Friday, November 7, 2014

Robert Ransdell Calls Out the Jews on 55KRC, a Major Talk Radio Station in Cincinnati

Daily Stormer
November 7, 2014
Former Kentucky Senate candidate Robert Ransdell ran on an anti-Jew campaign platform.
Listen to Robert Ransdell’s brief appearance on 55KRC, a major talk radio station in the Cincinnati area.  He made good use of his time calling out the Jews for destroying America. He even plugged the Daily Stormer and the With Jews We Lose sign postings in New Hampshire.Audio available at this link:


  1. Say it, Robert!! Shove a bagel up a fat Jewish ass!!

  2. It is an interesting fact to note that Robert Ransdell's Nov. 4 bid for the U.S. Senate and his campaign slogan, "With Jews We lose"...were totally ignored by the "mainstream" Jewsmedia. This is to be no surprise. Ransdell, from Kentucky, is a long-time white rights activist...

  3. Fasten your seatbelts, conservative-minded Americans, because the remaining two years of the Ebola-bama administration will be the roughest ride ever to beset the Republic of America. Kenyan-born "President" Ebola-bama is livid over the humiliating defeat of the Democrat Party in last Tuesday's mid-term election that, in essence...was a referendum on his disastrous performance during his six-year tenure as president...a resounding repudiation of his nation-wrecking foreign and domestic policies, all of which have been crashing, embarrassing failures. Ebola-bama is said to be an exceedingly narcissistic man, a man who has a much exaggerated sense of self importance. Narcissists tend to be sore losers at best, malicious, vicious losers at worst. They consider themselves to be indispensable people, people whom the world cannot do without. This is not true, of course, for no human being is indispensable. As a former premier of France once quipped: "The graveyards are filled with indispensable men." Yes, fellow Americans, fasten your seatbelts. A rough and dangerous ride awaits us...