Monday, March 9, 2015

Depositions of Gliebe, et al., NARRG & NA Corporation

The first week of March was certainly an eventful one as the NARRG team traveled to Virginia to attend the depositions of Erich Gliebe, Jayne Cartwright and Ryan Mazairka, as well as to answer questions posed to them by Gliebe’s attorney. In addition the National Alliance corporation deposition was also slated to occur.
It all started as our team members were arriving on Wednesday, March 4th when we received late word that the entire NARRG team had been released from deposition by Gliebe’s attorney. The word we received was that the team’s previously submitted written interrogatory responses to the Gliebe attorney was so forthright and complete that the attorney for Gliebe released all members of NARRG from answering oral questions under oath.
By the time we had received this news all team members were either in the area or well on the way. As only one team member could be notified in time and waived off, the rest of the members figured they might as well attend to witness the proceedings.
On March 5th, the depositions of Gliebe, Cartwright and Maziarka took place. NARRG’s attorney started with a half hour questioning of Ryan Maziarka.
After that, Jayne Cartwright, former Treasurer under Gliebe and current Secretary of the NA under Williams underwent her own round of questioning for about a 45 minute session.
The climax of the day came when Erich Gliebe, the self-abdicated ex-chairman of the NA took to the deposition chair for a lengthy and intensive session of questioning and voluminous exhibition of documents and evidence lasting nearly three and a half hours.
If any attorney was “loaded for bear”, it was certainly the NARRG lead attorney.
As the entire session was transcribed by a court reporter, the judge will review the testimony given in preparation of further court activity.
The following day, March 6th was the deposition of the of the NA corporate representative. This event turned out to be a non-starter as the corporate representative failed to appear. After waiting the prescribed late appearance leeway, the session was closed and the NA corporation was recorded as a no-show, duly noted.
As everything wrapped up early on the 6th, the Eastern NARRG members started for home right off while the ones from the West used their time to go sightseeing. Most notable among the sights taken in was a visit to the Yorktown battlefield of the Revolutionary War period. Sadly the exhibition halls of the colonial period have been totally subjected to multiculturalism, incorporating a Marxian / Orwellian version of the time.
More memorable was a visit to Manassas Battlefield Park where members took in the scene of one of the first major bloody battles in the war for Southern independence against Federal tyranny. Dominating the field of battle is an imposing monument to Southern General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. While meditating on the deaths here on both sides, homage was paid to this great Southern warrior. If there were any doubt about Southern resolve on the Northern side, this battle quickly ended all questioning of that as Jackson, standing as if he were a stone wall had earned his name.
On a much smaller scale, if our opponents have had doubts as to the limit of our resolve to reform and restore the National Alliance, surely by now they know that we also stand as a stone wall against their shenanigans.
In conclusion, the NARRG team came away with some good information from the defendants as the lawsuit progresses forward. The judge as well as ourselves will be closely reviewing the transcriptions.
Note: A reminder to our supporters….As one can imagine, the expense of the NARGG teams appearance at these depositions was considerable and as we were released from deposition we will be looking to recovery of those expenses. All expenses of NARRG personnel are taken care of from their own resources.
Our promise to you is that all financial support we receive goes strictly and solely into the legal fund to pay our legal bills to fight this case. It’s as simple as that as our promises are sure.

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