Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stop Illegal Immigration Rally

Stop Illegal Immigration Rally in Cartersville,Georgia.on October 18th between 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Felton Road.On October 18th The League of the South will be hosting a demonstration in defense of Southern interests and Southern jobs. Our lands and culture are under attack by third world immigration and federal occupation. Come stand with us in defense of our people.

Cartersville location will be at the intersection of Felton rd. and US hwy 41 at 10:00 -12:00pm. Calhoun location will be at the traffic light intersection in front of the super Walmart center on West Belmont Dr. (Hwy 53) at 2:00 -4:00pm.


  1. Kudos to The league of the South for its successful rallies/demonstrations in the Southern towns of Cartersville, Ga. and Calhoun, Ga. The League of the South, headed by Dr. Michael Hill, is a Southeastern-based organization whose mission is to preserve the heritage and values of Southern culture. The Saturday, Oct. 18 event was attended by 40-50 white Southern patriots, all of whom were well-dressed and disciplined. During the event the activists disseminated literature and held placards that addressed the vital issue of illegal immigration, an issue that for too long has been deliberately ignored both by the "mainstream" media and by law enforcement at all levels...municipal, state and federal. A reliable source who attended both rallies told this writer that the twin rallies were, in general, well-received by the public in these respective towns. The activists received many "thumbs up" by passersby, some of them by law enforcement officials. This is an encouraging sign of the least in these communities. In other less tolerant towns, such as the Democrat-controlled People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia...the activists likely would have been arrested via the order of Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson who, as mayor, is the "Public Safety" director. Although the Freedom of Speech clause of the First Amendment as embodied in the 1791 ratified Bill of Rights, an addendum to the U.S. Constitution ratified in 1789, explicitly guarantees the right of Americans to freedom of speech and of assembly...these rights have, in recent times...been observed more in the breach of them than in the observance thereof. Although the minions of the legal community insist that "The law is the law" is not. The "law" is in fact not the law but, rather, merely a set of rules and edicts that are dependent on the interpretation of them by the political powers that prevail in a particular community. The law in one particular community may be...and in fact is...different from the law that is the standard in another community, despite the fact that the law is supposed to be uniform throughout the nation of America. The U.S. Supreme Court exists for this very constitutionally mandated purpose. The edicts mandated by the High Court are the ultimate Law of the Land, despite the ordinances enacted by the various municipalities and states that comprise the American Union. Kudos again to The League of the South for its noble endeavor to educate their fellow Americans of the fact that they Do enjoy certain unalienable rights that cannot legally be wrested from them by their increasingly out-of-control federal, state and municipal governments. And the most basic of these rights is the right to freedom of speech, however socially unpopular the speech may be. Freedom of speech is just that...freedom of speech. And law enforcement officials who via force of arms seek to suppress this absolute right are themselves breaking the law.

  2. The reliable source mentioned in the above article also informed this writer that, toward the end of the Calhoun, Ga. rally...a carload of Latinos approached the League of the South activists to harass and intimidate them. The Latinos, so the confidential source said...were MS-13 gang members from south of the border between America and Mexico. The gang members, many if not all of them in this country illegally...took pictures of various members of The League of the South activists...all of whom are legal American citizens. The confidential source suggested the possibility that the pictures of the various activists would, in time, be used to harass, intimidate...even kill...those whose pics were taken. The gang, MS-13, has a notorious and well-deserved reputation for random and often murderous violence against white Americans...Gringos. Media accounts of this mega-murderous Latino gang assert that this criminal gang is among the most violent...the most the world. Although according to the Jewish-controlled media MS-13 gangsters are said to use machetes to murder their randomly chosen gringo victims, they have now in all probability resorted to the use of firearms to murder their innocent victims. Like black thug-life gangbangers who daily and nightly prey upon innocent whites via use of the gun, Latino gangbangers have likewise availed themselves of the white-conceived firearm to murder their victims. This is a bitter irony, to say the least: white people being murdered by their own technology. After the gringo-hating Latino gangsters snapped pictures of the gringo members of The League of the South activists, the white, legal American citizen activist whose name cannot be mentioned ( the confidential source )...snapped pictures of THEM. The Latinos were surprised, taken aback by this. Years of Jewish media conditioning has trained these criminal invaders who swarm into our once sovereign country on a daily and nightly basis to despise the gringo, to view him with abject contempt. The Jewish media has successfully promulgated the thought into the minds of the invading Latinos that the white male ( gringo ) is a weak specimen of humanity...a specimen so weak that he is too cowardly to control his own borders and to protect his own kind...himself, his wife and his children. But a white male gringo did, in fact stand his ground...HIS ground in HIS country. And this is what every American who cares about the destiny of his or her country must do. If Americans do not take a bold and fearless stance against the hordes of illegals from south of the border who are, even now as these lines are being written...swarming across our Southern border....there will be hell to pay in the future...

  3. Has anyone else noticed that Kenyan-born U.S. "President" Barack H. Ebola- Obama's wife, Michelle, has the arms of a male basketball player? Rumors abound that the "woman," actually a transgender erstwhile male. Perhaps this explains why the six years of the Ebola-Obama administration has been the weirdest, most scandal-ridden administration in the history of the American Republic. Just a thought...