Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Federal Government Versus Gary Yarbrough by David Carothers

The U.S. federal government and its dozens of attached agencies are Mafia-style organizations--criminal enterprises that prey on the people they are supposed to serve. Among the most abusive of these agencies is the Federal Bureau of Prisons, an incarceration mill that falls under the aegis of the U.S. Department of Justice. The U.S. Attorney General wields the ultimate authority over the bureau. The Bureau of Prisons ( BOP ) is a labyrinthine gulag archipelego that administers 116 state and federal detention facilities nationwide. Currently, over two million inmates ( 716 people per 100,000 ) are confined behind its stone walls and steel doors. America, the "Land of the Free"-- incarcerates more people than any country on Earth. And, despite vehement claims to the contrary by politician-pundits and Jewish media talking-heads-- political dissidents are of particular interest to the minions who man the mill, and thus are targeted for special punishment. Gary Lee Yarbrough knows this fact all too well, for he has been a political prisoner in America for the past 31 years. He was 28 when he was swallowed into the Belly of the Beast. He is now 59. "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." Yarbrough was one of the nine original members of The Silent Brotherhood, a white patriot organization founded in Washington State in 1983 by the young and idealistic Robert J. Mathews. The name of the activist group later was changed to The Order. While under the leadership of Mathews, The Order inflicted considerable damage upon what its members perceived to be the gravest of all threats to the survival of the white race: the-all pervasive Jewish power structure that, like a voracious and vicious octopus, devours everything in its path--a malevolent creature whose grasping tentacles extend into every aspect of American social life and political affairs. Mathews, Yarbrough and their Aryan kinsmen were determined to destroy this beast by whatever means necessary, whether legal or extra-legal. The activists would have preferred the former route, but chose the latter. One is foolish to play a game the rules of which were contrived by one's opponent. And the quest for the continued existence of the white race was no game to them--but War! In June of 1984 a trio of Order exterminators hastened Alan Berg's entry into the Promised Land. Berg, a Denver, Co.-based radio talk-show host, was a member of The Tribe, a fact of which he was immensely proud. Berg's on-air anti-Christian and anti-white diatribes spewed venomous, almost demonic hatred for all things good, pure, decent. When his body was found sprawled beside his black Volkswagen his tongue was no longer moving. Twelve .45-calibre slugs from a MAC-10 had done their job. The FBI sought to implicate Yarbrough in the extermination, but to no avail. He was at the bedside of a dying loved one in a hospital in Idaho at the time of the incident. Yarbrough had perhaps committed a few indiscretions during his time in The Order, but he had never knowingly hurt anyone. The following month The Order struck again, this time in a more lucrative manner. A dozen Aryans brandishing rifles, pistols and fake bazookas relieved a Brinks armored truck of almost four million dollars. The heist was both successful and unsuccessful. The money was put to good use for the most part--some of it may have contributed to the founding of one of the most effective white rights groups ever to exist anywhere on Earth: the National Alliance.

On the other hand, the heist was not successful and, in fact, led to the deadly demise of The Order later that year. Bob Mathews had dropped his pistol during the heist. It was discovered by the FBI and traced to Mathews. The FBI had already been closing in on the activists. The end of The Order was near. In early December of 1984 Mathews was slain on Widbey Island, an islet off the coast of Washington State. About 150 FBI agents armed with automatic weapons and incendiary devices surrounded an unoccupied vacation home in which Mathews had taken refuge. A fierce 36-hour gun battle ensued, but the agents could not flush out the lone defender. Frustrated, the impatient--and cowardly--agents hurled the firebombs into the cabin. Still Mathews refused to surrender. He was burned alive. Gary Yarbrough was already in jail at this time, having been arrested for racketeering and the manufacture of counterfeit Federal Reserve "money." He served several years in the Atlanta, Ga. federal penitentiary, then was transferred to the world-notorious prison in Marion, Ill. Years later came the gulag in Terre Haute, Ind, one of BOP's main inmate processing centers. He met and subsequently married his wife, Susan, there. Then came the most desperate detention facility of all: SuperMax, a massive facility in Florence, Co. Only the most hardened of irredeemable prisoners are supposed to be incarcerated there--but Gary L. Yarbrough is a political prisoner. Those wishing to correspond with this intrepid Aryan brother can locate his contact info on the White Information Network ( WIN ) at Yarbrough's wife, Susan, and white rights activist Michael Weaver contributed to this article. 

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