Friday, January 30, 2015

Retainer amount reached…Battle for Gary’s Freedom will soon start

Yes, you read the title right. The retainer for the law firm to represent Gary Yarbrough to fight the great injustice by the BOP, has been reached. We have reached $5,000 thanks to all those who put in a lot of hard work, including: Pastor Gulett/Aryan Nations, Warrior’s Pride, and WarHag Clothing…and all the individuals and groups who also contributed. We still have to raise $2,500 to reach the final total of $7,500, but if we raised $5,000….$2,500 is just a drop in the bucket!
This goes to show what we can accomplish when we work together without all the bickering and fighting. We accomplished something major because this will not only help get Gary home, but also some of the other Bruders, who are still behind those walls. The BOP will be less likely to mess them over on their mandatory parole release date. We accomplished something great…the possible freedom of some of our folk heroes, who have already been held in prison to long!
Get ready Bureau of Prisons…you can’t cover up all the injustice you have done to these men! The light always shows what has been hidden in the dark. Justice will prevail!
This is truly a HAPPY DAY in our history!
Susan Yarbrough
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  2. Thats Great News !! After Gary "we" can work on getting Matt Hale released. ( Im not good at multitasking :) but do my best to support both of them.
    Thank You Michael Weaver for all the hard work you do..ive gained a wealth of knowledge from reading your blog daily..Sincerley, B. Spencer

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  3. With a bit of good luck and the will of God...a just and compassionate god...Gary L. Yarbrough may finally receive his long over-due justice: his reassignment to a prison medical facility and, ultimately...his long-overdue release from the JEWISH-run "American" gulag system. Yarbrough has been incarcerated for nigh on 32 years behind stone walls and steel doors. He was 28 when he was swallowed up into the all-devouring Belly of the Beast. He is now an aged 59, or perhaps 60. Informed sources say that Yarbrough, with the help of white rights activists in still white Western Europe...has received the necessary funds to secure these things. These funds are, of course, for the purpose of retaining the services of a law firm with a long record of success. It is a telling...and sad...reality that money...MONEY...can mean the difference between life and death for an imprisoned inmate. WHY? If America is indeed a nation of laws and not of men, as the time-worn adage claims...why is it that jail and prison inmates with MONEY are treated much differently than those who lack it? Inquiring minds demand to know this. But then, these intelligent, perceptive and discerning minds already know the answers to these questions: The American criminal "justice" system is, and always has been...a cynical hoax, a cruel charade. Although the U.S. Constitution ( especially the Bill of Rights via the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments purportedly "guarantee" the rights of Americans to their right of freedom of religion, expression and assembly, the right to be secure in their property from illegal search and seizure...the right to "redress of grievances" to the government that purportedly "serves" them...are, in these desperate times..observed more in the breach of them than in the actual practice of them. America sanctimoniously preaches to the rest of the world that she is the Shining City on the Hill...the God-ordained Bastion of Freedom in a benighted, un-free world. To be sure...and fair...the people of America are, in some ways, a freer people than those of much if not most of the world...but, ultimately...Americans are not really a "free" people at all, but merely a people who, throughout the existence of the nation that is America...have been conditioned by the JEWISH-owned media and the government officials whom it believe that they are a free people. But Americans are NOT really a free people, as is manifest by the case that is the Gary Yarbrough case. The story of Yarbrough's case is available for the perusal of any interested person anywhere in the world who will take the time and make the effort to investigate it. Naïve and uninformed ( misinformed ) Americans and citizens of, as of yet, white Western nations... will be...or should be...shocked and appalled by the facts they glean via their own personal, independent...research into the Yarbrough case and the cases of other white Western nationalists and patriots who have given their all...their freedom and their very secure the rights of their people. Unfortunately, there are few freedom-loving people left now in today's abjectly corrupt, frivolous, vapid, fatuous and inane white Western societies. And this is why the white race, once the most intelligent, creative, resourceful and innovative race ever to inhabit planet Earth is even now, as these words are being written...a dying race, a race of self-absorbed, self-loathing, ethno-masochistic fools who harken more to the size of Kim Kardashian's butt than to the future well being of their people...their children and grandchildren. The once great land that once was America is a sinking ship of state...the Titanic. And the band played on even as the waves of the frigid North Atlantic Sea swept over its bow...