Monday, December 1, 2014

Free Gary Yarbrough

Gary Yarbrough has been in prison for 30 years, and even though he commited crimes none of them involved harming other human lives.  In 2009, he was given a parole date of 2014. Then in 2010, that parole date was vacated on the grounds of "association." This association was cited on posts made on public forums (Stormfront noted in the Notice of Action). At the time of this Notice of Action, Gary Yarbrough was in Florence ADX, which is a SuperMax without any internet access. This Notice of Action was based on posts made by people that Gary Yarbrough did not know, and he couldn't even view these posts. It is unconstitutional to hold somebody accountable for somebody else's views and postings. You cannot hold a person in prison or change their parole date without Due Process or based on something that somebody else wrote. Gary Yarbrough has not had one write up in 8 years. He was 28-years-old when he went to prison, and he is now 59-years-old and in ill health. He never did an act of violence towards any single person. I have known violent offenders to do less time than he has. Additionally, it is illegal to violate his consititutional rights, even though he is a prisoner. It is time to let Gary Yarbrough come home. 

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Prisons
We are signing a petition to help bring justice to Gary Yarbrough. His constitutional rights are being violated. In 2009, he was given a parole date of 2014, which was vacated because of posts he didn't make on public forums. At the time of these posts, Gary was in Florence ADX and had no computer access. He was also qualified for mandatory release (2/3 date) but that was also not given to him. We are going to fight for Gary Yarbrough's constitutional rights. He cannot be held responsible for posts that other people make. He did not harm anybody in his crimes, he has shown remorse, and has done 30 years in the worst prisons that the BOP has to offer. He hasn't had a write up in 8 years. The way he is being handled is unconstitutional, and we have something to say about this. Not to mention the inhumane treatment and lack of medical attention.You may sign Gary's petition at the link above.

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  1. While JEWISH and white libtard "civil rights" activists bemoan the plight of the convicted black robbers, rapists and murderers who fill America's prisons in numbers far disproportionate to their over-all population, they cynically ignore the countless number of white prisoners who suffer persecution at the bloody hands of America's Jail/Prison Industrial Complex. The black inmates, for the most part, deserve their punishment, for most of them are likely guilty of the crimes for which they were incarcerated. The black male...especially the young black, with some exceptions...the most deadly predator on earth. He is genetically prone to vicious violence, even toward his own people. The deadliest threat to the life of a young black male is another young black male. This fact is confirmed by U.S. Justice Department statistics. The white male, conversely, is much less prone to violent behavior, especially the kind of random, senseless violence that is the province of blacks. Gary Yarbrough, a white male, has spent the last 31 years of his life in the murderous American gulag system. He was 28 when he was swallowed into the Belly of the Beast. He is now 59. Unlike the masses of black rapists and vicious murderers who dwell in America's prisons, Yarbrough never inflicted harm on anyone. His "crimes" were of a political nature, not offenses for the purposes of self enrichment, sexual gratification or personal vendetta or random anger. It is because of the political nature of his "crimes" that Yarbrough has languished in several of America's gulags much longer than the black rapists and murderers who dwell there with him. America claims that she does not prosecute and imprison people based on their political ideology, but this is a LIE. America, like the now- defunct Soviet Union and the still extant communist China...does, in fact, incarcerate political dissidents. This is an outrage to freedom-loving people who believe in freedom of conscience and of speech. The foul minions who preside over America's criminal "justice" incarceration mill must be...fill in the blank...