Thursday, January 8, 2015

Free Gary Yarbrough!!!


  1. Racially aware white men and women come and go, are blown about by the ever-changing gusts of social and political expediency. Not so Gary Lee Yarbrough. Yarbrough has been an avid and committed white-rights activist for most of his 59 years, the past 31 of them swallowed in the all-devouring maw of the Belly of the Beast. He has been confined behind the stone walls and steel doors of six different prisons during these long and torturous years. As of this writing he is pacing the floor of a maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado. His "mandatory" release date was supposed to have been this past Nov. 24, yet still he paces...and waits. Further details of Yarbrough's story...including his decades-long travails at the demonic and blood-stained hands of America's JEWISH-run Jail/Prison Industrial Complex...are available elsewhere on this site. The story of his relentless war against the corrupt JEWISH/"American" power structure is also featured in the December issue of The First Freedom, a monthly alternative newspaper published in Silver-Hill, Ala. Free Gary Yarbrough!!

  2. This writer was in the midst of publishing an important story regarding the murder of Gordon Winfred McKenney in July of 2007, quite possible by a then-CPD police detective by the name of Cathy Bush...but he was inexplicitly cut off...the post vanished. During a two-hour talk session between McKenney and me, both of us drinking beer, but not to the point of intoxication...Gordon revealed to me that he felt that his life was being threatened by a red-headed female detective of the CPD. This woman was his girlfriend years prior to our conversation, a time during which she was working private security at the Bradley Park Hollywood Connection. When I asked the name of the CPD officer he, obviously frightened, refused to reveal her name. This writer suspects strongly that the CPD, red-headed female cop in question was likely none other than the-police detective Cathy Bush. The time-line McKenney described was, as I knew then...congruent with detective Bush's part-time job as a private security officer. During our conversation, McKenny revealed that he and his former police girlfriend had been involved in the importation of many kilos of cocaine from a friend she had in the Panama Canal Zone. Bush told him ( McKenney ) that she could make him rich and that she could quit the CPD. This writer sought to make this fact known to the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation ( GBI ), but was informed that correspondences to this state law enforcement agency could be made only by chiefs of police or judges. The common citizen, then, is denied access to State law enforcement agencies, although their tax money pays them. This writer intends to locate McKenney's sister, with whom he lived at the time of his murder. We shall put our heads together for the purpose of finding out the murderous culprit....and then....justice. Every first-degree murderer should be brought to justice, and lawless law enforcement officers are no exception. Cathy Bush retired to the small community of Seale, Ala. in Oct., 2012. If in fact she has the blood of murder on her hands she, like any other murderer....must be brought to justice. This writer intends to pursue this as-yet unsolved case to it fullest, and damn the torpedoes...