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March 29, 2015
Join ANA Chairman Rodney Martin and Susan Yarbrough, wife of Order Hero & ZOG POW Gary Yarbrough for a ANN Radio Special 2-Hour Telethon to raise funds for Gary’s Legal Fund and to support Susan who has worked full time to bring Gary home while raising her grandchild and assisting with the care of her father. 
Gary has been imprisoned in Zog's Gulag over 30 years and was denied mandatory release, it's time to bring him home to his family.   For this funds must be raised for Attorney Fees.
Susan is the ideal example of Aryan Womanhood and needs our People’s help.
Make a Donation via Pay Pal via Gary’s wife Susan at:
Contact the ANA Re: snail mail donations at:
Write Gary at:
Gary Yarbourgh 09883-016
US Penitentiary High
PO Box 7000
Florence,CO 81226
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All Intelligent People in History Disliked Jews

Though I am trying to avoid sweeping absolutist statements – making them is one of my flaws – I am relatively certain that the above headline is factually accurate.  It very much appears that all intelligent men in history, who had any significant contact with the accused race, disliked them deeply.
The difficult reality is that there is almost nothing to like about them.  They are just such a problem, these people, on every level.  All they do is make trouble.  Even the low-level ones make trouble on the low-level with their sneaky business practices.  No one who works with them likes them.
And intelligent people in history didn’t either.
These were made by our reader Cultural Commissar – they are in easy-share format!
JeffersonCicerovoltairegeorge bernard shawnapoleon

Jews on Christians- and all non-Jews. Talmudic Quotes

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Poe Has Got To Go

The Obama Administration has blood on their hands!

The ADL and Their Ties to the Columbus,Georgia Police Department

America's Most Powerful
Racist Hate Group

The Anti-Defamation League is the longest running and most powerful hate group in the United States with 28 offices domestically and 3 offices abroad. They bring in nearly $60 million a year to combat free speech and the right of ethnic minorities to defend themselves from bigotry (including Black Muslims, Arabs, and Euro-Americans).ADL's Dark HistoryThe Anti-Defamation League was created in 1913 by the racist secret society known as B'nai B'rith (which means "blood of the Chosen"). This organization, which exists today excludes people based on their ethnic background and religion. It is exclusively restricted to powerful Jews who believe in racial superiority.

The ADL has spearheaded efforts at censorship against all people who wish to express themselves culturally and racially. The Director of the ADL Richard Gutstadt wrote to all periodicals he could find to censor the book, "The Conquest of A Continent." Mr Gutstadt brazenly writes, "We are interested in stifling the sale of this book." The

ADL was also instrumental in terrorizing St. Martin's Press into canceling their contract last year with David Irving.

The ADL trys to cover its anti-free speech activities by giving out a Free Speech "Torch of Liberty" award occasionally. The most prominent recipient is flesh peddler and woman denigrator Hugh Hefner. Obscene pornographer
Larry Flynt is another supporter who has contributed 100,000s of dollars to the ADL.

ADL's Criminal and Spying Operations

In 1993 the San Francisco and Los Angeles offices of the ADL were raided for evidence of criminal wrongdoing in many spheres. The raids turned up evidence of the ADL's compliance in the theft of confidential police files stolen from California police departments. The ADL had been paying Roy Bullock a salary for decades to spy on people and steal police files. He stole files from SFPD through corrupt cop Tom Gerard. His illicit contact in San Diego was white racist sheriff Tim Carroll.
The ADL has been linked closely to organized crime, especially Las Vegas mafia boss Meyer Lansky. Theodore Silbert worked simultaneously for the ADL and the Sterling National Bank (a mafia operation controlled by the Lansky syndicate). As a matter of fact the granddaughter of the mafia boss, Lansky, herself is the ADL's liason to law enforcement, Mira Lansky Boland. (What a convient arrangement! She used ADL money to treat Tim Carroll and Tom Gerard to an all-expense paid luxury vacation in Israel.)

Another Las Vegas gangster, Moe Dalitz was honored by the ADL in 1985. Another among the shady contributors to the ADL's supremacist activities is the Milken Family Fund, of "junk bond" fame. The ADL uses its well-oiled propaganda machine to protect their "friends" in the mafia and pornography industry by shrieking "Anti-Semitism!!!!!" at the slightest movement of the law against these perverse interests.

