Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Barbara Lerner Spectre's Anti-White Hate Speech


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  2. Huh! Surprise, surprise! Yet ANOTHER JEW causing problems, raising the hell whence she came. The JEWS are undoubtedly the spawn of their Father, Satan. Throughout the history of the Family of Man, even since pre-biblical times...the JEWS...the spawn of their Father, Satan himself...have created intractable problems for the other races of humanity. The Christian Bible describes the JEWS as a "stiff-necked" people, a breed of sub-humans who could not be included into the other races that comprise the Family of Man. This is likely because the JEWISH race is the race of the Fallen Angel, Satan himself. Satan, a.k.a. Lucifer ( the bright and shining star ), waged war against God his Creator untold millennia ago. There was a war in Heaven, a war that Satan-Lucifer lost. Satan, vanquished, was cast from Heaven by his Master, God, and, so the various accounts of human theologians say...the Evil Angel, Satan...came to Earth, the planet among untold millions of planets that are but a minuscule part of the ineffably vast universe that God created out of nothing. Even the wisest of learned human beings...themselves created by a god whose power is so great that no human being who has ever lived has ever been able to fathom the glory of it...have never, despite his "advances" in human-contrived technology...been able to arrive at any valid explanation for the creation of the universe that comprises solar systems upon solar systems, galaxies upon galaxies, and, perhaps...universes upon universes. As God Himself told King David of Israel: "The heavens proclaim the glory of God." But this writer must now abandon the inscrutable subject that has beguiled the finite mind of finite man for millennia and return to an earthly, fathomable subject: The JEW, the Satan-inspired, all-consuming demonic JEW. The statement of the JEWESS, Barbara Lerner Spectre regarding her anti-gentile statement, is nothing more than the diatribe...the tirade...of a gentile-hating JEW. Anyone who knows anything about the JEWS and their ancient mindset....knows that the JEWS consider themselves to be a distinct race of people above and beyond the other inferior races of humanity. In the fullness of time...they ( the JEWS ) will receive their just punishment for their untoward hubris. May their god, Satan, help them...