Saturday, November 1, 2014


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October 31, 2014
Why are ADL backed Jewish Law Firms trolling Pro-White Web Sites and what is the connection to the lesbian Mayor who ordered Christian Preachers to turn over copies of their Sermons?
Michael Weaver of the White Information Network and Randy Gray weigh in on new information that should be shocking to many, especially “Mainstream Christians” who subscribe to the fallacy of the “Chosen”.
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Published on Oct 23, 2014
Houston Mayor Annise D. Parker receives Popkin Award from the Southwest Region of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). 

The award was bestowed to her on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.


  1. Great job, Michael! The snakes at the ADL are certainly busy doing the work of their father the devil.

  2. The top photo featuring the carpet-crunching mayor of Houston, Texas, Annise Parker, suggests that in addition to being a sexual pervert she is also a self-assured, arrogant specimen of so-called womanhood. The fingers of both her hands are clasped together at the tips, a gesture that psychologists call a "steepling gesture," a gesture that bespeaks a feeling of power...superiority...over others. The lesbian mayor has good reason for her sanguine attitude, given that both her private deviant sexual proclivities and her concomitant public policies are fully supported and, in fact, ardently one of the world's most powerful socio-political special interest groups...the Anti Defamation League ( ADL ). The ADL was founded in 1913 by Luciferian Jews in the wake of the citizens' execution of the Jew, Leo Frank. Frank was the manager of a prosperous Atlanta, Georgia-based pencil factory that employed the 13-year-old white gentile, Mary Phagan. Frank raped and subsequently murdered Phagan, then tried to blame the crime on a black custodian who worked nights at the firm. The subsequent investigation revealed that the custodian was not the rapist and murderer of Phagan but, in fact, Frank was. Our modern-day media strives to promulgate the cynical canard that Jews are the champions of the black race, but they are not. In situations in which a Jew is accused of a crime, he or she will almost invariably blame someone else...even a member of a minority whom Jews claim to love. But then, a study of history will reveal to the student the fact that Jews will always look out for themselves despite whatever crimes they may commit. The Jewish race is the ultimate self-serving racist race. And it is this foul entity...the ADL...the Luciferian Jewish-founded Anti Decency League...that is the main...if not only...supporter of the lesbian mayor of the fifth largest city in the once-great nation that once was America.

  3. New intel has alleged that the law firm of Susman & Godfrey is a conduit for the Luciferian Jew established and controlled Anti Defamation League, the despicable Jewish entity founded in 1913 in the wake of the citizens' execution of the Jew rapist and murderer of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, Leo Frank. The details of this sordid story are contained in the above article. The ADL ( the Association for the Defense of Lesbians ) said to be the main financial benefactor of the lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, Annise Parker. If this allegation is true, it comes as no surprise to knowledgeable people. The Jews have throughout recorded history been the deadly bane of every civilization that they have inhabited. Those well-meaning but naïve civilizations that have allowed the scions of the Tribe of Satan to finesse their way into their borders have always...inevitably...suffered greatly for their unwary carelessness. It is probable that the effort by Parker to subpoena the sermons of Christian pastor's sermons in her bailiwick to her office for scrutiny...and subsequent approval or disapproval...was at least in part initiated by this "law" firm. The Luciferian Jews have a long-standing reputation for "pushing the envelope"...for straining the borders of law and human decency. Some of the members of the law firm of Susman & Godfrey are said to be active members of the board of the Anti Decency League. The Luciferian Jews are, and always have been, ruthlessly relentless in the pursuit of their goal of the debasement, and ultimate conquest, of every white gentile society and culture on earth. The advancement of the world-wide homosexual agenda is but only one of the many ways by which the cabal of the Sons of Lucifer conspire first to debauch the peoples of the world, then to enslave them. But this is the way of the race of the demonic, anti-Christ people that millennia ago savagely tortured and brutally murdered the Son of Man and the Son of God Himself, Jesus the Christ... indisputably the worst hate crime in the blood-soaked history of the world. The Jew. The detestable, debased, dissolute, dissembling, deceitful, disingenuous defiler of all things good and pure. The Jews. The Jews: truly the Scions of Satan...