Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A prison psychologist tells the truth about black on white crime

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  1. This is an interesting dialogue between the radio host and his guest...a discourse about black crime and black social dysfunction in general. The subject of black social dysfunction is an apparently complex one, but actually it is not. Distilled down to its bare essence, the reason for black dysfunction in white societies is simple: Black people do not fare well in white societies because they do not belong in white societies. They do not belong in white societies because they are not FROM white societies. The black race is a race apart from the white race and, in fact, a race apart from every other race. The black race has its roots in sub-Saharan Africa, an area of the world peopled by blacks. The people of this area of the world are imbued with their own discrete characteristics, both physical and psychological. Since the dawn of time itself the people indigenous to this part of the world have lived according to their own unique value systems...their own norms, folkways and cultural traits...personality and character traits much different from those of white European cultures. The adult human being is the product of his physical environment and, even more importantly...his life experiences. Even more important than these dynamics, though...is intellect. And blacks, in general...rank significantly lower in intellectual attributes than the members of every other racial group. Intellect is, for the most part, an inherent, finite quality that cannot be improved much by even prodigious study. Either the bird can fly, or it cannot. Either the fish can swim or it cannot. And either the human being can succeed in his environment or he cannot. The black can succeed ( to some degree ) in the environment whence he came...i.e., a black environment with its concomitant culture. Place the black in a different cultural environment, though...and he will not succeed, although there may be some notable exceptions. White societies are considerably more advanced in almost every way than black societies because the whites who comprise them are imbued with a higher quality intellect. A high-quality intellect allows the person to succeed in his given environment...and even in an environment not his own. This is why the best, most advanced areas in Africa are the areas in which whites have settled and subsequently developed. These areas, if left in the care of the indigenous black population...would still, after many millennia...be areas reminiscent of the Old Stone Age. It is for these reasons, then, that blacks almost always occupy the lowest stratum in every white society that they inhabit. Blacks, for the most part, do not belong in white societies and cultures because they are not intellectually equipped to live in them. The black, confused and overwhelmed by the baffling intricacies of advanced white cultures...cultures in which he cannot compete with whites unless he is given special considerations based on his race...turns to crime out of frustration and hatred. He is frustrated by the labyrinthine intricacies of life in the advanced white society in which he lives. And he hates the white man for being his better in that society. So...kill whitey...