t in the word white looks like “a cross” and is the “style used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white-power groups.” This is not only incendiary, it is totally nonsensical. When does a t not look like a cross?
Epstein is literally grasping at non-existent straws for a way to demonize and incite hatred against Boggess. Boggess has since changed the lower case t to a capitol t to appease Epstein. However, that didn’t stop Epstein and the Hunterdon County Democrats from spewing their vitriol anyway.
Epstein praises Bhakti Curtis, a “big, black and loud” black resident of Flemington for filing a “harassment” complaint against the Deli with police. The police said that no wrongdoing has occurred. Curtis is now complaining about the police for not ordering Jimbo to take the sign down.
This website would like to encourage all readers within a 100 mile radius to eat at Jimbo’s Deli. The deli is in a small town east of Allentown, PA. It is located at 22 Main St. in Flemington, NJ.


  1. Hahaha, good lord. I have lost count of the complete falsehoods contained in this short post. Rick Epstein is neither "radical," "left-wing," nor a "columnist." (That's three.) The piece in the Hunterdon County Democrat is neither "hate-filled" nor a "rant" (two more). It's a straight-up, straightforward local news story by local small-town news reporter. It gives ample space to both sides in a contentious, but local and small-town, issue. The remarks about the lowercase "t" looking like a KKK cross come from Curtis, the neighbor who complained, and are denied by the deli-owner.

    I'm also rather baffled by your assertion that the story is a "vicious agitation-propaganda" piece, since -- being (judging by your previous posts) an obvious white-supremacist and anti-Semite -- vicious agitation-propaganda pieces (such as this post) are your stock-in-trade.

    I somehow doubt you care, but the story has a happy ending -- harmony restored between neighbors/the races, yay!

    The deli owner isn't racist enough for your taste, it seems.

    1. Why can't white people be proud ? We've only built everything & we pay all the taxes to keep it running

  2. "The more things change the more they remain the same," said a sage of another age. How true. The malicious nature of the Satan-spawned Jews has remained the same throughout history. Their sense of racial superiority has not changed since ancient biblical times. This is why they have always been a despised people, a people set apart from the other races of people that comprise the world. This is why they ( the Jews ) have been forcibly evicted from over 100 countries throughout their dreadful, destructive-to-humanity history. Rick Epstein, a social agitator ( community organizer ? ) is, judging by his actions to shut down Jimbo's Deli in Fleming, N.J.---is probably a Jew. Jews have an ages-old proclivity for silencing voices of dissent that espouse views that differ from theirs. Their modus operandi is to intimidate, silence, then destroy. They will tolerate no other voices or opinions other than their own. They ( the Jews ) are a most prideful, hubris-filled race of demonically inspired "people" who have fomented discord in whatever nation in which they, like a poisonous insect, lurk in dark crevices. Epstein's target of vicious vitriol, Jim Boggess, owner of Jimbo's Deli...committed the heinous crime of declaring March as White History Month. Indeed! And what, one must ask, is wrong with this? Blacks celebrate Black History Month during the month of February, and an entire day in January is devoted to the fraudulent "Man of God," Martin "Luther" King. King, a married man, was a notorious womanizer who despised his marriage vows to consort with white prostitutes. So much for marital fidelity from a Man of the Cloth. King was also a most despicable plagiarist who did not write his own speeches. His famous "I Have a Dream" speech was not written by King, but, a Jew. To conclude: There is nothing wrong with a White History Month, a month during which the innumerable contributions of the white race to advanced civilizations are extolled and celebrated. In fact, were it not for the remarkable inventions, innovations, resourcefulness and creativity of the white race....there would be no advanced societies or cultures. If any race of people has legitimate reason to be proud of its historical accomplishments, then, it is the white race, not the black. The black race, harsh truth be told, has contributed little to nothing of a positive value to ANY culture, society or civilization that they have infested with the active and self-serving complicity of the Jews. The Jews. The Jews. Jesus the Christ, the half-man, half-divine Son of God who left His Father's throne in Heaven to redeem the wicked souls of Mankind....was brutally tortured and savagely murdered over two millennia the JEWS. Enough said...

