Tuesday, March 3, 2015

LAPD Reacts To Video of Officer Shooting Unarmed Homeless Man.


Editor's note: Yet another fine example of a Police State.Welcome to the USSA.
A video was recently uploaded to social media that clearly shows Los Angeles Police Department officers apprehending of a homeless man, and shooting him at nearly point blank range, even though he was clearly unarmed.
Now, the LAPD has responded to our repeated requests for comment on the shooting documented in the video. Investigators now say that they are looking for additional video footage from other angles, that they say “might be able to shed more light” on the video uploaded to Facebook on Sunday.
The video has been viewed millions of times already, within less than 24 hours from when it was first uploaded.
LAPD Sergeant Barry Montgomery said that he noticed two surveillance cameras mounted on buildings in the scene in the video. LAPD representatives say that they will obtain these videos to “add more clarity” on the situation. When asked for specific comment on the video footage in question, we could not get a clear statement of support or otherwise for the actions of officers in the video.
The encounter was recorded by body cameras worn by at least one of the officers. It was unclear what that recording shows.
“It’s clear there was a struggle for the officer’s gun,” Los Angeles Police Department Commander Andrew Smith said. But there was no other weapon recovered at the scene, he explained.
In spite of this, the video clearly records two officers and a sergeant discharging their weapons.
Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics pronounced the homeless man dead at the scene when they arrived. Police representatives say that two officers were treated for minor injuries. Smith would not clarify what those injuries were.
“That man never was a threat,” Lonnie Franklin, 53,  said after the shooting occurred. “The amount of officers present at the time could have subdued him.”
Another local said that police shot the homeless man, who he referred to by his street name “Africa” was shot over a tent. Police had apparently been harassing “Africa” over where he was setting up his tent to sleep in. This was just the latest in a serious of such harassment incidents this week, the man said to local reporters.
“This man got shot over a tent,” the man said.
Ademo Freeman of the police accountability organization Cop Block, explained the following about the video:

Earlier today, a video taken by bystanders in Los Angeles,was posted online that showed the LAPD fighting with a (reportedly) mentally ill, homeless man. About 22 seconds into the video a tazer can be heard and then, shortly after that, four or five gunshots in rapid succession. The man, who is unidentified officially, but was known by the nickname “Africa” among other homeless people, obviously was dead at that point in what witnesses have stated began either as a result of complaints about him not taking his tent down early enough or an altercation with another homeless person within that tent.
Although there are conflicting interpretations of what exactly the officer who shot him stated and the audio on the video is difficult to make out exactly, the official story (that is still developing) appears to be yet another case of an unarmed man being shot after he “reached for my gun.” If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s one of the go-to statements cops make whenever they shoot someone, even when there is video of that person clearly not reaching for their gun. Unfortunately, the video that is (currently) available isn’t so clear in this case. However, according to the LA Times, the LAPD, the LAPD’s “Independent” Inspector General, and the District Attorney are currently investigating and we all know how thorough a job they do when they investigate themselves.
Watch the video below and see for yourself…

If you’re still on the side of the LAPD then maybe you need to get your eyes checked.
(Article by M. David)

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  1. This is a disturbing video to say the least: the police killing of an unarmed homeless man. Unfortunately, incidents such as this have become an increasingly frequent phenomenon in America's increasingly violent society. This writer, seeking to be a fair-minded man, cannot draw a conclusive conclusion to this tragedy, because he was not there to witness it. The police who killed the man may truly have perceived that their lives were in imminent danger, thus they took defensive action. The other possibility, though, is that police throughout America have become increasingly violent themselves...increasingly trigger-happy. Violence begets violence. Fortunately ( albeit not for the dead victim )...the cop who fired the deadly shots is black. Had the cop been white, America would be embroiled in yet another Ferguson, Mo.-style situation...a situation that the JEWISH media would take great delight in exploiting.