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The Emperor’s New Clothes


A Comparison of Williams vs. NARRG Views on NA Membership Requirements


picEmperors-New-Clothes1Williams’s newly posted NA membership requirements have been recently posted online.  Their updated website posts a picture of a White family seemingly living in a world of White uni-cultural peace and harmony.  That is the image that the current management regime of the NA wants to portray.  To potential future new recruits for the NA does the image that is portrayed fit reality?  That is the subject matter of this article, in which we will quote in Williams own words and writings what type of members will be allowed into his version of the NA.
Also some discussion is mentioned on how Williams and his staff would qualify, if any, under the membership requirements under Gliebe’s former NA control, which is the subject of NARRG’s current lawsuit against the Board of Directors of the National Alliance Corporation.  Note that one defendant of the lawsuit; a Ms. Jayne Cartwright (a long time personal close friend of Gliebe) continues to remain as a Board of Director under Williams and also holds the NA officer position as Secretary under Williams current reign at the NA.  To those few who still don’t get it, the lawsuit is just not about Gliebe but all NA officers who enabled and helped Gliebe raid the NA assets for their own personal benefit.
In regards to Williams’s membership standards for the NA, and what type of people he would allow in, can one presume what is an obvious serious public relations issue for the National Alliance in the eyes of NARRG and also from the viewpoint of potential recruits to the NA and other White Nationalists; is on the other hand the exact opposite in the eyes of Williams?  Williams appears to be oblivious to this fact and in his own eyes erroneously instead sees his membership standards for the NA and the people he has already allowed in as a public relations promotional event for his own brand of philosophy, with which he wants the NA to be turned into as a religious organization. Perhaps he’ll appoint himself some sort of religious title in addition to all the other “hats” he wears.
After reading this article, sufficient information should have been provided to the careful reader that the logical obvious answer to the question of what are appropriate membership standards for the NA may be the correct viewpoint of NARRG and potential NA recruits, and not the viewpoint of the current NA Chairman Williams.  Thus the aptly described analogy between Will Williams and the fairytale comical character of The Emperor’s New Clothes who sees the world thru rose colored lenses.

PART I: Web posted comments by Williams and others comments about Williams

1. Excerpts of SPLC Interview of Williams posted on 12/17/14: The SPLC states that Williams insisted he has been using his savings, social security and military disability benefits.  Williams states “Of course, it had an effect on the rest of your life,” he said, referring to his combat experience. “I also got PTSD from it.”  The SPLC states that in his 10th and last book, Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs, self-published shortly before his suicide in 1993, Klassen devoted chapter 35 to the turbulent time he spent with Lucinda and Will Williams.  Klassen is quoted as writing that it was clear that Williams “had not recovered from the psychological scars of Vietnam”.  There were times, Klassen wrote, “when he [Williams] talked about it he would be on the verge of crying, and it affected his moral attitudes in general.”  Soon after the wedding, Klassen wrote “he [Klassen] received a telephone call from the new bride.  She was sobbing and pleaded with Klassen to rush over to the apartment and ‘protect her from Will’.” “They were apparently having one hell of a fight and Will was beating up on her,” Klassen wrote.
2. Mark Denton’s posting on NARRGs website on 12/23/14 the following:
“Will Williams in his latest SPLC interview spills his guts out on some of his own personal information.  One of these pieces of personal information is that he admits that he receives military disability benefits, and that he ‘also got PTSD from it’ in reference to his combat experience.  According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs : ‘Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health problem that can occur after a traumatic event like war’.   Ben Klassen’s last published book stated that it was clear that Williams ‘had not recovered from the psychological scars” of Vietnam’.   Holding the position as a former NA membership coordinator, Williams should know better what the requirements are for obtaining and retaining membership in the NA.  As a former NA member myself, I have with me a copy of the NA Member’s Handbook [2005].  It says under the subheading ‘Ineligible persons’ that, and I directly quote: ‘The following categories of persons are ineligible for membership – Persons who have been admitted into any mental hospital, either voluntary or involuntarily; Any individual who receives state assistance for a mental condition or has been declared mentally unfit for duty from the military or declared mentally handicapped by any state agency.’  So the real question is, whether or not Will Williams meets the minimum membership requirements of the National Alliance?  And if not, then he should immediately resign, and if he refuses, then the Board of Directors of the NA should then immediately expel Williams from the National Alliance, and appoint a new chairman, president and treasurer, all posts held by Williams.”
3. Williams on 12/28/14 at 9:54 AM, replied on his own web blog:
”[Potential] members will be able to download our new membership applications and send to me for consideration.”  “ An aspirant to our Alliance must sign this simple pledge when applying for membership: I am a White person of good moral character, with no ineligibility.”  “It is up to me to ascertain if an applicant agrees with our goals and program, based in part on his known behaviour.”  “Mr. Denton’s suggestion that I’ve been declared mentally handicapped by some state agency or that I have been admitted to a mental hospital, so therefore am ineligible to be a National Alliance member.”
4. On  12/30/14  Williams cohort M.P. Shiel states:
“[Williams Web site], It will serve as an initial ‘first impression’, for those new readers with an interest, there are feeds and direct links to our mentoring/discussion forum, White Biocentrism.”   
(Editor’s note: hence the direct link that Williams is trying to enforce between the secular National Alliance Corporation and his own personal philosophy and brand of religion as manifested in his White Biocentrism web blog.)
5. Strom on 01/03/15 on his web blog:
“Will Williams is as honest in his life and in his dealings as he is uncompromising in his philosophy. All of us should ask ourselves these questions: Where can the seeking White man or woman find your values, your moral system?”

