Monday, November 10, 2014

Is This a Sign of What is to Come with What They are Doing to Gary Yarbrough

Gary Yarbrough went to prison in 1984. He was the first member of the former Order to be arrested. He has been in prison for 30 years. This is more time than most hardcore murders or bank robbers do. In 2010, Gary had a release date of November 24, 2014, and they tried to vacate this date because of "association." They were trying to say that because of internet posts made by Tom Metzger and posts made on Stormfront about Gary that Gary was "associating." Gary did not even have internet access-he was in Florence ADX-the highest security prison in America. They were basing this on posts that other people made. How can Gary be responsible for posts that other people make? He is a person-he has no control over what other people do.

Gary was originally put in ADX because of an article that he had written. This article did not advocate violence or was not provoking. The article was just about the roots of Christianity and that religion should not divide folk. Really? An article such as this warrants being put in a place like ADX? I think there are forces way more powerful behind all this, and not just the BOP.

Because of all of this, they are not giving Gary his mandatory release. If a prisoner serves 30 years (without life sentence, which Gary does not have), he is eligible for mandatory release. Gary has done his 30 years, and they are saying he will not be released because of his "association" until 2025. They vacated his 2014 release date.

If we allow this to happen to Gary, what does this mean for other white people and white prisoners in the future? Will they get longer sentences for "associating?" Additionally, it is so hard to find him legal help. He has been abused and beaten in prison, been denied medical help, and so many other violations by the BOP, yet nothing happens to them. Every time Gary has an attorney file a complaint something mysteriously happens to that complaint where it is too late to be filed or it disappears. It is time for the abuse and corruption to stop. It is time to get an attorney and ensure that Gary's rights are enforced because it not only affects Gary but could also affect white people as a whole in the future. Once they get away with all this with Gary, it will not stop there.

You can read more about Gary's situation-how it started in 2010 and what is happening now on his wife's, Susan's, blog.


  1. This is an open letter to the masses of naïve, misinformed Americans here in the Land of the Free; the Land of Freedom of Speech; the Land of Freedom of Assembly; the Land of Freedom of Religion; the Land of freedom of Conscience. That is...the Land conceived in the Spirit of Liberty by its Founders; the land that once was America but is no more. You, my fellow Freedom-Loving Americans, are a free people no longer, although you cling to the belief that you are. You now dwell in a post-constitutional America, a Land in which the above-stated values no longer longer exist. The above-stated values that once defined America are now a cruel hoax, a cynical canard. You are a free people in name only. Again, don't realize nor appreciate this fact. Like a frog that is slowly, gradually boiled to, secure in your comforts and distracted by the various entertainments that beguile your time and not feel the heat of your impending destruction. The unwary frog, blissfully unaware of its ultimate fate, finally dies. This analogy is apropos to your situation, my fellow Americans. Like the insouciant frog, you, too, do not realize that your God-given liberties are slowly, gradually be continued.

  2. It is apparent to this writer that certain powerful ( and foul ) forces do not want the story of Gary Yarbrough to see the bright, cleansing light of not want his story to be told. Every word of the text of this tale has been written with utmost laboriousness, sometimes literally letter-by-letter, word-by-word. The same is true of the narrative above. What foul facts is the Federal Bureau of Prisons trying to hide??

  3. This writer intended to tell the sordid tale of the travails of an intrepid white rights activist who at a young age gave his all to secure the rights...and very survival...of the white race. But never mind. It has become obvious to this writer that this politically incorrect site is being being powerful, malicious forces...probably by U.S. government forces that are afraid that the truth of their illegal, unconstitutional perfidies will out. The foul forces of the U.S. federal government are, indeed, the foulest ever to infest this planet. They are the ultimate vicious racketeers, much worse than any Mafia organization or murderous drug cartel. This is a sad and sordid reality of which the mass of uninformed and brainwashed Americans are blissfully unaware. To be continued...