Monday, January 26, 2015

NARRG’s Pledge of Intent

Our Vision for the Management of the National Alliance


At this point in our mission to restore the National Alliance, it is time for NARRG to share some thoughts about our vision of the necessary changes needed for the eventual governance of the NA corporate structure, and the overwhelming need to overhaul its membership criteria.
We are well into this legal process now and what we have seen thus far is very much encouraging; so much so that we’ve been thinking about a vision of the future management of the National Alliance and therefore want to share some of those thoughts and ideas with you. With a successful conclusion of this legal action, we must be prepared for the next steps in the recovery of the organization.
The following should be considered simply as a conceptual framework for the future agreed upon by the entireNARRG team. We absolutely must, upon taking up management of the National Alliance, make essential changes to the corporate structure and membership. We must never again put the organization into the jeopardy in which it has found itself after the death of Dr. Pierce.
While there aren’t any known extraordinary persons available with the ability and integrity of a Dr. Pierce to give complete command to, there are nonetheless good quality people available to select from for the various management posts, as well as for the chairman’s position.
We must learn from our experiences, adapt to the realities and create a new paradigm from which to build and thus guarantee the organization a succession of qualified leadership for generations to come.
We propose in the following paragraphs basic concepts to the structure of governing the corporation that will effectively prohibit any individual(s) who prove to demonstrate questionable ability or lack of character that could harm the National Alliance, from becoming a member, much less a leader. The first line of defense is a proper membership program.
For the organization to be managed successfully, we need to make the necessary changes. Thus continue reading the initial framework we envision. Keep in mind that this is similar to the initial member’s book published in 1981, and that this is by no means comprehensive, but in a process of evolutionary development.

Corporate Property & Assets

1. Our intent is to operate and manage the National Alliance in a professional manner and grow the organization and its related businesses through accepted Good Corporate Business Practices and in conformance with laws relating to its incorporation.
2. We intend to operate from the central office of the National Alliance, the home of Dr. Pierce obtained for us at Mill Point, WV. Therefore we intend to staff this facility and refurbish it to acceptable operating standards. Dr. Pierce referred to our home as The Land.
Once the national office administrative building and minimal housing are in working order, the person appointed as chairman of the organization must live and work from the national office property. Other staff will be added as we are able to accommodate.
3As a consequence we have no intention to sell the national office property nor any portion thereof.
4. Furthermore we will not sell any National Alliance special assets, whether it be Dr. Pierce’s library, his firearms, the NA organizational library or any artifacts or personal possessions of his, nor any other items of historic value such as artifacts and possessions of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and Robert Mathews owned by the Alliance.
Unfortunately, many items of our history and other valuable artifacts have already been sold off by Erich Gliebe to various individuals, including Will Williams and John McLaughlin; another Gliebe associate and new Board of Directors member under the current management, in addition to Gliebe’s close personal friend Jayne Cartwright who also serves as Secretary under Will Williams.
All items of this type must be preserved in a protected state in an organizational museum to be housed within the Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall. We pledge in the course of this lawsuit to pursue legal process, in order to obtain full recovery of these items.
We should mention also that the Resistance record company is also an item of the present litigation.
5. All property and assets of the National Alliance will belong to the company or related business enterprise(s), and will not be the domain of anyone’s private ownership, no matter what their position is within the organization. The National Alliance being a corporation belongs to and is responsible to its membership.
6. We pledge to begin anew the development of the Dr. Pierce Memorial Garden left abandoned years ago, as well as the continuance of improvements and initiation of new projects as we are able. Initially of course the first priorities must and will be basic operating facilities.

Organizational Structure

1. Initially, the National Alliance will be managed by a newly appointed Board of Directors. Some of these directors may come from the litigant team, but the formation will not be limited to those people. There are other members who make up a larger auxiliary support group of the litigant team who would also make good candidates for board positions. Some of these people have been members of the National Alliance since the 1970’s and ’80’s. It will be the responsibility of the Board to select replacement members.
2. The Board of Directors will be made up of at least 5 members who will select a chairman who will not occupy a seat on the Board. The chairman will be responsible to the Board of Directors, and will serve a standard set term of office, which can be renewed concurrently through the Board’s agreement. Theoretically there is no limit to the renewals, if the chairman performs his duty to the satisfaction of the Board. Otherwise the Board may upon conclusion of the term or in an emergency session, select a replacement.
3. The purpose of the chairman’s office will be to guide and direct the activities of the organization. The chairman will be given wide latitude for the execution of his duties and responsibilities. His role therefore carries with it a great amount of authority.
However, the chairman’s activities are to be transparent always to the Board of Directors whose job is to safe guard the organization’s assets, and to ensure that anything the chairman may wish to do that involves major financing, or affects corporate assets, or anything else that is of extraordinary or exceptional nature will need a convening of the Board for recorded discussion and agreement first. Only then will the chairman be duly authorized to proceed forward with those proposed actions.
Simply put, the chairman of the National Alliance becomes responsible for his actions to the Board of Directors, and there will no longer be such a thing as perpetual chairmanship for life, without concurrent periodic approval of the Board of Directors. Consequently, the chairman may no longer do as he wishes with company property, and use assets as if they were his own, answering to no one.
If we are one day fortunate enough to have a man of the caliber of a Dr. Pierce or a George Lincoln Rockwell among us, only then we can once again put full faith and authority to the command of such an exemplary person.
Our system of process will ensure that the best we have will lead and anyone who proves deficient can and will be replaced.

