Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dr. David Duke and Don Black in the Eye of the Media Hurricane of Lies Surrounding Rep. Scalise!

In today’s dynamic program,Dr. David Duke is joined today by Don Black and they discuss being in the eye of the hurricane surrounding the speech that Rep. Steve Scalise spoke at hosted by David Duke.
Dr. Duke opens by discussing the enormous lies and twisting of the facts concerning the national media coverage of the controversy.
Among the lies Dr. Duke completely disprove are:
campaign1 web jpgThe labeling of the Dr. Duke as a racist and white supremacist when in fact he actually vociferously condemns and form of racial supremacism and oppression and any hateful racist rhetoric or racist suppression against anyone.
He has preached this for years and preached this to everyone including European American followers and supporters. For instance in the Ferguson case and the demonstrations he has pointed out that Europeans should be upset with African American anger, they should be far more upset with the vicious racist anger and racist hatred against European Americans who  have been incited by the national media.
He points out to African Americans how their greatest harm has come from the Jewish Zionist racists who control the entertainment movie and music industry that has promoted gangsta rap, violence, drug and alcohol abuse and the destruction of values that are important for healthy black families and young people and the same in regard to whites.
The number of blacks who have been shot dead by police are tiny and almost all have been engaged in criminal activity. In truth huge numbers of blacks have been shot and harmed by other blacks who have been influenced toward such horrific behavior by the Hollywood movie and entertainment media, overwhelmingly in control of the ultimate racists, the Jewish, Zionist tribalists.
He and Don talk about the fact that much of the media didn’t even mention the fact that Dr. Duke was an elected public official and that he overwhelming public support in the district now represented by Mr. Scalise.  In that Congressional district Dr. Duke received over 60 percent of the popular vote for U.S. Senator and for governor.
Don discusses the meeting and their long history, and at the end of th show they discuss New Years resolutions and how to make meaningful resolutions and achieve the life of your dreams.
An incredibly powerful show. It is one to share with your family and friends!
May each of you have a very Happy and Meaningful New Year for you and your love-ones and for our freedom and precious heritage!
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  1. As any informed person knows, i.e.,any intelligent person...Dr. David Duke is persona-non-grata in the JEWISH-owned and controlled "mainstream" media. Thus any person whom the JEWISH media dislikes will, castigated, demonized. This is nothing more than the ages-old modus operandi of the JEWISH media. As informed people know, the JEWISH-controlled media does, in fact, have an ages-old agenda. Only the most naïve of Americans believe that the nightly news that they watch is really the real news. Unfortunately, most TV "news" watchers are, in fact, childishly naïve and misinformed. The people who watch...and believe... what they see and hear on the JEWSNEWS...are subject to a daily and nightly barrage of misinformation. Unfortunately, though...they don't know that they are being misinformed. The JEWS have controlled the media for many years. For the younger set of media viewers, the "realities" presented thereof are all they know. Many if not most of the young people of today were born in the 1990s, the era of then-president Bill Clinton, a liar extraordinaire, and unabashed womanizer to boot. "I did not have sex with the woman, Monica Lewinski." This, of course, turned out be an outright and brazen lie. Months later, when pressed by the JEWISH media, the President of the United States admitted that he had lied not only to the U.S. Congress, but also to the American people who, in their idiocy...voted for him. Lying to Congress is a major felony, but, of course, rank has its privileges. To the common man and woman,, perjury under oath is a felony, but obviously not to the elite ruling class of America.. America prides herself both to her own people and to the rest of the world that she is a classless society, a society in which any person, however great or small...can rise to the top office that America has too offer: The office of the President of the United States. America also claims that no person, however great or not above the Law. This, of course, is yet another lie. The ruling elite whose money, power and political influence erases all sins...are for these reasons exempt from the laws that govern and control the rest of us, we of the European-style lower classes. America, bless her well-meaning heart, was intended to be a Democratic, representative Republic that eschewed class ( wealth and concomitant power distinctions ), but this has proven to be a failed experiment, a lost cause. America is now nothing more nor less than a European-style plutocracy....rule by the wealthy power elite. To return to square one: Dr. David Duke is a man of knowledge and intellect. If America were to harken to his well-considered policies she would be a much better nation than she is at present. The most important plank of Duke's platform is to rid America of the JEWS and their usurious Federal Reserve "Banking" system. Alas, though, this will never happen, because the JEWS own and thus control the all-powerful media. Americans cannot rely on a politician savior, because the JEWS, the eternal bane of mankind....control America's politicians, too. As the current Prime Minister of Israel once said: "The JEWISH people control America, and the Americans know it."

  2. The North American continent comprises roughly 315 million people, about a quarter of them are of legal voting age. Why is it, then, that in a population as large as America....yet ANOTHER Bush is running for President of the United States? Is America to be governed by wealthy family dynasties??