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Tunnel Vision

Harrison Elings: Philosophically Speaking

We proudly present to you once again another wonderful philosophical think-piece from NARRG team member Harrison Elings, a continuous member of the National Alliance since 1974 and now working with us to properly restore Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause.
He is as committed as any of us, perhaps more so, to see that the National Alliance has a chance for life and success through proper management. In other words, Harrison Elings like the rest of us rejects Erich Gliebe’s successors.
The great popularity of his first article we presented here earlier has encouraged him to write more. In Harrison Elings we present a man with a spectrum of life experiences, a widely traveled individual who has demonstrated in his life’s activities a combination of both a varied, high powered athleticism coupled with a high intellectual capacity and as one would suspect highly educated and deeply meditative.
According to Mr. Elings, this contribution is a product of great joy to him and it is his offering to a wider audience in hopes that its message will be the single spark that ignites something within even a single person that will transform that persons life into a quest for service to the survival of the race.
If you enjoyed Mr. Elings first article, Table Legs, you’re certain to find this one even more thought provoking. This is an article on the subject of Sports and its relationship to race and once again we have a missive of deepest thought with a very simple title. This one he calls,Tunnel Vision.
Harrison Elings is a man who has something to say. We in NARRG are proud to have such a great thinker on our team

Robert Bly,
Interview with New Age,
May 1982
“When I look out at my audiences, perhaps half the young males are what I’d call “soft.” They’re lovely, valuable people – I like them – and they’re not interested in harming the earth, or starting wars, or working for corporations. There’s something favorable toward life in their general mood and style of living.
“But something’s wrong. Many of these men are unhappy. There’s not much energy in them. They are lift-preserving, but not exactly life giving…
“The kind of energy I’m talking about is not the same as macho, brute strength, which men already know enough about: its forceful action undertaken, not without compassion, but with resolve.”
Edward Gibbon,
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
“The impatient crowd rushed at the dawn of day to secure their place, and there were many who passed a sleepless and anxious a night in the adjacent portions. From the morning to the evening, careless of the sun or of the rain, the spectators, who sometimes amounted to the number of four hundred thousand, remained in eager attention; their eyes fixed on the horses and charioteers, their minds agitated with hope and fear for the success of the colors which they espoused; and the happiness of Rome appeared to hang on the event of a race.”
Francis Parker Yockey, “Imperium
“A man of race is not born to slavery. If his intellect counsels him to a temporary submission rather than a heroic death, in the hope of future changes, it is a mere postponement of his breaking out. The man without race will submit permanently to any humiliation, any insult, any dishonor, so long as he is permitted to live. The continuance of breathing and digestion are Life to the man without race. To the man of race, Life itself represents no value, but only Life under the right conditions, affirmative Life, rich, expressive and growing.”
It all began in 776 B.C. The real purpose of the Olympic Games was to be the barometer of the genetic state of the Greek populace. The Greeks believed in the regiment of the mind (soul) and body, they both go hand in hand. It was the spirit of the soul which moved the body. The body was considered a mechanism with the spirit housed within. Mental thought was considered to be the highest virtue – in a society does a person learn or listen with their ears? The Greeks measured the “deeds” of a man not upon how many things he could do, but upon how many things he was afraid to do.
ker2The Greeks believed that pain was not felt by the body, but by the spirit within the body. Exercise of the body was to test and enhance the movement of the body. This discipline also applied to women, the measurement that the Greeks favored for women can be compared to a ballerina of today, even though women were absolutely forbidden to attend the Olympic Games. As for men, the triathlon physique was desirable. It must be mentioned that the techniques used to develop body discipline were always geared toward battle. They believed that the Greco-Style of wrestling, for example, was more attuned to battle, than the Free-Style used today. The warrior and the leader who faces the Furies and Death in a real way, met them simultaneously within himself, and spiritually emerged from his abyssal nature and achieved victory. They believe in what Hesiod said: “Whenever any of the race die,” (in battle they were referred to as the “golden race”), they became “Sacred daemons living upon the earth, noble spirits and protectors against evil, guardians of articulate mortals?” The union of the body and spirit can never be “superior” to their separation. The spirit was born first, then the body. These thoughts are multi-transcendental, they are cubic. There is no thinking like that today!
Today’s sports are geared more to the mutilation of the body, instead of its sentient improvement. To the Greeks the exterior was a function of the interior, physical form was the mechanical means of expression of the spiritual form. An example of this abyssal nature were the Japanese Kamikaze pilots. The word Kamikazemeans “divine wind.” On the fuselages of their planes there was the inscription: “You are god who are free from all human yearnings.” The key words here are “human yearning.” The body is a transitory cosmic state of existence – it is perishable! Today the body has become commercialized, it has become only “skin” deep in thought. The abyssal nature has been changed into a “Sport” with padding.