ADL's Ethnic Intimidation

The ADL has mastered the art of intimidation and blackmailing unlike any of the powerful mafias they are associated with. The ADL has influential contacts in media and politics that can ruin a person or business if they don't follow ADL's agenda.

Already mentioned are instances of bad cops falling under the allure of the ADL, ones such as Tom Gerard and Tim Carroll. Yet now good cops and even freshmen cops are being "conditioned" for the type of anti-free speech, anti-cultural diversity, police state that the ADL would like for our country.¬├ŁThroughout the nation the ADL is threatening police departments with all kinds of retribution if they don't initiate state-funded lectures and seminars for law enforcement given by ADL spokesmen. The ADL rakes in large sums of money for these sessions, boosting their already overflowing coffers. Already ADL men have been seen at the scene of crimes ordering cops on how investigations are to be conducted.
Perhaps at no time in history has any other criminal organization, such as the ADL, been able to infiltrate and influence law enforcement to such an extent, and its tenacles are growing.

Freshmen sheriffs in San Diego are now being personally "trained" to respond to "crimes" by the Southwestern Director of the ADL, Morris Casuto . The most alarming part of this horrible story is... The ADL is a very powerful, secretive racial/religious supremacist organization, with substantial ties to the underworld of crime and pornography. To burrow their way into the minds of children the ADL has created the "World of Difference" program designed to cause self-hatred in young children and to persuede them to go against their own people and heritage. Children are taught that homosexuality and interracial affairs are virtues, great epiphanies to be experienced. In a report to its few, but wealthy supporters in 1995, ADL boasts that it has reached more than ten million students and more are ready to be indoctrinated. The ADL hopes to make children susceptible to the world of crime and vice they and their criminal associates have in store for America.

Rogues Gallery of The Criminal ADL Abe Foxman
The ADL's head and master of espionage.
Roy Bullock The ADL's paid informant who rummaged through trash for decades for the ADL, until he was given the sensitive position of being the conduit for stolen police files coming from the San Francisco Police Department by way of Tom Gerard. He was paid $550 per week for his services. Also an associate of racist sheriff Tim Carroll. His existance was discovered after the FBI raids on ADL offices in 1993 and resulted in the publicizing of 750 pages of information on the spying operations of the ADL.
Tom Gerard San Francisco Police Officer who stole sensitive, confidential files from his agency and gave them to Roy Bullock to assist ADL's spying operations on Americans. Among files stolen were ones on the Black Muslims, Arabs and right-wing organizations that were in any way critical of ADL. Received an all-expense paid luxury vacation in Israel, courtesy of the ADL.
Tim Carroll Racist ex-detective in San Diego's Sheriff Department. Remarked in 1993 that he would like to see "all illegal aliens shot" and "all the n**gers sent back to Africa on a banana boat." An associate of both Roy Bullock and Tom Gerard. He mysteriously retired from the Sheriff's Department after the raids on the ADL offices at the early age of 54. Also received an all-expense paid luxury vacation in Israel, courtesy of the ADL. Despite his overtly racist nature, he was put in charge of security at the ADL's National Convention in September, 1997 using strong-arm tactics against participants and visitors. This is interesting considering it was his bumbling confessions to an investigator that led to the raids on the ADL.
Mira Lansky Boland The "law-enforcement liasion" for the ADL. She arranged luxurious trips to Israel for certain key police officers who could have something to offer the ADL in return. Among these were file thief Tom Gerard and racist Tim Carroll. She is uniquely positioned in that she is the granddaughter of Meyer Lansky, one of the most powerful mafia figures in US history.
Hugh Hefner Famous pornographer who was honored by the ADL with its ridiculous "Torch of Freedom" award. From him proceeds protection for all pornography in this country, which is and has always been associated with vice elements like the mob and ADL.
Larry Flynt This pornographer is a major contributor to the ADL of 100,000s of dollars. He has been jailed often for "obscene pornography" and the general hideous defiling of women in his Hustler magazine (whose description is beyond the limits allowed on an AOL web page).
Theodore Silbert Mob associate of Meyer Lansky, employee of the ADL and mafia front "Sterling Bank." Was simultaneously the CEO of "Sterling Bank" and National Commisioner of the ADL.
Moe Dalitz Las Vegas mob figure and close associate of Meyer Lansky who was honored by the ADL in 1985.
Milken Family Fund Billion dollar fund that has given extensively to the ADL, the money of which was made in the "junk bond" scandals.
Morris Casuto Southwestern Director of the ADL who personally trains freshmen law enforcement to do the bidding of him and his criminally indicted organization. Morris Casuto is also close friends with racist Tim Carroll.

