Thursday, October 16, 2014

Insane Dyke Mayor of Houston Demands Pastors Turn Over Sermons Dealing with Faggots, Queers and Other Sexually Impaired Persons

Daily Slave
October 16, 2014
Mayor Annise D. Parker 
City of Houston 
P.O. Box 1562 Houston, TX 77251 
Phone: 3-1-1, or 713.837.0311 
Annise Parker, the insane dyke mayor of Houston, is polluting the world with her homosexual insanity.
The insane dyke mayor of Houston is demanding that pastors turn over any of their sermons that deal with faggots, queers and other sexually impaired persons.  Failure to obey the carpet munching mayor will apparently result in these pastors being held in contempt of court.
The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.
Obviously she has no right to do such a thing – but seriously, what the hell is with these people any way?
Why is this dyke the mayor of Houston and how did this happen?
This deranged woman should be in a mental institution, as anyone who is sexually attracted to a member of their own sex has deep psychological issues and is not fit to be loose on the streets, let alone lead or manage anything at all.


  1. The fact that the dolorous dyke, Annise Parker, is the CEO of a major American city is yet another sign of the morally debased...debauched...times in which we live. Not that long ago...30 years ago or less...a person of her ilk would have been run out of town on a rail after having been tarred and feathered. But those times are forever gone now. Depravity of all kinds...especially homosexuality... is now the exalted norm in the once relatively morally pure societies of the Western world. Homosexuality has always existed in the Community of Man, but until recent years it was hidden in the dark closet of the souls of its morally degenerate adherents...a dark closet that hid the dark and historically socially unacceptable proclivities of their diseased souls. But Time changes all things, especially the human heart and soul. Proclivities that in previous times were considered by the mass of people of all cultures to be socially unacceptable at best, despicable at worst...have in recent times become not only socially acceptable...but, in fact...preferred. Now, in every "advanced" society on earth...moral debauchery trumps moral purity. This is a direct result of the decades-long...and aggressively intensive...campaign by the Jewish Marxist mega-media machine's deliberate endeavor to debase the hearts and minds of the societies and cultures of the gentiles...especially those of the white gentiles. The Luciferian Jews who via their demonic guile run the societies of the Western world via their control of the media, which, in turn, controls the self-serving and craven white gentile "American" politicians who make the laws that govern their respective societies....know that the politicians who are "elected" by "the people" ...are indebted to the Jewish Marxist mega-media machine that via their media control caused them to be elected to their powerful positions. "By guile and deceit thou shall wage war," is the slogan of the Israeli Mossad. Unfortunately for the naïve and gullible American voter...this is a fact unknown to them. The average American voter is blissfully ignorant of the fact that the politicians they elect to high office are bought-and-paid-for "public servants" who are owned by the Jewish lobby, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee ( AIPAC ). Whether the American voter votes for the Democrat candidate for high office or, conversely, the Republican...he or she does not realize that, in essence...both of these purportedly "opposing" major "American" political parties are controlled by the same hidden...unseen...political force: the world-wide elite Jewish power structure. The Jewish-controlled media machine installed the lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, into office because, shrewd and guileful scions of Satan that they are and always have been...they know that no society, culture, nation...or city....can be any better than the people who comprise these entities. This ineluctable fact applies especially to the leaders of the township, the state...the nation... over which they rule...