To define High Culture today seems to be a problem for an anthropologist. They refuse to define it, because the definition would lead in a direction opposite to where we are going. High Culture can simply be defined, as a drive toward organic spiritual perfection. High Culture is a biological metamorphosis driven by a “spiritual life-task.” This life-task is a continuing movement upward to higher planes with less human yearnings. The pace is fast and furious. There is no time for stragglers or holding back. The reason for this pace is too advanced for “our” comprehension. We have been given the “light” (the spark) at the end of the tunnel, but it is up to “us” to get there. There is a saying, that the animals in nature are the mistakes made by the God(s) when trying to create man. Man is not the descendant of primates, primates are the descendants of mans’ past degeneracy. Nature will keep on trying, even though we keep failing. The spark of High Culture only resides in a few and the rest will follow. One day Natures pinnacle will be reached and it will be a sight to behold.
We now live in a social condition which has become pusillanimous. In other words, when the activities in the lower strata of the social hierarchy are no longer supported by a spiritual meaning or destiny the social mission towards action is replaced by material consumption. Spectator sports are a form of deadening the homogeneity of a racial spiritual direction. It, takes away the thought of the Ideal.
When I look into the crowd of people attending any Spectator Sport venue I say to myself.
UK Men's Basketball 08_09UK vs FloridaUK wins 68-65Are these the faces of past conquerors and explorers? I say, No!
They are the faces of non-spiritual iPod grazers. They have lost sight of which hand is their sabre hand! The crowd has an emptiness of self. When I went to my first college “big game” I had to stop by the campus library to get some papers copied. The people that I was with, were all in a hurry to get to the stadium, so they told me to hurry up. When I walked into the library, I was struck by what I saw, the library was full of Orientals.
japanese studentsEvery table was full, and at that time I thought to myself. Why are they not going to the “big game”? It was years later that I understood why. They were working and studying as a collective group. As a group they were looking toward their future with joy, a different type of joy than the ones going to the “big game.” Even then I admired them for being so studious. When I was at the game the White people where all drinking and all morals seemed not to exist, a true Roman mob. I kept thinking of what I saw in the library. Sports, to the Oriental, seemed to be the furthest thing from their minds, thinking and studying was their only concern.
The Oriental races can do well in sports. There are certain areas of expertise, of course. They seem to do well in long distance running versus short distances. Their homogeneity helps them do well in team sports. A homogeneity that we seem to miss. They are not the inventors of sports, but participate only to be accepted in Western Societies. The Orientals seem to mature quicker than western children. The Oriental conquers bysmiles and grace. The proverb of Xixofou saying “man’s riches may be seen in his eyes” bears meaning in what I saw in the library versus the stadium that day. The Oriental Races can be considered as cultural replacers. They move into a territory where the host people have over time lost their identity and accept the Asiatic, because of their ability to mimic. They can play the Mozart’s, but they can’t imagine it; they can read the poetry, but they cannot inspire it, and this is what makes them so dangerous. It is truly a silent invasion!
Their work ethics can be compared with ants at a picnic. The statement made by Lothrop Stoddard that the Asiatic “can out live us by under living us” is a prophecy come true.  They keep their bastion land(s) from becoming heterogenic, while in the meantime colonize ours. They do have a flavor for spirituality, but it is not for inter-racial transport. And this is the main point that we need to understand: the spiritual form of one race can never be accepted or understood by another race. The Christian Religion technique of obtaining converts is a sign of weakness in our own racial spirituality. Sports for the Asiatic is a lesser means of entrance than technology. And what I mean by entrance, is entry into Western Societies.

The scene I mentioned above never left my mind. It made me think of what spectator sports was, and was it worthy for our civilization? I have no problem with the weekend runner or cyclist. They should be considered more transcendental. I have more respect for a person that runs a six hour marathon versus the one who does it in two. The former does it more for the love of the spirit of sport, while the latter usually does it for the bottom line. The weekend athlete leans more in the direction of what the Greeks believed. Spectator sports as a whole has become an addiction for the lower strata and that lower strata is getting larger and larger by the day. Just look at the bellies of the mass of people today, and then admire the birds you see in the trees – what a difference in mode.
To have any form of sport you must first have a concept of a unit of measurementThis is the basis for all sports. Sports is an Idea, a conception, it has a strategy. This is the main reason why the Black Races have never developed a sport of their own. It must be pointed out that the Black Races can only participate in some else’s invention(s), and this participation is not a contribution.
Sports for the Black Races is their only means of entry!  A unit of measurement is a sign of Higher Culture. The Black Races can only absorb and can never reflect an inner idea. Their thought process is only in terms of predator versus prey. Spiritually they simulate the religion of the host in which they live under, but add their own rhythmic hysterical shrieking which simulates the savage rituals you see in the Dervish sects. They are truly alien and there can never be any symmetry between our two Races. We must go our separate ways, if we are going to survive. Their presence only ensures our doom.