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Dr. Duke & Don Black on the Zio effort to silence his YouTube videos! (Segment) 3-10-15

duke masthead for letters March 10, 2015
Emergency Alert! — My YouTube Videos Taken Down!
Dear Friend,
This is the most important letter I have ever sent to you! The Zionists have launched an all-out, brutal effort to wipe out my powerful, world-changing Videos and Youtube Channel.
Without your help–  we will lose our greatest tool to expose & depose these tyrants!
Yesterday —  they began their attack by banning my video previewing my very soon to be        published — world-changing new book — The Illustrated Protocols of Zion.
Then they immediately removed 7 more of my powerful videos. and stop any new uploads!
YouTube then sent me notice that my video channel and all my videos:
“… the David Duke Channel will be terminated in ten days.”
The Jewish extremists are in a hateful rage about my new book — even before its release! They desperately want to keep people from reading my amazing book, and to kill my videos, — the most powerful tools on Earth that expose their crimes against Europeans and all humanity.
They are livid with hatred and rage over the fact that over 90 percent of my millions of  viewers rate my videos “thumbs up!  They are determined to wage all out war against me.
The first time the Zionists tried to terminate my Youtube site they claimed my videos were “hate speech” that violated “community values.’ A heroic effort by my most generous and dedicated supporters, expending both time and money — won! — My videos were ruled not “hate speech” and restored. The truth is that over 90 percent of people simply recognize the truth when they hear it expressed as clearly and effectively as I do!
The Zio-haters are relentless. Failing to silence me with “hateful lies alleging hate,” they now  try bogus copyright claims to close my channel and ban my videos. But,  under “fair use” I have every right to excerpt broadcasts to expose media bias and use public domain material.
So, now I am in the fight of my life to save my videos and channel – so thatyou and millions of others can use them to help wake up our friends and families.Without your immediate, most generous support, we cannot win this “David and Goliath” battle.
I have already contacted lawyers, including those who helped me win my last battles against both copyright charges and YouTube takedowns. Unfortunately, great legal help and other costs are enormously expensive. Effective alternatives and strategies to YouTube also demand a lot of money and effort. We must now upgrade our own video server.  I will outline my plans and strategies on the next page! Please make a gift and give me your heartfelt commitment to support me in this fight to save my videoswhich are so critical for our survival and freedom.
Please give your generous support and action, because without your help we will lose our most powerful weapon for our freedom and heritage! 
Sincerely, Dr. David Duke
Color letter on Youtube Emergency Appeal to actives USA March 2015 FINAL_html_225a2756
Dr. David Duke
Here is a PDF of my letter and return form for mailing

Tim Wise Lecture Tour Protests

Tim Wise Lecture Tour Protests

Update: We already have some people who are coming to see Uncle Tim at his next stop in Charlotte, NC on March 25.
Trad Youth protested Tim Wise in Bloomington, IN, but he is still scheduled to speak at a number of upcoming locations. We noticed that Wise has a big swing coming up through the South. He also has stops in Phoenix, Portland, and Philadelphia where he has plenty of enemies who might be interested in organizing a welcoming party:
3/25/15: Charlotte, NC Queens University of Charlotte
3/30/15: Huntsville, AL Oakwood University
4/7/15: New Orleans, LA Loyola University
4/10/15 – 4/11/15: Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
4/17/15: Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas
4/23/15: St. Petersburg, FL YWCA of Tampa Bay
4/20/15: Bryn Mawr, PA Byrn Mayr Presbyterian Church
7/23/15: Phoenix, AZ Arizona State University
9/11/15: Huntington, WV Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion at Marshall University
10/9/15: Portland, OR Teaching With Purpose Conference
After discussing this on Facebook, we have lots of folks who have expressed interest in confronting Wise in Charlotte, New Orleans, Huntsville, St. Petersburg, and even Portland. Since he does this speaking tour every year, we could make some signs and ship them from location to location where a network of pro-White activists could reuse them to confront Wise anywhere he goes in the future.
This would be fun. It is doable. It would give a lot more people a chance to participate because of the multiple locations. Are you interested?

