Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Saturday Night Live Celebrates the End of the White Race

Pictured below (Sarah Silverman) Jewess

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by the disgusting pervert Jewess Sarah Silverman, featured a comedy sketch mocking the impending doom of the White race.  The clip features White people admitting that they will soon lose control of the United States and become a minority in the great nation their ancestors built, then saying they are going to try to enjoy their remaining years as a race.
Jewess herself played one of the Whites, even though Jews are not White; “White” is a term defined by European ancestry, and Jews are from the Middle East, a completely separate race.  When it suits them, they call themselves White.
The idea of celebrating the death of your own race is something that could only have been produced by Jews, and only sold to Whites.  If Africans or Chinese were told to laugh about becoming a minority in their own countries, they would go into a rage.
The question is: what is going through the minds of the Whites who accept this?
Does anyone actually believe that when non-Whites take over all of our institutions, they will continue to function as they did when we ran them?  We can see in Detroit what happens when you hand over a modern American city to non-Whites.  It isn’t a mystery.  Everything goes to hell.
How is it that these people are so selfish as to leave their children with a third world nation?  Did our ancestors give us this society so that we could give it away to strangers?  What right to they have to steal the future away from future generations?


  1. It'll go the way all things do in dysfunctional "merica. Nothing will be done until after many people have died and well after everything goes to hell.

  2. The fact that silverman would make light of this dilemma we find ourselves in is indicative of the callous, cruel and uncompassionate nature of the jew. She "forgets" the very large role that her ancestors using the most diabolical methods contributed greatly to our projected demise. As true parasites they will no doubt be around to suck the remaining lifeblood from our children should these predictions come true. Yet how is it that thw jews will prevail with lesser numbers while we assume defeat ? Is there something wrong with us ?

  3. yeah, yeah, we're stupid. Ok, but it can't just be that because we're not completely stupid. Maybe we're going to have to be more ruthless.

  4. Whatever. This video of a recent episode of Saturday Night Live vomits forth its usual sneering invective against the white race. No surprise here. Throughout its decades-long history SNL has demeaned, scoffed at whites. This is its raison d' etre. This popular TV show is, of course, written and produced by white gentile-hating Jews and their simpering, ethno-masochistic white lapdogs. The video featured above, hosted by the Jewish comedienne, Sarah Silverman...is yet another example of Luciferian Jewish hatred of gentiles...particularly white gentiles. Although the terms "racist" and "hate" were coined by the Jewish moguls and minions who control the Marxist mega-media machine...the so-called "main stream" media....it is these racist and hate-filled Jews who are the real racists and haters. Unfortunately for the white race...the main audience of this show that promotes white genocide, especially that of white Christians...wallow in their Jewish media-induced ignorance of the of the well-documented fact that the supremacist Jews who entertain them via their media control...especially the Jewbox, i.e., television...hate them, and wish them dead. The Jewish media- promoted comedienne, Sarah Silverman, is an exemplar of racism, hatred and intolerance, again, terms that they...the Jews themselves....have via their media control entered into the lexicon of the English language. If there were any doubt among whites...white gentile Christians in particular...that the Luciferian Jews harbor an ancient hatred toward them...this vile video should help to dispel all doubts that this is indeed a fact, not myth. Sarah Silverman is a most foul and hateful specimen of demonic sub-humanity indeed. Her virulently hateful and racist rhetoric is the very definition of hatred, racism and racial supremacism, yet, like her fellow demonic Luciferian Jews she will be among the first to accuse whites of hatred, racism and intolerance. Liberals of all persuasions...white, black and especially Jewish...are probably mentally ill. Mere logic dictates that those who deny reality....the realities that they see and hear every day and night...MUST be mentally ill. Reality is reality, and those who deny the obvious realities of life are, again...either mentally ill or in abject denial of reality. Whichever is the case...liberals of every persuasion pose a dire threat, not only to the survival of the white race but, in fact....the survival of every other race of humanity. For if or when the white race goes...becomes extinct...the black and Jewish races will in time also become extinct. The black race, the parasite that it is... relies for the most part on the hard-working white taxpayers whose government-seized tax money sustains their quality of life and, in fact...their very lives. The Jewish race ( especially in Israel ) likewise depends on the largesse of the American taxpayer, as well as the post-World War 11-era reparations given them by the combatants of that long-ago era, especially Germany. Sarah Silverman is indeed....without a doubt....a foul, sub-human species of humanity. But then....what else can be expected from a member of the vile, murderous Race of Satan??