PART II: NA Membership Handbook membership criteria statements

A. 1981 edition of Membership guidelines pamphlet (pre Williams involvement in NA)

Source: Membership Handbook National Alliance: A Guide for the National Alliance Member by Dr. William Pierce (presumed) February 1981.  From Metapedia- The first edition of the National Alliance Membership Handbook was issued February 1981. The handbook was grey, soft cover, approximately 5×4 inches, and contained 38 printed pages. The front cover heading was ‘Membership Handbook’ with a two and a half inchLife Rune centered and the name ‘National Alliance’ lower semicircular below the symbol. In smaller print ‘A Guide for the National Alliance Member’ was printed at the bottom of the handbook.  The handbook showed no copyright.  Pertinent contents from this First Edition version are quoted verbatim below:
“It is by no means comprehensive at this time, and many members will fail to find the answers to some of their questions in it. This defect will eventually be reduced by the publications of later editions, which will contain additional information.”
“Questions from members about topics which are inadequately treated in this edition and suggestions for additional topics to be added to later editions will be essential to the process of evolutionary development of a Membership Handbook which will gradually come closer to serving every member’s needs fully.”
“Revocation of membership-  Among the more common reasons for which membership is revoked are:(3) the commission of any act, intentional or unintentional, by a member which casts discredit on the National Alliance; (4) the determination by the National Office that the continued association of a member would be harmful to the interests of the National Alliance.”

B. 1993 edition (circa Williams involvement in NA):

Pertinent contents from this Second Edition version are quoted verbatim below:

C. 2005 edition (post Williams departure from NA):

Pertinent contents from this Third Edition version are quoted verbatim below:

D. NA website 2015 edition (direct Williams involvement in NA):

Pertinent contents from this Fourth Edition version are quoted verbatim below:
“REQUIREMENTS FOR NATIONAL ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP-  Ineligible persons:No homosexual or bisexual person, no person actively addicted to alcohol or to an illegal drug, no person with a non-White spouse or a non-White dependent, and, except in extraordinary circumstances, no person currently confined in a penal institution may be a member. (The National Alliance does not advocate any illegal activity and expects its members to conduct themselves accordingly.)”
“What We Believe: If you believe as we do, we invite you to join us.”

PART III: Comparison of and contrast of different editions of the NA Membership Handbook

The First (1981) Edition states “evolutionary advancement and improvement”.  Williams 2015 online version on the other hand is de-evolutionary, and retrogrades back in time to fit Williams and company particular peccadillos and persuasions.
Williams 2015 online version states that he is the final arbitrator of who can join and who cannot join the Alliance according to his criteria.  “An aspirant to our Alliance must sign this simple pledge when applying for membership: I am a White person of good moral character, with no ineligibility.” “It is up to me to ascertain if an applicant agrees with our goals and program, based in part on his known behaviour.  I do not like liars; liars in my book do not have good moral character.”  These comments from Williams thus begs several questions for Mr. Williams:  Is the sole criteria for having good moral character, is only being truthful, and not being a known proven liar?   In Mr. Williams’s book, does someone who disagrees with him, become a liar in Williams mind?  If someone else were NA Chairman, would Williams himself (and Strom also) meet his own criteria of having ‘good moral character’, and also not being a liar?
The Third (2005) Edition states no persons with mental health issues can be NA members.  Williams Second (1993) Edition which he reverts back to (purposely?) emits this key requirement.  The question thus arises, is it in the best interests of the NA to exclude known mentally ill people?   Evidently Williams and Strom think otherwise, as they have omitted this requirement from their version of the NA Membership Handbook.  What would Dr. Pierce think about this requirement, would he want known mentally ill persons to be in the NA, let alone hold leadership positions to boot?