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No Such Thing as Free Speech with “Holocaust Denial”

No Such Thing as Free Speech with “Holocaust Denial”

• German lawyer Sylvia Stolz condemned to prison for telling the truth.
• Found guilty by “mind-reading” Bavarian judge.
By Ronald L. Ray —
Sylvia Stolz is an outspoken, 51-year-old lawyer in Germany. At the end of February 2015, she was condemned by Judge Martin Rieder of the Munich State Court to 20 months in prison for alleged denial of the so-called Jewish holocaust during World War II, and for “inciting racial hatred.” But there is just one problem with Stolz’s “guilt”: she never denied anything.
Judge Rieder, however, in true clairvoyant fashion, claimed to find the criminal act in what he said was the “meaning and purpose” of a talk Stolz gave in 2012 at a public conference in Switzerland, albeit the “denial” was “not at all so openly addressed.” Instead of judging words and actions, he presumed to judge an unspoken intent—the ultimate in thought-crime prosecution.
This supposedly horrific act occurred at an event sponsored by the Anti-Censorship Coalition [Anti-Zensur Koalition] and was one speech among many. Some 2,000 people were in attendance to hear Stolz talk about judicial censorship and gave her a standing ovation. It’s all on video for the world to see—with English subtitles, no less. Click here for the full video in German.
Frau Stolz, the wife of imprisoned Revisionist Horst Mahler, is no stranger to persecution. In 2007, Stolz defended Revisionist historian Ernst Zuendel in German court from similar charges of “holocaust denial.” But when she attempted to bring forth exculpatory evidence, namely, scientific and historiographic research which at least raised legitimate questions about the existence or extent of a Jewish genocide in WWII, the judge disallowed her efforts and banned her from the trial. To her credit and honor, the intrepid lawyer continued her vociferous defense of Zuendel as they carried her out of the courtroom.
Because “holocaust denial” is a criminal offense in Germany, no evidence is admitted in favor of a defendant which flies in the face of the “obvious facts” of purported genocide—even when that evidence is the truth. Lawyers who dare inject the truth into the proceedings, as Stolz did for Zuendel, are punished swiftly and severely. That is how Stolz landed in prison the first time, for more than four years, and was disbarred for five years.
So what happened in 2012 to get Stolz into hot water again with the Trotskyites at the Ministry of Truth? What did the woman say?
Frau Stolz spoke about censorship: the deliberate and systematic repression exercised by the German legal system against those who raise publicly any doubt or denial of the Zionist-created myth of “at least six million” Jews “gassed to death” by National Socialist Germany. She reported what happens to people, including defense lawyers, who bring forth the results of numerous scientific studies proving the impossibility of the “gas chamber” story; who point to numerous court verdicts over the last decades, from the Nuremberg war crimes trials onward, which declare the total lack of standard forensic evidence for a Jewish genocide; and who note that those same verdicts declare an almost total reliance on the contradictory testimony of unreliable witnesses, some of whom committed perjury.
That is to say, Stolz simply recounted to the audience what courts themselves and scholars had said about the so-called “holocaust,” which raises doubts about the official story, but about which it is forbidden by German law to speak, in contravention of the country’s constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech and opinion.
Stolz herself took no position on the alleged WWII events at the conference, but she pled for the right of free speech and, following in the footsteps of Western philosophers from Aristotle on, for the importance of seeking the good, the true and the beautiful.
However, a Swiss law professor was offended all the same and claimed she was “inciting race hatred.” “Holocaust denial” is not criminalized in Switzerland, though, and the “incitement” charge is difficult to prove in Swiss courts. It may be for this reason that the Swiss justice authorities asked a Bavarian court to try Stolz—despite the fact that Germany has no jurisdiction in independent Switzerland.
The powers that be demand at all cost that those who dare to speak the truth about WWII Germany be silenced and severely punished. The religious orthodoxy of “Holocaustianity” may not be questioned by the masses, for, if they did, the brutal global hegemony of Zionist warlords and banksters might then collapse.
Now, it seems, the “holocaust” story has become so much a political dogma, that even to talk about the doubts which courts themselves cast on the official narrative is too much truth for the authorities, who swiftly drag the offender to punishment without even a fair trial and presentation of evidence. In Stolz’s case, the Zionist-controlled world media and the Munich court itself deliberately misrepresented the facts to justify a condemnation.
This gross injustice against Sylvia Stolz must be rectified. It is unknown at present whether she will appeal the shameful verdict or not. While the German Constitutional Court, its highest court, has ruled that such freedom of expression is legal and constitutionally protected, the lower courts and prosecutors routinely ignore that judgment and make appeals too costly in terms of additional costs and punishment for the persecuted to take their case to the high court.
Readers are encouraged to contact the German authorities and politely but firmly demand freedom for Sylvia Stolz, using the website of the German embassy in the United States or by calling (202) 298-4000.
- See more at:

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Anti-Jew Hero Robert Ransdell’s Trial for Protesting Black Communists Scheduled to Begin March 11th

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2015

Editor's note: Olaf Childress is offering a free 1 year subscription to his First Freedom paper for any patriot that shows up to publicly support Robert Ransdell at his kangaroo court hearing tomorrow. Show Robert your support by bringing professional placards and exercise your 1st Amendment rights on the courthouse steps.
E-mail Robert at:
Robert Ransdell, pictured during his 2014 campaign for US Senate
Robert Ransdell, pictured during his 2014 campaign for US Senate
Following a pre-trial last month, White activist Robert Ransdell was able to secure a jury trial which is set to begin on the 11th of March.
The case involves his illegal arrest in Kentucky for protesting a Black celebration of the communist agitator Martin Luther King, Jr. on the holiday celebrating the criminal gang leader. The protest was entirely peaceful, and legal under American law, and yet the criminal police decided to violate his rights in the most flagrant conceivable manner.
“The prosecutors and the officer who was there at the pretrial came off as miffed that I was requesting a jury trial but at the same time appeared and came off as pretty arrogant that they will prevail over me, seemed annoyed that I would even attempt to argue my innocence.” Ransdell told me through email. “The prosecutors in particular came off to me as rude and I am not one who is all that sensitive to that sort of thing. Just as well, they are the opponent, not expecting them to be nice.”
Ransdell said that he is going to do his best, but is not willing to take the thing very seriously. Clearly, one would have to be a complete nutjob to take something this ridiculous seriously. All the man was doing was standing around holding a sign on public property when the ZOG thugs took him down.
“The way I see it is I as much as anyone should be well aware of how corrupt and rotten the justice system is, I would be beyond a fool to go in and expect anything less, to be disappointed at it not being fair,” He said.
What a mess we are in when law-abiding White men cannot help but laugh at the idea that the American justice system is capable of being impartial towards them.
Still, though he has no illusions about the system, he has faith in his countrymen.
“I am confident, however, that if I can get a clear argument through to the jury without being constantly interrupted with objections and such that I can prevail,” he said.
The state had offered him a reduction of his fine, and Ransdell refused, preferring to force the system into doing what it is supposed to do, which is to serve justice.
We will have updates on the situation soon.

Indiana University to host Tim Wise despite violence at previous event

Indiana University to host Tim Wise despite violence at previous event

The last time Tim Wise spoke at a college in Indiana, several of his supporters violently attacked peaceful protesters.
Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana, is hosting the notorious Tim Wise on Wednesday, March 11th. He will be speaking at the Whittenberger Auditorium at 6:30 PM.
Wise makes a living writing books and giving speeches claiming that black shortcomings are the fault of white people. Wise has advocated violence in the past. On November, 5th, 2012, he posted a tweet calling on his supporters to shoot members of the Florida TEA Party in the face.
Wise also publicly brags that he once “ran a fake id mill,” and has committed numerous other crimes.
The last time Tim Wise spoke at a University in Indiana was in 2013. He spoke at Indiana State University on October 13th, 2013. About nine people held a quiet protest at the University. They were viciously attacked by supporters of Tim Wise. The attackers used pepper spray, clubs, and a sock with a padlock in it.
One of the perpetrators was arrested and charged with assault. A group calling itself Traditional Youth Network says they plan to protest Tim Wise at Indiana University tomorrow.

