Friday, January 2, 2015

Hiphop website audience takes Dr. Duke’s side in Minaj controversy

By Dr. Patrick Slattery – The controversy over incoming House Majority Whip Steve Scalise alleged attendance at a meeting a dozen years ago of the EURO organization founded by Dr. David Duke is having some interesting fall out. Some mainstream news organs carried transcript exerts from Dr. Duke’s radio show of December 30, including criticisms of Zio-rap diva Nikki Minaj based on research I presented last month. These exerts were then reported on by the hiphop website Hiphop DX.
Following the lead of the mainstream media, Hiphop DX refers not to former “Representative David Duke” or “Dr. David Duke” or “human rights activist David Duke,” but “former KKK leader David Duke.” Otherwise, however, the article is a faithful representation of thoughtful comments made by Dr. Duke on the show. Moreover, the comments posted by the websites mainly African American readers were overwhelmingly in agreement with Dr. Duke’s statements, even if they did reflect the slanderous propaganda that has been aimed at Dr. Duke by the Ziomedia over the decades.
One of the few criticisms lodged at Dr. Duke asked why he singled out Nikki Minaj as opposed to Miley Cyrus. Of course, we did discuss Miley Cyrus’ disgusting appearance at last year’s Grammy awards, and Dr. Duke has repeatedly called out other white divas of Zio-record industry, from Madonna to Lady Gaga. The reason that Nikki Minaj has been a topic on our radio shows lately is that a recent article by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency slammed one of her extremely obscene videos not for the damage it will cause to its youthful audience but rather to some vague “Nazi imagery.” 
Of course, the real object of Dr. Duke’s scorn is not Miss Minaj or the other pornographic divas — be they black or white — but the Jewish-dominated record industry, which choses to promote filth and degeneracy and has the market power to shape the tastes and culture of our mailable youth. And as you will see below, more than a few black hiphop aficionados agree with Dr. Duke’s assessment. 
The fact is, despite the efforts of the Zio-media to portray him as a “white supremacist,” Dr. Duke’s concern for humanity is not confined to his own European heritage, but extends to all races. The preservation and self-determination he wants for the European people is something that he would never deny to any other people.
  • Black man
    100% agree. I co-sign this shit, I’m black by the way.
  • Sim_Rello
    He isn’t lying. The same thing occurred with blacksploitation films in the 70’s.
  • Bizarro World
    Did we enter the twilight zone at the start of 2015? How is a KKK grand wizard speaking truth like this and making sense?
  • rahrahrah’s a new day. I thought I would come on here and find everyone defending Nikki or denying the truth. But everyone who has commented seems to know what time it is. We may not like who it’s coming from but he’s telling the gospel truth. I’m impressed. If everyone knows what time it is, perhaps the jig is up? Could it be?
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
    You know now that I’m thinkin’ about it this white racist son of a bitch is making a lot of sense.


