Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Marshall Rawson,Shorter University,and the Persecution of Southern Nationalists,part 1

Marshall Rawson shakes hands with Ron Paul

November 4, 2014
Persecution of Southern Nationalists at Christian Universities
Rodney Martin & Michael Weaver discusses the recent incident of Shorter University Student Marshall Rawson.
Mr. Rawson is a student at Shorter University, a private “Conservative” & “Christian” University in Georgia.  Mr. Rawson is also active in Southern Nationalist issues OFF Campus.  Mr. Rawson has been an excellent student with no criminal issues.
Recently, Mr. Rawson has been the target of various Anti-Nationalist Blogs and Activists, both on and off Campus.The week of October 3, 2014 Mr. Rawson was suspended for a year based on his exercise of Constitutional Rights which the University declared as an admission of guilt to “possessing a firearm”.  If should be noted, Mr. Rawson was not found to have a firearm and was not arrested. 
The University based its decision on disinformation provided by Anti-Racist Activists and based on Mr. Rawson’s constitutionally protected Off-Campus Political Activities and Views. 
Shorter University has not heard the last of the Rawson case.
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  1. Shorter University is evidently a "Judeo-Christian" University, the perverted and corrupted form of true Christianity. Another good broadcast, Michael. I am looking forward to Part 2 next week.

  2. This will be this writer's FIFTH attempt to post his remarks regarding the infamous, still-ongoing Marshall Rawson Affair, but as of yet to no avail. Apparently the opponents of free speech...freedom of free discourse to which free Americans are supposedly entitled via the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution...are afraid that the truth of their innumerable freedom of speech perfidies will out. But the truth will, in fact, out...

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