  5. I haven't watched SNL for many years because they have degenerated into one of the most hate filled disgusting programs on television. Some where in the mid nineties they change from being funny most of the time to being some thing that i do not recognize as any thing but funny. After the entrance of Silverman into comedy has she called it i had to take a closer look at the comedians of the last several years and what i saw turned my stomach. I had watch Jay Leno late night but no others because none of them appears to be entertaining. They have become political hacks for liberal causes. i find nothing funny in any of them..

  6. I invite all three of the hapless readers of my incondite posts to consider...ponder... this etched-in-granite fact: The New Testament of the most famous and widely sold book in history...the Christian Bible...explicitly states that the Jews of Jesus the Christ's time savagely tortured and subsequently brutally murdered Him without just cause. Jesus never committed even a single crime during His 33 years in this realm of reality, yet He was relentlessly hounded...harassed...during the last three years of His life...the years during which He preached the message of salvation to the masses; the years during which He performed miracles, healed the sick and even raised the dead. But despite His good works...good works that were performed for the benefit of humanity...He was nonetheless murdered. By the Jews. Although the omnipresent Jewish media invented the term "hate crime"...it was the Jews who committed the most foul and infamous hate crime of all time...the malicious murder of the Son of God Himself. Yet the Jews...the satanically inspired Jews...have the temerity to accuse others of hate crimes. But then, the Jews are of the synagogue of Satan, as Jesus Himself described them. Consider then...ponder: of what validity are the utterances of the race of people that committed the most evil hate crime in the history of humanity?? Consider. Ponder...

  7. The Jewish race has throughout history been the most problematic ( to say the least ) race of "people" ever to befoul planet Earth. No good thing has ever come from them but, rather...only bad, evil things. Throughout history every endeavor to which they have turned their hands and minds have not been for the good of man but, rather, to his detriment. Throughout history this Tribe of the Scions of Satan has sown the seeds of domestic social chaos and planted the trees of international warfare...immensely bloody wars that abruptly and brutally ended the lives of promising young men who had their lives before them but were never allowed to fulfill their promising prospects because their lives were ended in Jewish-instigated wars...wars not waged for the benefit of their own racial kinsmen but, instead, for the self-serving benefit of the Jews, the spawn of Satan. The demonic Jewess, Sarah Silverman, celebrates the ultimate demise of the white race, a race of people that for the most part has been inordinately kind to them. Yet still this daughter of her father, Satan, yearns for the extinction of those who have throughout history helped her evil race to survive. The Second World War ( 1941-1945 ) was fought at the instigation of the internationalist Jews of that time for the purpose of saving their racial kinsmen from the clutches of Adolph Hitler, the German-Austrian nationalist who saw the culture and nation-destroying ministrations wrought by the Jews and thus sought to end their destructive influence over them. Hitler's Third Reich was ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of the war machines of France, Great Britain...and America, the result of which proved disastrous to much of the rest of the world. The defeat of Hitler, an ardent anti-communist...ushered in the triumph of communism, a murderous ideology that, even to this day...prevails in much of the world. Although millions of people died during the time of Hitler...many more millions died...and continue to die...under the strangling yoke of communism. This fact begs the question: Did the defeat of Hitler usher in a time of international peace and tranquility? No, it did not. Subsequent to Hitler's defeat, untold millions of people have died under the savage communist dictatorships of Josef Stalin in Russia, Mao-Tse-Tung of China and Pol Pot of Cambodia. This is not to mention the still extant communist states of Cuba, North Vietnam and North Korea. These abjectly morally depraved governments have, in their time...murdered millions more of their own people that Hitler ever did. Yet the Jewish-controlled Western media says not a word about these irrefutable facts. Why? Answer: Because the concept of communism is, in fact...a Jewish conceived concept, which is why the Jewish media will not report this fact, for the same reason why a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar will not admit that he was stealing cookies. A miscreant of any sort will always deny that he is the culprit. Deny, deny, deny. Guilty people always deny their guilt....as do the eternal haters of the other races of mankind....the Luciferian Jews...the evil spawn of the Master of Lies and Deceit...Satan himself. Nothing good has ever come from the Evil Angel, Satan...so nothing good can ever come from his progeny...