To create a foot race from point “A” to point “B” seems to be an easy task, but there has only been one Race on this planet to develop it, and this observation is never pointed out. The ultra-liberal tennis commentator Chris Evert made a remark about how the William Sisters (who happen to be Black) had “raised the level of the sport of tennis.” This is in fact a lot of poo-poo. Actually, what has been done, is to simply move all of “Sports”closer to the trees. The real meaning of raising the level of sports has been the opposite. It simply means that the participation in sports has been granted to all Bipeds. Don’t be surprised to see it get even lower in the future. Even Jesse Owens ended up in racing horses.
I can teach (and the word teach is the optimum word) a dog to run a 100 yard dash and he would beat every Black participant in the world. I could even give the Black runner a twenty five yard head start and he would still lose, but I would never permit the dog to marry my daughter! The point being, and missed, is that the difference between the Dog and the Black runner is obvious, but the difference in the Black runner alone has been made equal, when the differences should also be obvious. Sports is used simply as an equalizer where differences are not to be questioned. It puts Western Man in his place or should I say, it takes away his place.
Sports has not been a contribution to society, but a burden. It’s used to take our eyes off the big picture, the picture of the cosmic. Sports used to be competition with private clubs pitted against other clubs. england_players_357863aSports now incorporates a large field of alien races, and then it is announced that these alien races are “men” or “women” joined in a common cause of consuming. Having any private club is considered separatism. To have a private club of White male members only, will not be tolerated. In fact, there is not one white male club or institution left in any Western Society today. They have all been eliminated or integrated. There is a simple reason for this. If White males where permitted to congregate together, they may start talking amongst themselves about their surroundings. They may discover that “our” society could function very well without the other alien races around us. They may also discover that these alien races are holding us down, and not the other way around. So the rules have been laid down to mix, or should I say equalize, all clubs. Now the White males can only whisper amongst themselves, and you must remember that only slaves whisper. There are two ways to enslave a people: by keeping them perpetually hungry, or perpetually fat. The Soviet Union is an example of the former, whereas American sports is the latter. Sports today is used as a tool to destroy any and all racial natural affirmations.
There is something deeper going on when you think of Spectator Sports. It must be realized that what we are seeing today is only a symptom of something even deeper. When you think about Spectator Sports you think of the infantile. Spectator Sports reduces any thought of higher exclusive achievements. It takes away any thought of blood and deprives nourishment to the Culture Ideals of its life-task. It keeps the herd at a certain level, just below the state of thinking. In fact, all of the mass media is focused to that one objective, to think is to rebel. “To live in the idea means treating the impossible as though it were possible.” High Culture can only travel vertical never horizontal and the latter is the result stemming from malign influences. To make sure that thinking is kept to a minimum, the “sports commentator” was invented. The commentators come in many forms, but for now I am speaking specifically of the Sports commentator. The commentator job is to sensualize and eulogize the player participant’s ability to be higher in achievement, than the spectator who is observing. By making the player “seem” intelligent gives the impression of the complexity of the sport. The more black players you have in any particular sport, the more emphasis is put on intelligence for that particular sport. Now the spectator “looks up” to the player(s). The commentator job is to obey the party line. They are truly the manipulators of an illusion. These are the people who oppose any racial awakening. The commentator is a low level breed of people who are not fit to shine shoes, only because doing so, would be considered an honest day’s work.
One of the biggest gimmicks used to elevate sports are Trophies. The bigger and shinier the trophy, the better, in fact there is more than one type of trophy. There is one for the spectators and another for the players. 3284481317_5a89c8201eWhen Michael Jordan was being divorced by his mulatto wife, she had him followed by a private investigator to prove his improprieties. When the investigator reported back to her he mentioned that Mr. Jordan “prefers tall blonds.” This is the trophy of sports! This is the pampering, and this is just one example. The spectators are given the material trophy, while the black bipeds are given our women(s) organic capsule(s) to pollute. The idea of something higher and not man made is not even thought of. In a democracy the main drive is toward decay. In a heterogeneous society the transmission of any racial spiritual influence is totally suppressed, and sports is one of the tools to accomplish this. Spectator Sports is a herding technique to a lower level of reality. Whenever a lower caste rebels against a higher caste and claims its independence, the higher caste loses the character that it once had and thereby reflects the character of the immediate lower caste. Sports is a revolutionary technique to “huddle the mass” of the world. Soccer has now been claimed as a global sport.