Membership(& supporters)

1. Membership will be vastly overhauled. There will no longer be a process of simply down-loading and filling out a basic application and sending in $20.00, and you’re considered a member.
This process will be one that will allow the new person to introduce themselves as a supporter only, with no rights or privileges of membership. This will be the pathway to membership if the supporter aspires to achieve it.
A supporter of the National Alliance has no obligation whatsoever other than fulfillment of their pledge of financial support.
A supporter who wishes to become more closely associated with the National Alliance and eventually become a member must remain in good standing, demonstrate commitment and be well known to the national office for a time period of at least a minimum of one year, but otherwise generally a 2 year or more period.
The potential member must be invited by the national office to apply for membership or otherwise be recommended for membership by an existing member who has been in good standing for at least one year. The new applicant is therefore sponsored by an existing member who thus puts their own judgment to test by their sponsorship.
Such aspirants will be required to submit a detailed application as well as a background check, and demonstrate their ideological understanding of our worldview and its application to current events and history.
By the time a prospective member reaches this stage he or she will have already well demonstrated in one manner or another or in multiple ways their commitment to furthering the National Alliance message amongst our people.
Members who will have obligations and responsibilities to the National Alliance they must uphold, will also have the privileges of membership that distinctly elevates them above the role of supporters.
It goes without saying that we will not allow into membership anyone who has a history of mental health or psychological issues, alcohol and drug addictions, non-White dependents and most felony criminal convictions, including sex crimes. Nor will we accept homosexuals. This list is not inclusive, but given as examples.
We must tighten up criteria for membership. Doing so will provide us with people that will be assets to the National Alliance instead of liabilities. We will not allow anyone to bring drama and division into the organization. We want our National Alliance to be representative of the best of our people, not the worst.
2. As in the past, potential recruits will not be turned away because of religious belief or lack of it. The National Alliance is not a religious organization although certainly its mission does contain an important spiritual element. What is asked of every member is that the mission and philosophy of the National Alliance, that of preserving and advancing our race, represents  eminent importance in that individual’s personal life.

Cosmotheism in Context

Having stated that the mission and philosophy of the National Alliance is that of preserving and
advancing our race, the National Alliance will be republishing Dr. Pierce’s essays on Cosmotheism. Those essays will be available to anyone who wishes to reflect further on our Founder’s early thoughts and writings on the subject, from the ten year period from the mid-’70’s to the mid-’80’s.
As everyone knows, Dr. Pierce let these ideas go fallow after the mid-1980’s for various reasons. What was most important to him, especially in his later years, was the development of the National Alliance as a secular organization; a movement, a real national alliance.  Nonetheless, there are important uplifting concepts imparted in these writings and we’d like them to continue to be available.
As evidence of these intentions we exhibit below from court documents, the testimony of Will Williams in a notarized, sworn affidavit given in 2005 about his experiences as a national office staff member from 1992 to 1993.
We thank Will Williams for his testimony, as his eyewitness account proves what the status of Cosmotheism with Dr. Pierce was during the time he spent working at the office with him. There are many other members out there that can attest the same sentiment as stated by Williams. The fact that this particular statement is in legal form makes it exceptional to demonstrate our point. 
Therefore keeping this idea in its proper context within the National Alliance is just as important to us today, as it is stated here by Will Williams in 2005.

Click on each of the three icons below in succession to review Will Williams’s sworn statement.


  1. What will be the fate of Kevin Strom, should the NAARG take control of the NA?

  2. Kevin Strom will be removed as Media Director as we simply cannot have someone who has admitted guilt to and been convicted of child pornography charges to be a member of the National Alliance let alone be Media Director.

    Will Williams will be removed as Chairman, President, Treasurer of the National Alliance as well as President and Treasurer of National Vanguard Books and also removed as Trustee of the Comsotheist Community Church.

    All other members of the Board of Directors will be removed in addition and replaced by others selected by the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group which at that time will be recognized by the court as the National Alliance thereby having legal jurisdiction over the corporation.

    Under the framework we've described in the article, the Chairman will have only a single post; that of being the Chairman and must be responsible to an independent working Board of Directors and not a rubber-stamp committee that the Board of Directors has been under the Gliebe era. In fact, Gliebe's friends and associates still have positions on the current Board of Directors.

    NARRG has recognition of standing before the court. If the conclusion goes to our favor, NARRG will be in effect the National Alliance and thus will commence the removal of the entire present management.

    The Williams / Strom management are simply replacements for Erich Gliebe and does not affect or change the suit against the corporation.