Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anti-Jew Hero Robert Ransdell’s Trial for Protesting Black Communists Scheduled to Begin March 11th

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2015

Editor's note: Olaf Childress is offering a free 1 year subscription to his First Freedom paper for any patriot that shows up to publicly support Robert Ransdell at his kangaroo court hearing tomorrow. Show Robert your support by bringing professional placards and exercise your 1st Amendment rights on the courthouse steps.
E-mail Robert at: robransd@yahoo.com
Robert Ransdell, pictured during his 2014 campaign for US Senate
Robert Ransdell, pictured during his 2014 campaign for US Senate
Following a pre-trial last month, White activist Robert Ransdell was able to secure a jury trial which is set to begin on the 11th of March.
The case involves his illegal arrest in Kentucky for protesting a Black celebration of the communist agitator Martin Luther King, Jr. on the holiday celebrating the criminal gang leader. The protest was entirely peaceful, and legal under American law, and yet the criminal police decided to violate his rights in the most flagrant conceivable manner.
“The prosecutors and the officer who was there at the pretrial came off as miffed that I was requesting a jury trial but at the same time appeared and came off as pretty arrogant that they will prevail over me, seemed annoyed that I would even attempt to argue my innocence.” Ransdell told me through email. “The prosecutors in particular came off to me as rude and I am not one who is all that sensitive to that sort of thing. Just as well, they are the opponent, not expecting them to be nice.”
Ransdell said that he is going to do his best, but is not willing to take the thing very seriously. Clearly, one would have to be a complete nutjob to take something this ridiculous seriously. All the man was doing was standing around holding a sign on public property when the ZOG thugs took him down.
“The way I see it is I as much as anyone should be well aware of how corrupt and rotten the justice system is, I would be beyond a fool to go in and expect anything less, to be disappointed at it not being fair,” He said.
What a mess we are in when law-abiding White men cannot help but laugh at the idea that the American justice system is capable of being impartial towards them.
Still, though he has no illusions about the system, he has faith in his countrymen.
“I am confident, however, that if I can get a clear argument through to the jury without being constantly interrupted with objections and such that I can prevail,” he said.
The state had offered him a reduction of his fine, and Ransdell refused, preferring to force the system into doing what it is supposed to do, which is to serve justice.
We will have updates on the situation soon.

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  1. Robert Ransdell is to be commended for his bold stance for conducting his one- man protest against MLK Day in January of this year. While his fellow whites did nothing to protest the elaborate celebration of the life and deeds of "Dr." King, a documented fraud, a "man of peace"...Ransdell stood alone in his attempt to expose the vagaries of this pseudo icon of the black community. King, although extolled by the Jewish media as a pristine Man of God...was nothing of the sort. A long married man, King had a peculiar penchant for white prostitutes. In his book titled, And The Walls Came Tumbling Down, King''s main confidant, Dr. Ralph David Abernathy, recounted King's exploits on the eve of his assassination on the morning of April 4, 1968 on a balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Tennessee. In his book ( suppressed by the Jewish media ), Abernathy describes "minister" King's activities on the eve of his murder. Abernathy''s book describes in graphic detail the night his mentor spent consorting with white prostitutes. "I'm fucking for God!," King screamed as he dug deep into the orifices of the hired hookers. Abernathy passed years ago, thus he is not available to tell his story. How convenient. There is much regarding the life and actions of Martin "Luther" King that bear questioning. Was "Dr." King really a Ph.D at all...a "Doctor of Divinity?" Or was he an ignorant, unknowing shill for the Jewish power structure? Oddly...and significantly...King's records are closed to the public until 2027, a time in which those alive during his time will be long dead? Inquiring minds demand to know these things...