PART IV: Summary on what type of a White world does Williams envisage according to his criteria

Williams low bar membership criteria allows the following types of persons to join the NA:
1. Claims moral persons only can be members, but yet accepts as a member and also appoints as one of his NA Officers his longtime friend Kevin Strom, who is registered with the Pennsylvania State Police on its “Megan’s Law” List of Sex Offenders. Strom plead guilty to charges of possession of child pornography, served two years in prison and is still serving under supervised probation of the authorities mentioned.
2. Allows mentally ill former and potentially existing patients (such as himself?) to join the NA.  Williams in his own words admits that he [Williams] receives military disability payments, and has PTSD which is a form of mental illness according to the US Veterans Administration and other recognized mental health authorities.
3. Allows publically acknowledged persons who commit acts of domestic family violence and others who practice patterns of spousal abuse to join the NA.  It should be noted that Klassen alludes to the physical violence of Williams against his then first wife of three.  Thus if this is true, then Klassen implies that Williams is a known wife beater/girlfriend abuser.  If this charge is true, then is this the type of family values of peace and harmony that under Williams and Strom’s reign wants to allow, or tolerate?
4. By Williams claim of being the sole judge of who is a NA member (and NA Officer), Williams in effect has attempted to exert total control over any NA assets located at his private property located in Tennessee.  Under Williams attempted rules, neither the Corporation itself, the NA Board of Directors, nor the NA members would have any recourse over a rogue Chairman who controls access to any NA assets located at his so called media complex and research center in Tennessee.  Under Williams attempted sole proprietorship type of organizational setup, if the Board and/or Officers go rogue the members would have absolutely no recourse as the Board and/or Officers cannot be held accountable to anyone but themselves, just like what the previous regime of Gliebe et.al. tried to get away with before the NARRG lawsuit was filed in order that justice can be rightly served, on all those found guilty as charged in a Court of Law.

Epilogue and “potential Post Mortem” for the NA if Williams has his way

The question for morally upright White racially conscious families is at what point does an inordinate amount of excessive negative baggage that the Williams entourage retain become the tipping point for revulsion and rejection of the NA no matter what amount of previous good work was done while NA founder Dr. Pierce was still alive.  Under Williams present low bar for membership standards in which he is the final arbitrator, all sorts of undesirables can join and potentially rise up to leadership positions such as Williams media director Kevin Strom and even obtain the highest position of Chairman such as Williams himself currently occupies.
NARRG’s retention of the Third Edition (2005) NA Membership Handbook’s high standards for membership requirements on the other hand keeps the wasteland of morally reprehensible undesirables out of the NA by raising the bar to include only those not having proven mental and or/psychological issues, those not having publicly published reported spousal abuse/ wife beating issues, and also excluding anti-family values legally convicted characters such as those that are listed on State Megan’s Law web sites for all the world to see.
Who in their right mind would want to join a self-proclaimed family friendly organization when right off the bat would force oneself to public ridicule and derision by being susceptible to the charge of being guilty by association, such as would exist under Williams rules for NA membership.  Thus rightly so in the minds of most racially conscious White people, this will doom the NA, under Williams membership requirements, to perpetually being only a group of a tiny small minority with absolutely no hope whatsoever of ever growing into a vibrant and forceful movement that actually accomplishes anything useful or fruitful.  The media loves this soap opera personality of the current NA leaders and will have a field day with Williams if he continues his present wrong course for the NA.
For most potential new NA members, it appears more and more evident that indeed Williams is blinded by his own overrated opinion of himself and thus naively is deluded into thinking that his and Strom’s version of the NA will succeed.  Williams thus by his actions does appear to fit very well the character of the fairy tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes that is oblivious to his own detrimental negative impact on the NA.  To everyone except himself he appears to fit the stereotype for many of some sort of king who believes his own rhetoric, with only a small group of misguided followers who will stand with him thick and thin.

Appendix A:  Abstracts from U.S. Veterans Administration government web site

VA » Veterans Benefits Administration » Compensation » Disability Compensation
Disability compensation is a monthly tax-free benefit paid to Veterans who are at least 10% disabled because of injuries or diseases that were incurred in or aggravated during active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training. A disability can apply to physical conditions, such as a chronic knee condition, as well as amental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Evidence Required:  Medical evidence of a current physical or mental disabilityAND Evidence of a relationship between your disability and an injury, disease, or event in military service. Medical records or medical opinions are required to establish this relationship.
Evidence:  You must submit all relevant evidence in your possession and/or provide information sufficient to enable VA to obtain all relevant evidence not in your possession. This includes the following as part of your application:  Discharge or separation papers (DD214 or equivalent), Service Treatment Records if they are in your possession, Medical evidence (doctor & hospital reports)
Standard Claim: VA will provide a medical examination for you, or get a medical opinion, if determined it is necessary to make a claims decision.

Appendix B:  Excerpts from various other sources regarding PTSD.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur following a life-threatening event like military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or violent personal assaults like rape. Some people have stress reactions that don’t go away on their own, or may even get worse over time. These individuals may develop PTSD.
People who suffer from PTSD often suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and feeling emotionally numb. These symptoms can significantly impair a person’s daily life.
PTSD is marked by clear physical and psychological symptoms. It often has symptoms like depression, substance abuse, problems of memory and cognition, and other physical and mental health problems. The disorder is also associated with difficulties in social or family life, including occupational instability, marital problems, family discord, and difficulties in parenting.

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