Sunday, January 4, 2015

Greetings of the New Year!

On January 2 of the year previous, a fellowship of National Alliance members filed a corporate lawsuit against the inattention and mismanagement of the National Alliance. This was done as a last resort as the fellowship had already exhausted the year previous to that in trying to open up a dialog with the discrepant management.
Since the beginning of last year we’ve enlisted the help of many people, members, former members who had dropped by the wayside and also many supporters who would like to be able to enlist with a properly managed National Alliance; a National Alliance to continue the good work as was accomplished in the years before our Founder’s untimely demise.
We’re speaking here specifically to the range of years from the mid-1990’s until 2002. That was a period of rapid growth for the National Alliance; so much so that we really had the attention of our enemies, not as a laughing stock as in recent years and even presently but as a perceived, genuine threat to their campaign of genocide against our kind. An increasing number of racially conscious people were beginning to see us as not some group from outside the pale but one that had a reasonable program and answers. In those years, the National Alliance tripled itself in membership from 1990. Certainly this stood out most starkly as compared to the late 1970’s through the 1980’s where membership and growth were relatively stagnate.
Those were some thrilling and hopeful times as each week one could hear the forceful and uplifting delivery of an American Dissident Voices broadcast by Dr. Pierce over a small but growing network of AM/FM radio stations across the country in addition to the advent of the internet. There were many chapters and activists all over the country bringing our message to the public in one manner or another. The national office was alive and bustling with energy and business and publications supporting the work of our network of chapters and activists. This after all is the principle job of a central office.
Within pro-White circles of those days, it truly could be said that the National Alliance was the “Premiere” organization of its kind. The others were simply “also rans”  being lumped in a heap.
We have lost many good years and even more great opportunities, especially over these Marxist-styled Obama years. The Alliance didn’t have responsible and respectable leadership after Dr. Pierce, and today it barely continues with a different but equally deficient management. Recent events have clearly pointed that out that any reasonable person would have to agree with.
Luckily, many of the best people who were with the Alliance for those many years right up until the 2012 collapse and many who lost heart and dropped by the wayside.have answered our call to offer hope for our National Alliance. Some of our people have been with the Alliance from the very beginning of it all back in the early 1970’s. Some are from the 1980’s.  Many have been members since the 1990’s and others too who discovered the Alliance after Dr. Pierce’s death. Among these people, include former coordinators, leading activists, previous national office staff workers and exemplary generous supporters.
To all these good people we owe our deepest gratitude; for it is you who have enabled us to proceed to this point; a position that some detractors, at the beginning, gave us little chance of getting as far as we have. And now many of those who questioned our chances are offering their support. The old adage that nothing succeeds like success applies here. It just goes to show what hard work, indomitable will, and tremendous sacrifice can accomplish.
We are witnessing an energy here in this mission that we’ve not seen since Dr. Pierce had passed away. The prospect of a rebirth of the National Alliance has caught fire and it is to our honor that so many people have entrusted us to carry this struggle through to victory.
Of course we’re not finished yet. We’ve a ways to go but this year will be different from last. This year we think we’ll see light at the end of the tunnel. Over time, with continued progress we’ve built up a bank of increasing kinetic energy. That is, once energy is strong enough to force something into motion, that something tends to want to stay in motion. As more energy is added, the motion not only continues but moves with even more added force. This is what is going to take us to the conclusion of this great effort.

As you know, 2014 saw two court hearings, both very successful and encouraging for our side. The complete success of the last hearing in October ’14 especially caused the sudden new development of Gliebe feeling forced to lower his profile and making unqualified, sub-standard substitutions. This development only confirmed the force of our mission.
We had felt confident in our strength over the course of 2014, especially after the first court hearing had established our recognized status to continue pursuit of our goal. After that, the year’s legal activity was one more of chasing the defendants down than it was a courtroom donnybrook. They have good reason to run as they are wrong and they know it.
There are some additional players in this struggle now but the corporate considerations are essentially the same. If the new players had some aspects of worth, we would have certainly considered it. But their objectives and character versus our own don’t come close to meeting nor are they even parallel. They want a small, closed Alliance, limiting the Alliance to a philosophical point that our Founder, deliberately left go fallow by 1985; (the little tent) while we want to continue with the mission of creating a Movement. We need to get back to the point we were in 2002 and rebuild from there; build a Movement representing the aspiration of the idea of White living space in North America. To build a movement means that we have to bring people together in common cause. That is not the course the management is presently pursuing but quite the opposite.
It is apparent how different and far apart the management is from the momentum that had been gathering up until 2002. They wish to see a return to the decade of stasis of the 1980’s. (The “little tent”, they call it.)  They will not find Dr. Pierce there as he had left that stasis long ago himself in the last 17 years of his life. It was the organization called the National Alliance, the building of a Movement that was the heart and soul of Dr. Pierce; not a church.
We feel especially good for our prospects in 2015. Certainly there will be more hearings but this year will signal what we hope to be the conclusion to this battle; the trial. It is there that all will come out. The truth will come to fore. New, proper management will be installed.
Then, the next step in our struggle will start; Declaring a New Era for the National Alliance, and the hard road to rebuilding will commence. We have a starting point that gives us hope we can continue with our achievement after we win. That hope is you and your continued support.
That you have entrusted and enabled us to carry on this work is our greatest pride for what is the National Alliance if not its good people, determined that we once again get back on track. What else but the National Alliance can become that Movement we are all looking for?
The darkness is beginning to dispel now, giving way to the coming Light. The Sun will again return.  With that we wish all of our supporters a healthy and prosperous New Year and a rebirth of Our Cause for us all.

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