Tribute to Gordon L. Baum

As many of you are aware by now, my father-in-law, Gordon Lee Baum, Esq., a founder and the present CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens, passed away last Thursday after a long battle with cancer. He was 74 years old.
I’ve been in St. Louis since Friday afternoon. Gordon’s funeral, which was attended by a number of CofCC members as well as by many local people whose lives he had touched over the years, was Sunday. We buried him yesterday. Renee and I found the photo above while looking through some of his old boxes here. It struck me as the image that best captured who he was and his legacy to our generation.
Gordon was not someone who admitted defeat, who gave up, and that is putting it mildly. Since he was 16-years-old, he spent his entire adult life completely devoted to the cause of our people – literally days before his death, while he recovered from pneumonia, he was telling us to call various CofCC members. Even then, his mind was still focused on the cause. In this way, he reminded me of one of my heroes, the South Carolina fire eater Robert Barnwell Rhett, who once said, “I will keep up the fire, if like a lost hunter in a prairie, I have to kindle it alone, with my gun flint, and watch by the blaze, rifle in hand to keep off the wolves.”
That was my father-in-law in his time: when the Civil Rights of Act of 1964 was passed, when the Citizens’ Councils movement collapsed, when George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, and all the rest repudiated segregation and proclaimed their newfound faith in “racial equality,” when others quit, Gordon Lee Baum stood firm. As the world entered the present Dark Age, Gordon was there to keep up the fire of resistance. Together with other veterans of the Citizens’ Councils, he rebuilt the defunct organization as the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) in the 1980s, which has remained down to the present day an island of stability in the pro-White movement in the United States.
Like many alienated young people, that’s what first caught my eye about the CofCC. By then, it was an established institution with an unmatched record of stability, an organization with deep roots in the old resistance to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. The CofCC was a natural home for White people with a populist conservative temperament who wanted to work with others, without apology or dog whistles, to preserve and restore traditional Southern values. At the 2010 CofCC National Conference, Gordon gave me a hard sales pitch and I signed up then and there. That was no small thing. It later had a decisive impact on my life.
Every night without fail right down until the end, Gordon sat down in this chair to watch and absorb the local and national evening news. That will be one of my lasting memories of him. He wouldn’t have understood the reference, but he was, so to speak, a “Watcher on the Wall.” Near the end of his life, he watched the entire Ferguson saga unfold. Decades ago, he was watching the St. Louis metro area transform into “Ferguson,” and was dumbstruck that White people passively let it happen.
I stayed up with him many nights here talking about every subject imaginable with the exception of sports: some of his favorite topics were German and European history, the rise and fall of St. Louis, the history of the pro-White movement, his family and ancestors, the Lutheran Church and the existence of racial differences. It’s a shame that he never got around to writing a book about his life’s work. It would have been a good one.
I will also remember Gordon for his good natured sense of humor. Before we were so well acquainted, his nickname for me, apparently, was “Napoleon,” a reference to all the various pseudonyms that I have used in the past, including this one. He was perplexed and amused that people could believe so strongly in the welfare of their people, but were so afraid to be associated with their own beliefs.
Men used to be proud of their names and even prouder of their deeds. They were expected to defend their folk. Why are men in America today so afraid to stand up for what they believe in? Do they really care so much about what liberals think? He didn’t. One of his proudest memories was the CofCC’s role in defending the Confederate Battle Flag in Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina.
In hindsight, Gordon’s influence was one of the reasons why I abandoned anonymity and chose to take a more pro-active stand. Whereas previously I had just been a blogger, he convinced me of the importance of organizing our people. Among other things, I learned from him not to fight too much with other people, to stay level headed and good humored in these trying times, and not to get carried away with ideology, abstractions, or to expect too much from ordinary people in this fallen world.
Gordon Lee Baum fought to the end of his life to secure the future existence of his people. One day I will be able to tell my son, which is his grandson, that his grandfather, unlike so many other people, chose to confront this evil for the sake of his future. That’s the example that I want to live up to.

Monday, March 9, 2015

SPLC, far-left denounce Southern Heritage billboard

The extreme far-left fundraising hustle and radical left-wing websites are denouncing a privately funded Southern Heritage billboard. The billboard is located outside Selma, AL on a major road.
The billboard was apparently paid for by Patricia Goodwin, who has long organized Southern Heritage events. The far-left website is falsely attributing the billboard to the Ku Klux Klan.
The SPLC is denouncing the billboard. This is the same organization that “DC Terrorist” Floyd Corkins credited as inspiring him to carry out an attempted mass murder on the American Research Council. He shot and wounded one person before being subdued. A spokesman for the SPLC had compared the American Research Council to the Ku Klux Klan on national television.
The SPLC publicly romanticizes violent Marxist street gangs and routinely plugs a Marxist gang umbrella website that has a history of advocating violence.
Recently the SPLC posted a picture of black Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson with a photo collage that contained robed KKK members, the Westboro Baptist Church, and armored car bandits.
The notorious Chapel Hill Spree Killer, who murdered three people, also publicly supported the SPLC on Facebook.
Presently the SPLC is openly libeling this author. They claim I put Matt Hale videos on public access television. This claim is provably libelous as all public access records are open to the public. I have never put any videos on public access, nor have I even seen a video featuring Matt Hale.

