Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pastor targeted by the SPLC shoots and kills home invader

white-victimReverend Tom Vineyard is the pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church. Vineyard and his church are currently being targeted by the SPLC, which is demonizing the entire church as a “hate group.”
The Church is under attack from the SPLC for opposing homosexual marriage. SPLC spokesman Mark Potok has compared opposition to gay marriage to being like the KKK.
Vineyard has multiple signs warning “Nothing on this property is worth your life.” However, on December 22, 2014, a gangbanger ignored the signs and invaded the home. He was shot and killed. The perpetrator is a very large fourteen year old black male. Some are describing the perp as “a Mike Brown look-a-like.”
On December 2nd, a writer for the SPLC was murdered at random by two black males in Oakland. That man, David Ruenzel, was a celebrated “White Privilege” writer. It is ironic that in such a short amount of time, a white man being demonized by the SPLC, and a white man writing for the SPLC have both been attacked by black perpetrators. The SPLC claims blacks are under attack from white people, not the other way around! Fortunately, Vineyard had a handgun at the ready and was able to successfully fight back.


  1. Why is our government using the media to incite racial hatred of Whites by Blacks? It is because when the EBT cards no longer work the Blacks will blame "Whitey" and then attack White people. Blacks have been conditioned by the media since birth to blame all their shortcomings on White racism or White "Privilege"....which doesn't exist! There is no White College affirmative action to hire Whites.....nothing.

  2. Tom Vineyard is to be commended for ridding American society of a social predator/parasite. On Dec. 22, 2014 Vineyard shot...and killed...a young black thug who had invaded the sanctity of his home for the purpose of robbery, and who knows what else. Vineyard is the pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Okla. "A man's home is his castle," is an ages-old and valid concept that harkens back to the 1215 English Magna Charta, the basis of English Common Law and, in turn, the foundation of subsequent American law. No one, including law enforcement, has the right to invade a person's home without just cause...especially a criminal who, of course, does not have just cause. It is not surprising that the Southern "Poverty" Law Center ( SPLC ), based in Montgomery, Ala., has spewed forth its usual vitriol against a Christian minister...a Christian minister who dared to have the audacious temerity to defend his life and property. The SPLC is nothing less than a communist and gentile-hating organization that, although it claims to hate "hate" nothing less than a hate group itself. This is to be expected from a white gentile hating hate group whose sole purpose is to destroy white gentile society...especially white gentile Christian society. The SPLC is, after all, run by JEWS who harbor an ancient hatred against white gentiles, especially white Christian gentiles. The SPLC publishes a quarterly publication called "The Intelligence Report," a magazine replete with anti-gentile and anti-Christian invective. This tendentious rag spares no words in its biased renditions to debase...discredit...traditionalist Americans whose intolerable crime is to expose JEWISH perfidy and the ever-increasing and deadly reality of black crime. The SPLC was embarrassed when it was forced to admit that, of its own staff writers was murdered by black thugs, the hate-filled black racists whom it loves to extoll as peace-loving victims of white racism. Murder is peace, according to the SPLC. Again, kudos to Tom Vineyard for ridding yet another black thug from the streets of America. This now- dead black burglar/home-invader is no longer prowling the streets of America for the purpose of victimizing white Americans...and this is a good thing. People have a right to be secure in their own homes, despite the idiotic dictates of the various laws in various states that require that the innocent victim of a criminal passively submit to the criminal...passively submit to the criminal's evil wishes: the rape of his wife and daughters and their subsequent murder, and the murder of the home-owner. Liberal "authorities" say that people under attack should call the police when under attack, but this is a deadly canard, for when the situation is dire, the police are of no help. As the adage goes....when seconds count the police are only minutes away, in which case the victim...or victims...are already raped, tortured, dead. The white chalk line that the police draw around the dead victims are of no help or avail to the victims...

  3. Yes...when seconds count the police are only minutes away. This idiot dynamic has caused the deaths of countless people. A white chalk line does not bring the murder victim back to life, but only causes the taxpayer to pay for the investigation of the crime. The murderer may be caught, or maybe not. Either way, this is of no help to the victim whose life was cut short...