Wednesday, December 3, 2014

An attempt on Gary Yarbrough’s life by Susan Yarbrough

Gary called me tonight, and I had been worried about him because I do hear from him on a regular basis. Gary is at Florence High and does get let out of his cell for rec, to use the computer (for legal work and to email through corrlinks but emailing is all he can do), and he stays in contact with me. I haven’t heard from him for a few days. I finally got a call tonight. Over the weekend, he had been beaten by another prisoner (with guards just a few feet away, who did nothing to stop it) until he was unconscious, and then he was tear gassed by the correctional officers while unconscious.
Gary was on the computer, fixing to email me and this other prisoner came up to Gary and told him that it was his turn on the computer. Gary told him that it wasn’t yet his turn. The prisoner then attacked Gary. The prisoner who attacked Gary was 3 times Gary’s size and half his age. It is hard for Gary to defend himself because of his arthritis. The prisoner beat Gary until he was unconscious. When Gary woke up, he realized he had been gassed while being unconscious. This was very inhumane treatment. Tear gas is meant to be used to control situations, not to use on somebody who is already unconscious.
They then put Gary in the hole without medical treatment. When he called me, he was in so much pain and having trouble breathing that he could barely talk. The beating happened on Saturday and he has been in the hole since then with not seeing one doctor. It was Tuesday night when Gary called me.
I have cried since I have gotten off the phone with Gary. Both Gary and myself know where this is going…they have always tried to break Gary, and this isn’t the first time he has been beaten severely. We know they want him dead…but here is a little word for the BOP and DOJ.
You want my husband out of the way because of the truth that he has and the fact he would never roll over or play into your little games. But you know what…when you do kill him..whether it is by medical neglect or having somebody beat him to death, he will become what you don’t want him to become…a martyr.
Yes, Gary will become a martyr once you kill him behind those walls…and you know what that will do? With all the unrest right now, a martyr, especially one who was killed off behind those walls will all that will be needed to ignite that spark that you corrupt people so dread. That will bring unity and strength to what you so hate…it will bring about what you don’t want to happen…Is this what you want? Or would you rather leave Gary alone, stop the abuse, and let him come home, and stay quietly in the background…not saying a word.
It is on you. No matter what happens to Gary, I will keep fighting. I will ALWAYS fight to show the injustice you have done to him. What are you going to do to me? Kill me to or have somebody out of a prison gang come and beat me up? I do not fear you…
I will continue after I’ve had some sleep…it is after 3am, and I am tired and stressed.


  1. The above article written by Gary L. Yarbrough's wife, Susan, says much of what needs to be said about the conditions that prevail in America's prisons...the best penal institutions in the world, so naïve Americans are told by those who run them. Susan is concerned ( rightfully ) about her husband's safety in the steel and concrete environment in which he has resided for over 31 years. Naïve and ignorant Americans, complacent in their relative safety...have no idea of the terrors that exist in America's jails and prisons. "Where ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be wise." Most Americans have never been exposed to life in an American jail or prison...the American Jail/Prison Industrial Complex. There is much money to be made by the incarceration of jail and prison inmates by this foul, ungodly entity, especially by those who administer them. Add to this already foul dynamic the advent of private prisons...i.e., for profit prisons. Americans incarcerating other Americans for profit. Disgusting. Although most prison inmates probably deserve to be there, innumerable others do not. The indigent accused person, arrested by Rambo-wannabe cops who awaken every morning with the goal of arresting as many people as possible...even for the most minor of offenses...smoking in public in a no-smoking zone paid for by the taxpayer...the tax-paying person is arrested by the very people he or she pays via their tax money. The public servant has become the public master of those who pay him or her. Welcome to the American Police State in the "Land of the Free." When the Republic of America was founded in 1776, the year of the writing by Thomas Jefferson of the world-famous Declaration of Independence, he and his fellow colonists had only recently escaped the grasping clutches of the British tyrant, King George 111. King George, the clock maker...ultimately went mad...crazy. He was subsequently reviled even by his own people as the "Mad Monarch." But this is ancient history. Modern-day America is, in several ways, an even more rabid all-encompassing Police State than was ever conceived by the Mad Monarch even in his wildest, most vain-glorious dreams. Tens of thousands of cameras spy on every American in almost every city and hamlet in America, with and without their knowledge. Remote-controlled drones, some as small as a bumblebee, lurk low in the sky, spying on Americans as they conduct their daily and nightly business. The Police/Spy State. And always the behind-the-scenes is the ever present, the omniscient, JEWISH Government/ Corporate Power Structure. This writer, as well as other writers world-wide...are paying close attention to the plight of Gary Lee Yarbrough, an American patriot much abused by the JEWISH legal system that, demonically inspired as they to accomplish the destruction of America, the last and only vestige of freedom that still exists in a world that is careening inexorably into the iron grip of JEWISH despotism. May God Almighty, a just and merciful god in an unjust and merciless Satan-possessed over Gary Yarbrough and keep him safe...