The Morris Dees Divorce Papers

Most young conservative activists see Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich as the face of the SPLC. That is because Morris Dees, the founder, has a sordid past that is dangerous for the organization to have him on any live show. Dees makes rare appearances at campuses. Even, then the Q&A session often get cancelled if their is any opposition in the crowd.
Dees has been denounced as a con artist by people all across the political spectrum. He has been denounced by major newspapers. He has been denounced by people of all races. He has been denounced on the pages of major left-wing websites like Daily Kos and Huffington Post.
Harper’s Weekly, a publication cherished by liberal reporters, even published anexpose denouncing Morris Dees.
Most young activists don’t even know about Dees, because their attention is directly at the people Dees’ uses as a buffer.
Young activists should acquaint themselves with the infamous Morris Dees Divorce papers.
Read this expose from Weekly Standard.
The most shocking part involves his former step-daughter. She testified that Morris Dees repeatedly tried to sexually assault her with a dildo when she was only 16.
G. Morris’ Step-Daughter. Holly Buck, Maureene’s daughter by a previous marriage, is eighteen years old (R. 728). She was seven years old when her mother and Morris married, and she has lived with them in the house at Mathews from then until theseparation (R. 728). Holly testified that, in the summer of 1977, Morris attempted to molest her in the following incident (R. 729): One night Maureene and Morris were sitting drinking wine and discussing a case Morris was trying. She was with them. Around eleven or twelve o’clock Maureene went to bed and Holly stayed up with Morris discussing the case. Morris kept offering Holly wine, some of which she accepted. At Morris’ suggestion, they went outside to the pool, and he suggested that they go for a swim, but Holly was tired and declined (R. 731). She went to her room and then went into the bathroom. Looking out the window, she saw Morris in the bushes beside the bathroom window looking in (R. 731). She said “Morris, is that you”, but he said nothing and ran away (R. 732). Two months later, she was asleep one night and Morris entered her room from Ellie’s room, through the bathroom. He was in his underwear and he sat on the bed where Holly was lying on her stomach facing away from the door. He touched her on the back and woke her up. He told her that he had brough her a present, and he presented her with a vibrator. He plugged it in and said he had brought it to her. He proceeded to rub it on her back and said, “Let me show you how to use it” (R. 733). She said that’s not necessary, but he started to place it between her legs when she raised he voice and said no loudly. He then took the vibrator and left (R. 734). All he had on was a pair of bikini underwear shorts (R. 734). About two hours later, she had fallen back asleep and he came back in (R. 735). He brought the vibrator with him, plugged it in and said again, “Let me show you how to use it.” He tried to show her again by putting it between her legs, but she raised her voice again and he stopped. He took it and left (R. 635). She did not tell her mother about this incident until the separation when they moved outof the Mathews house in the spring of 1979 (R. 736).

