Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keep the Pressure on ASU Over Their White-Hate Class and Calls for Violence Against Us

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2015
Lee Bebout, Professor of Anti-White hatred with his monkey family.
Lee Bebout, Professor of Anti-White hatred with his monkey family.
Arizona State University is feeling the pressure over their White-hate hate course entitled “The Problem of Whiteness.”  And we need to keep the pressure on.  As always, these spectacles are extremely beneficial to our cause, and the National Youth Front is keeping the spectacle hot.
Of course, the Jew media is framing in terms of “threats,” while it is obvious no such thing is happening, again making them look like fanatical defenders of open hatred of White people.
In fact, it is the anti-Whites themselves that are making the threats.
Here’s a statement from the NYF’s Supreme Commander John Gage.
Here is the contact information for the President of ASU.
Here is the contact for Lee Bebout, the Professor of hate.
And here is the contact for Robert Poe, the edge-master Anarchist who called for violence against us.

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  1. There is, in fact, a "problem with whiteness," and professor Lee Bebout is the personification of it. Bebout, a professor of English at Arizona State University, teaches a course that excoriates the white race...a course that instills white guilt into the minds of white students while fomenting hatred of whites in the minds of minority students. Bebout, who is white himself, obviously hates his own race, is the epitome of the self-loathing ethno-masochist. Unfortunately there are countless others of Bebout's ilk who compete with each other to prove their knee-jerk adherence to Marxist Jewish-conceived political correctness. Yes, there is a problem with whiteness, and that problem is, ironically...whites themselves.