  2. This writer believes, perhaps naively, that most officers of the law are good and decent people who adhere to their oaths of office, i.e., to honor their oath of office that mandates that they adhere to, and protect, the mandates of the U.S. Constitution. These officers are to be commended, for they are adhering to their lawful duty. To those officers of the law who are NOT doing so...your time of destruction is nigh, right around the historical corner. Heaven help you when you are exposed...found out...

  3. As this writer writes these lines there is an international move fomented by Globalist/ Internationalist JEWS to conquer America. Two years ago the JEWISH media focused on the misdeeds of President Obama's Secret Service detail while it was conducting a "first sweep" in Cartagena, Colombia, in preparation to his pending visit there. A slap in the face of the top security agency in the world. Next, and recently, came the revelations of the 'misdeeds" of the American CIA regarding the "torture" via water-boarding of Mohammad Atta, the putative mastermind of the fateful and deadly Sept. 11, 2001 Twin Tower attacks in New York City. This classified information was brought forth by Senator Dianne Feinstein ( D-NY. ). Now the JEWISH media is focused almost exclusively on the recent killings of black thugs by white "racist" police officers in Ferguson, Mo. and New York City. The Ferguson, Mo.,. incident involved a white police officer, Darren Wilson, and the "Gentle Giant" Michael Brown. Although black race-baiting hustlers such as the monkey, Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley infamy, sought for his own self-serving reasons to turn an every day and night, common black crime incident into a white cop vs. innocent black victim incident, further research revealed that the "Gentle Giant" was not so gentle. This black thug was shown on a store video to have strong-armed a slightly built Asian store clerk out of a box of cigars...cigars with which he probably intended to fashion marijuana blunts, the preferred high-inducing substance of blacks of both sexes. There is now a nation-wide program of white cop hatred. "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!" is the prevailing mantra. This nation-wide offensive against police...especially white not a spur of the moment endeavor but, rather, a concerted...organized effort to debase and ultimately dishearten police so that, intimidated, they cannot or will not do their job of protecting communities in which police presence is most needed. Most crime is committed in black communities. Most victims of crime are black people victimized people. U.S. Justice Department statistics have long revealed this inconvenient fact. Now the main, salient fact of this deadly dynamic: The "random" attacks on police officers throughout the nation are not random at all but, rather, concerted and well-planned by as-yet invisible, behind-the-scenes JEWS. The 1970s JEWISH created Weather Underground ( the Weathermen ) has emerged yet again, as well as the 1970s JEWISH SDS ( Students for a Democratic Society ) headed by the JEW, Mark Sanger. The leadership of these communist organizations have of course changed in the ensuing years, but their respective missions are the same as they were over 40 years ago: The destruction of American capitalist society; a society that will be replaced by a communist society with all its concomitant socio-political discord and its inevitably attendant ocean of bloodshed...