Monday, January 5, 2015

Whites Need Not Apply:Lawsuit: Portland only lets Somalians & Iranians have airport taxi licenses

Somalians were brought to Maine as “refugees” with US taxpayer dollars. They are extremely aggressive in demanding special treatment.
Portland, Maine has barred white people from applying for an airport taxi cab license since 2008. Only Somalians and Iranians have held the licenses since that time.
The city of Portland, Maine is 85% white. Yet white people have not even been allowed to apply for a jetport taxi cab license since 2008. These are the most lucrative taxi cab licenses in the city of Portland.
Now, two white males are suing for racial discrimination.
A white taxicab driver has filed a lawsuit accusing the city of Portland of racial discrimination for denying him one of 45 permits to work as part of the Portland International Jetport’s taxi pool.
The driver, Paul McDonough of South Portland, said in the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Cumberland County Superior Court in Portland that the city’s current jetport taxicab permit system is “blatantly discriminatory” because it has issued permits only to people of Somali or Iranian descent or nationality.
 “How does it happen that 45 licenses all go to one racial group who just arrived in this country?” McDonough’s attorney, David Turesky, said in an interview after filing the lawsuit.
Turesky said that in 2008, the city granted all of its then 50 jetport licenses to Somali or Iranian immigrants without opening bidding to the general public. The city reduced the number of available jetport licenses in July 2013 to 45, “grandfathering” in those license holders, again without opening the bidding process to the public.
“It was done in a way that was never publicized,” Turesky said. “Our supposition is something was done to benefit these gentlemen or this particular group. But we don’t know how. We don’t know precisely what the motive was. We don’t know who paid for the licenses.”
The city’s attorney, Corporation Counsel Danielle West-Chuhta, did not respond to a phone message seeking comment on the lawsuit.
The lawsuit originated from a complaint that McDonough and another white male taxicab driver filed in June 2013 and brought before the Maine Human Rights Commission. State investigators found that the complaint by McDonough and Raymond Chasse of Scarborough has “no reasonable grounds.” Chasse has since died.


  1. This disturbing...and disgusting...story is yet another stark example of how white Americans are losing their rights in the nation that their forefathers founded with much blood, sweat and tears. Whites, although still the numerical majority demographic in America...are inexorably being relegated to minority status in terms of rights of citizenship. Racial discrimination against white Americans has increased in volume and tempo in recent decades and continues to increase at an alarming rate. White Americans...especially white Christian male Americans....have become despised pariahs in their own land. Even the legal system that they established to govern this country...a legal system based on white English Common works against them, not for them. A key component of this dynamic is likely the ever-increasing influx of foreigners into this country, foreigners who, truth be told, despise their white hosts and thus strive to undermine them at every opportunity. Many of these foreigners ultimately gain positions of power in this country via special affirmative action-style programs, blatantly discriminatory programs that advance the interests of the foreigners at the expense of the host population, particularly the white male population. These special race-based set-aside programs are inevitably the result of the behind-the-scenes JEWISH power cabal whose Kosher minions control virtually every aspect of American life, her government and media in particular. He who controls the media of a nation controls that nation, as many savants and sages have asserted throughout the ages. Never a truer statement was ever said. The media of a nation exerts immense control over that nation...control that extends even to the various levels of government of that nation, i.e., municipal, State and federal. It is not surprising, then, that the complaints of the two white male would-be taxi drivers were dismissed by the Maine "Human Rights" Commission, a commission likely comprised of people of foreign origin...perhaps people from Iran and Somalia. Interesting. Interesting, too, is the last name of the Portland, Maine city attorney...Danielle West Chuhta. Could she perhaps be of Iranian or Somali origin? If so, this would explain her hostile attitude toward the two white male plaintiffs vis-à-vis their racial discrimination lawsuit. Every ethno-racial group in the world, despite their failings and least have a strong sense of ethnic-racial identity, unity and cohesion. Unfortunately, whites throughout the world do not have these race-saving attributes. And this will be the undoing of the white races throughout the world. The demise of the once-noble and intact white races of the world draws nigh....

  2. The JEWISH media that controls the attitudes and other thought processes of the millions of people who inhabit Western nations has done its job well...very well. For over 50 years the JEWISH media has inculcated the whites of these nations with the idea that they are the pariahs...the foul monsters of human civilization itself. This, despite the indisputable fact that the white races of the world have throughout history been the saviors of the other races of the world, with the notable exception of the Asian races. Whenever there is a crisis in the world...crises in the "undeveloped" world comprised of dark-skinned is always the light-skinned people who rush to their aid, never the reverse. When white Western nations are beset with a dire crisis the dark-skinned people of the world never rush to their aid. Never. Of course, this is understandable, given that, historically...the dark-skinned races have never been able even to take care of themselves, much less been able to help others. Only a wealthy nation such as America, and as yet parts of white Europe...have the resources required not only to sustain themselves but, commit human and other resources to aid other countries...almost always dark-skinned countries. One must ask: Why does this odd dynamic still exist, given that, so we're told by sociologists, archeologists and anthropologists...that Africa was the Cradle of Human Civilization? Although white liberals contrive every tortuous excuse for the egregious lack of progress by the peoples of the various "nations" that comprise the continent of Africa, their desperate arguments ultimately fall flat. A continent that is the purported genesis of human civilization itself has no excuse for being so backward relative to the rest of the Human Family. But yet the dark-skinned races still hate the light-skinned races despite all their help of them. Ponder...

  3. This case likely falls under the aegis of the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, as well as Title 7 and Title 9 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.