  3. This writer stands corrected. The black race has, in fact, made its contributions to culture and wit: Crime and taxpayer-funded dependency. Almost every day the pages of the Columbus, Ga.-based Jewspaper, the Ledger-Enquirer, are filled with sordid accounts of black crime....robberies, rapes, car-jackings, home invasions...and murder. Senseless crimes such as these are a daily staple of life in the dark, dirty, dingy and dangerous streets of this erstwhile slave-owning backwater of the South, Columbus, Ga. As if these facts were not enough to further kink the hair of the Jews who run this corrupt town by the Chattahoochee River, this dirty town is also plagued by an abjectly corrupt "legal" system that daily and nightly abuses the rights of its citizens, more aptly called subjects. Columbus, Ga., though, is composed of masses of fully illiterate, or semi-literate, yokels who cannot spell their own names, much less know their civil and constitutional rights. Alas, police take advantage of the ignorance of the population whom they "serve.' This writer has conducted his independent research, and this research reveals that the more ignorant the population of a municipality, the more arrogant and abusive the police will be. Knowledge is, in fact, power, and when a bored cop seeking to fulfill his arrest quota encounters an intelligent, knowledgeable person....the less likely the person will go to jail based on little or no evidence. Affluent communities comprised of intelligent and knowledgeable citizens ( not subjects )....have a much lower incidence of police misconduct. than do less affluent communities. Why? Because intelligent people know their rights, especially vis-à-vis the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. This is a vitally important fact that law enforcement of every ilk hates, because intelligent people who know their rights are much harder to rail-road into jail or prison. Police are people too, like the citizens they purportedly serve. In Columbus, Ga. the minimum educational requirement is a GED...a General Education Diploma. This is an extremely dangerous dynamic, given that any semi-literate cop can, if he or she sees fit....can without just cause MURDER an innocent citizen. And the equally ignorant citizenry will approve his actions, unless the victim is black, in which case an entirely new...and different dynamic will ensue. A black victim of police misconduct has several recourses: The NAACP, the National Association of Black Lawyers, the National Association of Black Judges....and many other black advocacy groups. What advocacy groups exist to address the victimization of whites? None. Any white-oriented group that seeks redress against police oppression is immediately labeled a "white supremacist" group, a pejorative Jewish media contrived label that prejudices everyone involved in the "legal" process: the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury. In an odd and ironic circumstance, whites, who devised America's system of jurisprudence....have in recent times become victims of their own system of justice....

  4. The case of Michael David Weaver/ Carothers is but one of innumerable examples of the outrageous, deep and smarmy depths to which the Columbus, Ga. District Attorney's Office will descend in its desperate efforts to silence a dissident voice. District Attorney Julia Ann Fessenden Slater, elected by ignorant voters in 2008....the same year Barack Hussein Obama was elected by a dolt, Jewish media dumbed-down electorate that yearned to be the first to elect a black person as president....was likely the driving force behind Weaver/Carothers' mal-prosecution...illegal prosecution. But then, the grand jury that indicted him on the Tuesday morning of Aug.23, 2011 for the heinous offense of using non-lethal pepper spray to repel two would-be black carjackers were not aware of the true facts of the incident. Most Americans, ignorant of politics and thus apathetic to them....listen to and hear only the State's ( prosecution's ) side of the story. Even a third-grade child, though....knows that there are always two sides to every story. And there were two sides to the Michael Weaver/Carothers story, although....unfairly....the accused defendant's side of the story is not allowed to be heard in a grand jury proceeding. This is an inherent egregious America's system of "jurisprudence." LOL. Only the State's "evidence" is allowed to be heard by the jurors. The jury, "stacked" against the defendant. This defies the very concept of fairness in the prosecution of an accused person who may, in fact, be not guilty of the charge( s ) posed against him or her. It is at this point that personal animus by the prosecution against the defendant rears its ugly, smarmy head. It is at this initial point that prosecutorial self interest befouls and muddles the picture. In 2010 D.A. Slater's father, Charles Fessenden, was arrested for the foul crime of enticement of a child while he was working at a school in Lee County, Ala. His case was submitted before a grand jury...a grand jury controlled via phone calls, e-mails, promises and threats by his daughter, the chief D.A. of the six-county Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit. What promises, threats and deals were made only the nauseated fly on the wall of the judge's chamber knows, but alas cannot tell. Secrets are secrets, and only those who hear them know them. To be continued....