Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Son of Rahm Emanuel attacked by two black males. Media censors.

Rahm Emanuel and his son Zach in Israel in 2011.
Zach Emanuel, the son of Rahm Emanuel, was attacked by two black males.
Rahm Emanuel is the Mayor of Chicago and the former White House Chief of Staff for Barak Obama.
The attack took place right in front of the family’s Ravenwood home. Zach was beaten up by two black males. He required medical attention and has a chipped tooth. Zach is 16 years old.
Rahm Emanuel is part of the establishment left that actively encourages racial agitation to advance their political causes. This attack highlight the fact that the families of the left-wing elitists are not immune from the problems they create.
The Chicago media is censoring the attack by refusing to list of the race of the dangerous at large perpetratorsThe Chicago Tribune openly admits to having a policy of censoring black crime.
Media is also downplaying the assault as “a robbery.” The two black males stole a cell phone that most likely will be unusable to them. Obviously “robbery” was secondary to the desire to beat up a white person.

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  1. This is an interesting and amusing story, a story of poetic justice. Rahm Emanuel, the JEWISH mayor of the crime-ridden city of Chicago...was recently forced to endure the hand-wringing angst that countless numbers of less privileged American parents have had to endure: an attack on his son by savage black savages. How does it feel, JEWBOY, to experience an experience that your demonic Tribe has for decades inflicted on others via its media that actively encourages such attacks on white gentiles? Doesn't feel good, does it? Perhaps your god, Satan, will prevent such attacks in the future by the people your Tribe claim are your equals. Literally laughing out loud!!!!