Depositions of Gliebe, et al., NARRG & NA Corporation

The first week of March was certainly an eventful one as the NARRG team traveled to Virginia to attend the depositions of Erich Gliebe, Jayne Cartwright and Ryan Mazairka, as well as to answer questions posed to them by Gliebe’s attorney. In addition the National Alliance corporation deposition was also slated to occur.
It all started as our team members were arriving on Wednesday, March 4th when we received late word that the entire NARRG team had been released from deposition by Gliebe’s attorney. The word we received was that the team’s previously submitted written interrogatory responses to the Gliebe attorney was so forthright and complete that the attorney for Gliebe released all members of NARRG from answering oral questions under oath.
By the time we had received this news all team members were either in the area or well on the way. As only one team member could be notified in time and waived off, the rest of the members figured they might as well attend to witness the proceedings.
On March 5th, the depositions of Gliebe, Cartwright and Maziarka took place. NARRG’s attorney started with a half hour questioning of Ryan Maziarka.
After that, Jayne Cartwright, former Treasurer under Gliebe and current Secretary of the NA under Williams underwent her own round of questioning for about a 45 minute session.
The climax of the day came when Erich Gliebe, the self-abdicated ex-chairman of the NA took to the deposition chair for a lengthy and intensive session of questioning and voluminous exhibition of documents and evidence lasting nearly three and a half hours.
If any attorney was “loaded for bear”, it was certainly the NARRG lead attorney.
As the entire session was transcribed by a court reporter, the judge will review the testimony given in preparation of further court activity.
The following day, March 6th was the deposition of the of the NA corporate representative. This event turned out to be a non-starter as the corporate representative failed to appear. After waiting the prescribed late appearance leeway, the session was closed and the NA corporation was recorded as a no-show, duly noted.
As everything wrapped up early on the 6th, the Eastern NARRG members started for home right off while the ones from the West used their time to go sightseeing. Most notable among the sights taken in was a visit to the Yorktown battlefield of the Revolutionary War period. Sadly the exhibition halls of the colonial period have been totally subjected to multiculturalism, incorporating a Marxian / Orwellian version of the time.
More memorable was a visit to Manassas Battlefield Park where members took in the scene of one of the first major bloody battles in the war for Southern independence against Federal tyranny. Dominating the field of battle is an imposing monument to Southern General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. While meditating on the deaths here on both sides, homage was paid to this great Southern warrior. If there were any doubt about Southern resolve on the Northern side, this battle quickly ended all questioning of that as Jackson, standing as if he were a stone wall had earned his name.
On a much smaller scale, if our opponents have had doubts as to the limit of our resolve to reform and restore the National Alliance, surely by now they know that we also stand as a stone wall against their shenanigans.
In conclusion, the NARRG team came away with some good information from the defendants as the lawsuit progresses forward. The judge as well as ourselves will be closely reviewing the transcriptions.
Note: A reminder to our supporters….As one can imagine, the expense of the NARGG teams appearance at these depositions was considerable and as we were released from deposition we will be looking to recovery of those expenses. All expenses of NARRG personnel are taken care of from their own resources.
Our promise to you is that all financial support we receive goes strictly and solely into the legal fund to pay our legal bills to fight this case. It’s as simple as that as our promises are sure.

Deli owner caves, removes sign


Radical left-wing columnist Rick Epstein gleefully reported that his campaign of hatred against a local deli owner has been a success. Jim Boggess removed his White History Month sign and apologized.
Epstein had written an incendiary article in the Hunterdon County Democrat attacking Boggess. Epstein hyped a fictional claim that the sign was supporting the Ku Klux Klan.
Bhakti Curtis is the black male who reportedly complained to police about the sign. While it is Epstein who put Boggess in danger, Epsteins twists things around and alleges that Curtis is the one in danger. He reports that Curtis is being harassed and needs police protection.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

NJ Deli under attack for honoring White History Month

NJ Deli under attack for honoring White History Month

A small deli in Flemmington, NJ is honoring March as White History Month. The local Hunterdon County Democrat responded with a vicious agitation-propaganda piece inciting hatred against the owner.
Columnist Rick Epstein incited hatred against the owner with outlandish claims.
Jim Boggess of Jimbo’s Deli posted a sign honoring White History Month. Radical left-wing columnist Rick Epstein penned a hate-filled rant for the local Hunterdon County Democrat. This is a paper owned by the same parent company as the extreme left-wing Newark Star-Ledger.
Epstein hypes a completely bogus claim that the sign contains a secret message promoting the Ku Klux Klan. He says that that the t in the word white looks like “a cross” and is the “style used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white-power groups.” This is not only incendiary, it is totally nonsensical. When does a t not look like a cross?
Epstein is literally grasping at non-existent straws for a way to demonize and incite hatred against Boggess. Boggess has since changed the lower case t to a capitol t to appease Epstein. However, that didn’t stop Epstein and the Hunterdon County Democrats from spewing their vitriol anyway.
Epstein praises Bhakti Curtis, a “big, black and loud” black resident of Flemington for filing a “harassment” complaint against the Deli with police. The police said that no wrongdoing has occurred. Curtis is now complaining about the police for not ordering Jimbo to take the sign down.
This website would like to encourage all readers within a 100 mile radius to eat at Jimbo’s Deli. The deli is in a small town east of Allentown, PA. It is located at 22 Main St. in Flemington, NJ.

SPLC President Richard Cohen Abandons Sinking Ship

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