  1. Dr. David Duke, the "white supremacist," the "neo-Nazi," the racist cracker who hates every race of people other than his one of the favorite whipping boys of the Zionist JEWISH Marxist mega-media machine, and for good reason. Dr. Duke's thoughtful and well-researched public speeches, videos, print articles and best-selling books reveal the evil machinations of the JEWISH power structure that few others of proud Aryan stock dare to expose: the JEWISH control of Hollywood, the apparatus of social control that for decades has fashioned the attitudes of unwary and naïve Americans. An astute observer of the credits that follow in the wake of most movie and TV programs will almost invariably see a litany of JEWISH names: the writers, the producers and the directors. Even the commercials are of apparent JEWISH origin....advertisements that promote race mixing: The husband and wife team consisting of a white female and a black male, both lovingly cooing over a mixed-breed baby. A business commercial featuring a black female boss scolding an incompetent, bumbling white male underling. Dating ads featuring comely white females and thug-looking black males. Impressionable young white people are bombarded with such images on a daily and nightly basis, and, in time...take these images to heart. Inexperienced young people, knowing no better...ultimately act out via these incessant images. Thus, the birthrate of non-whites exceeds that of whites. It is "cool"..."hip"...for whites to mate with blacks. This is, again...the product of the JEWISH media. The goal of this satanic media, of course, is to reduce the white population, thus making America....and other white Western societies....less racially cohesive, and less intelligent. Non-cohesive and less intelligent people can be easily manipulated into accepting the dictates...the enslavement...of the JEWISH global elite whose ages-old sinister objective is, and long has control the peoples of the earth. The JEWISH media has undermined formerly sound and reasonably pure white culture to the point of no return. White culture, whose norms and value system created the best, most prosperous societies ever to enrich the earth...are now passé, an object of scorn and ridicule. The "mainstream" news, likewise, has been contaminated by the JEWISH Marxist mega-media machine. The "news" that whites watch on their TVs every night...the NOT real news at all but, rather, contrived, false, doctored and spun news. Like the JEWISH entertainment industry, the JEWISH "news" industry is the rankest, rawest, form of deceitful propaganda, propaganda designed to twist the minds of whites into accepting the JEWISH mindset...a demonic and violent mindset indeed. This murderous mindset inculcated into the minds of naïve gentiles has caused Americans not to question the unceasing foreign wars in which their hard-earned treasure....and the blood of their sons and daughters...have been expended and spilled for reasons not for the security and well-being of America...but for the security and well being of the ultimate murderous "nation" ever to befoul the earth...Israel. May Dr. Duke continue to speak truth to power...

  2. Incoming Republican House Whip Steve Scalise should not apologize for his years ago association with Dr. David Duke. Why should he? Kenyan-born "President" Obama has not apologized for his 20-year association with "minister" Jeremiah Wright, the whitey-hating "man of God." Nor has he apologized for his decades-long friendship with William "Bill" Ayers, a 1960s leftist radical and erstwhile member of the communist Weather Underground, a murderous organization that committed major felonies against the government of the United States. Obama has not apologized, either, for his close and cozy friendship with race-baiter and rent-a-riot gorilla-goon, the Rhyming "Reverend" wizened monkey-face Al Sharpton. The Obama administration has much blood on its foul hands, and it stinks to high heaven. God's angels, and God Himself...are holding their noses.

  3. Speaking of the baboon-faced, long-time race hustler extraordinaire, the "Reverend" Al Sharpton, it has become common knowledge that this "Man of God" owes the IRS some $4 million. This unpaid debt spans back for a decade or more. Inquiring minds want to know: Where is the IRS commissioner and his money-grubbing armed minions? Where is the high-ranking JEWESS administrator of the Special Exemptions Office, Lois Lerner, whose hungry dog ate her e-mails? Where are the JEWISH media talking heads who lambaste others ( i.e., conservatives ) for not paying their "fair share" in federal taxes? Their silence is deafening, their inactivity revealing. While it is an unfortunate fact that the IRS has been used by many U.S. presidents to harass and punish their political opponents, this cynical ploy has increased many-fold during the six years of the Obama administration. America, so the canard goes, is supposed to be a "nation of laws, not of men." Really? Then why is the tree-swinging Sharpton not required to obey the laws that others must obey under threat of prosecution and possible imprisonment? Inquiring minds demand to know...

  4. "A person is known by the company he keeps," so the pithy adage goes. President Obama has hosted the infamous race-hustler, Al Sharpton, almost 100 times at the White House, and the two appear to be birds of a feather. "Birds of a feather flock together" is another pithy adage. There can no longer be any doubt in the febrile minds of even the most ardent libtards that Obama, the U.S. President from Kenya, is the most brazenly corrupt president ever to befoul the Republic of the United States. Those who voted for this gangster...twice...are in dire need of counseling. But then, even this may be to no avail. Rank stupidity may have no cure...

  5. To think that Americans must endure two more years of the lawless, gangster Obama administration is a most sober thought indeed. Almost every day beleaguered Americans awaken to yet another smarmy scandal initiated by the most secretive, double-dealing, lying administration ever to infect with its toxins the body politic of America. Be sure to wear your facemasks, fellow Americans, for we have seen nothing yet. Two years is a long time, and much damage can be inflicted by an evil man and his reprobate henchmen...