Simply put, the admiring beauty and uplifting force of our Race is hated by the other races. Even though they desire “our” women for sexual pleasure, they have no understanding of the time capsule within her. There is a saying that the “man is the farmer and the woman the soil.”  We have now thrown all of this away. Now the soil is full of weeds, due to “our men’s” neglect. When the other races gain entry through the bedroom door to our women they consider it as a “trophy”, because deep down they know they are spoiling the soil of the White man’s turf. “One harvests in due course the seeds one has sowed.” It always amazes me how much they hate Western Society, but never want to leave it. Have you ever noticed that all earthly migrations are always South to North! Have you also noticed that we have to change our standards with their presence – since they cannot measure up too ours. Sports is a perfect example of this. They make believe that “we” have to measure up to them and that “we”, would be lost without them.
The most devastating effect of Sports is the nullification of any racial territorial imperative. You must visualize a stadium as a zoo. The old psychology technique of studying animal behavior within zoos, was an actual practice done in the early days of animal psychology. It was a Sigmund Freud assumption of ide’e fixe. This assumption was based on the idea that primates are obsessed with sex and that it is sexual attraction which held primates together. This assumption lies today, in ruins. It is well known by animal psychologists, that the most important factor in animal behavior is territory or tyranny. This same mistaken assumption has been made with Stadium Spectators. Spectator Sports is the great mass corralling. Animals in zoos become passivated and lose that inner spirit that is required for survival, thus zoo animals can never be released back into the wild, because they have lost their elevation. Likewise for spectators!
Words like Attic genius, Hellenism, transcendence, spiritual nobility, etc. have become empty, hollow words to the spectator. They are truly empty spiritually, just like captive zoo animals. When they leave the stadium their thinking does not change. They have been molded for life and we, sad to say, can never change them. The spectator is a perfect example of a captured dossal animal.
Even with all of this, the White Race still does quite well in all sports. But, our level is still not up to the heights that it could be. In fact Spectator Sports shows an opposite trend. Like the Greeks, sports can be a measure of the fitness of the populace. Can you imagine what the Olympic Games would be like today if the White Race had not genetically been slaughtering itself in countless wars for the past twenty-five hundred years? It would be like comparing the Apollos’ and Aphrodites’ with pigmies. Our gene pool has been decimated, and it will take a century of isolation to restore its vitality.
The genetic potential of our Race is so immense that it frightens the lower strata of the world. This was their biggest fear then, of National Socialist Germany – their racial genetic potential. olmyp1936During the 1936 Olympics the standard party line was that Jesse Owens beat Germany. The establishment always seems to forget to mention that Germany was the overall winner of the Olympic Games that year. That victory frightened to death the ruling pine bark beetles who are now gnawing on our racial tree. Today’s party line is centered on the Alibi Believers. It is the Alibi Believers mentality which has given us more prisons, more hospitals, more lawyers, more wars, and of course more sports. They have permitted into our territory, countless Trojan Horses (commentators) to ensure the demise of the host. The Alibi Believers have no concept for refinement. Their victory is our demise. We have been weakened genetically, spiritually, morally, and culturally. Our armor has become perforated, it is a real mess. It is understandable why the Michael Jordan’s prefer tall blonds or why the O.J. Simpsons marry the Nicole Browns. The rotten apples are right in front of us. This is an attack on “Who We Are.” Sports turns our eyes away from the Intruder(s).  Like flies on a dying carcass you cannot blame the other Races for doing what they are doing. One last note of the pugnacious attitude of the ruling dark forces who now control almost everything you hear and see. When the mulatto Tiger Woods won his first Master’s Tournament, the newspaper(s) headlines for the next day read: “ANY QUESTIONS?” Those two words capture the whole essence for the purpose of today’s Sports.
Sports should not be used to create “Hall of Fame(s).” The Hall of Fame(s) will be used by future historians (if any are left), as an indicator of decline. Sports should be freed from consumption, detached from greed and passion, and made self-sufficient. It should be a “pure act” to make whole the mind and spirit, to expand to the impossible. Sports is our possession, our creation, our strategy for self-discipline. Sports is a reflection of usand no other. Just like the dam is the reflection of the beaver, and not the bobcat. This reflective force should be our highest priority. It should be made brighter and brighter and brighter… Just like coming to the end of a tunnel and bursting out. Sports can be used to increase our endurance for the task ahead, while our minds give us the understanding of the path. Natures pinnacle has been offered to us for the taking. Let’s fulfill that offer!
Harrison Elings
(The Attic Dweller)

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  1. "Bread and Circuses" were among the main toxins that poisoned the moral values of the once great and indomitable ancient Roman Empire. Toward the final years of the empire, 159 days were devoted to holidays and unrestrained revelry. Could this be a portent for America? Sports and revelry have their places in a society, but they should not be the primary focus of a society. History does, in fact, repeat itself, thus the wise words of the British philosopher, George Santayana, should be heeded: "Those who fail to learn the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them." Ponder, America...