  2. To continue the above statement ( s ). The quality of a society, a culture...a nation...cannot be better than the quality of the people who comprise that society, culture or nation. When the people who comprise the society, culture or nation become, too, will that society, culture, nation. Again, societies, cultures and nations are comprised of people, in which case, society, culture or nation can be superior to the people who comprise these respective political and social entities. This is why, decades ago, the Luciferian Jews, the shrewd scions of Satan that they are...conspired to gain control of the media, both in Western Europe and, more America. He who controls the media, i.e., the apparatus of "information" dissemination...thus controls the thoughts and subsequent actions of the uninformed, semi-literate masses. The modern media, though, is, again...controlled by Jewish interests, especially in America, which is why self-serving Jewish interests were able to gull gullible Americans into the immensely costly and still on-going twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over 4,500 American service-people fought, bled, suffered and died during the 2003 American invasion of Iraq, a false-flag endeavor whose stated purpose was to free the Iraqi people from the oppression of the then-"dictator" Saddam Hussein...and, so we've heard.from the Jewish rid him of the various Weapons of Mass Destruction that the Western, Jewish-controlled media claimed that he held. Truth be told, the erstwhile nation of Iraq is an artificially contrived "nation" conceived by the British after the first World War during the early 1900s. Decades later, under the George W. Bush administration...the war on the Middle East intensified, with the full cooperation of the Jewish government and media-induced power structure that prevailed at that time and still does. In closing: Ill-informed, idiot Americans must eventually come to realize the dire fact that "their" government...a government purportedly for, of, and by the longer exists. The American federal government is, truth be ersatz government that no longer belongs to the American citizen but, hostile foreign entities such as the Israeli government, the foreign government entity that...via guile and deceit...calls the real shots of "American" foreign policy and domestic policy. To conclude this diatribe yet again: Has any American other than yours truly connected the dots vis-à-vis the long-standing Jewish control not only of the "American" media, but, in fact....the Western world??

  3. Current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently informed current U.S. President Barack H. Obama, as well as Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush...that, to paraphrase...The Jews control America, and the Americans know it. Huh! Indeed!! Does this not constitute the high crime of treason as contained in the U.S. Constitution? The U.S. federal government, much to the surprised chagrin of the average un-informed American citizen...has devolved into a most foul, debased entity indeed. Can this be the reason why an increasing number of formerly patriotic Americans are no longer patriotic? Conspiracy theories now abound among the formerly quiescent citizens of America who once believed every utterance of the talking heads of the "American" media. This media, though...a media controlled by Jewish Marxist-Zionist increasingly no longer believed by Americans who are still, after decades of false-flag media conditioning...skeptical of every utterance promulgated by the biased, self-serving Jewish mega-media machine. Confused Americans no longer know what to believe. Informed Americans are increasingly cognizant of the now well-known fact that the once-trusted Jewish-controlled media is comprised of highly paid liars. These liars...well-coiffed and suited...daily and nightly disseminate not information but, rather...disinformation. And, alas...this disinformation is believed by the masses of ill-informed idiot Americans who, dire truth be told...are more interested in the girth of Kim Kardashian's butt than they are in the vastly more important dynamics of the socio-politico dynamics that now prevail in their country. Even a mere cursory study of history studied by an astute student of human history will reveal the sad but salient fact that every formerly great civilization....the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, the ancient Roman society, culture and nation...was destroyed from within, not from without. Will the formerly great society, culture and nation of America follow this same self-destructive path?

  4. The mere fact that the homosexual mayor of Houston, Texas, was elected to her position as the CEO of this formerly conservative-minded oil-boom town is proof positive that the once great nation that once was America is sliding downhill to the black pit of the moral abyss. The Time of Troubles as mentioned in the various books of prophecy contained in the Christian Bible are nigh at hand. Food, ammo....and, most importantly...a solid and sound network of trusted friends will be of paramount...vital...importance in the Tribulation to come. A wise man is able to read the handwriting on the wall, and the handwriting bespeaks of unbounded evil, wickedness. Those who can read the handwriting on the wall must, if their lives are to be saved...harken to the message as it is written. The Time of Troubles as prophesized in the books of prophecy contained in the Christian Bible approach, come ever closer. For the Satan-sent Angel of Destruction approaches ever nearer, ever closer. And those who are not prepared for his coming will surely perish. Plan. Prepare...

  5. Although the sordid story regarding the perfidies of Houston, Texas Mayor Annise Parker has faded from public view and discourse, the book containing this story has not yet been closed. Other chapters remain to be written. Annise Parker is a committed and proud lesbian, an honored member of the LGBT "community." She and her disdain for the right of freedom of speech and of religion as guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution were the talk of the nation weeks ago via "right-wing" talk radio. The "mainstream" media largely ignored ( i.e., suppressed ) the story of her crimes against American citizens' rights to freedom of expression and conscience. But then, the mainstream media is not mainstream at all but, rather, a cynical, self-serving and agenda-driven organ not of information but of organ of disinformation owned and thus controlled by Luciferian Jews whose ancient objective is to debase, debauch and eventually destroy the Christian societies and cultures that they infest like gnawing, ravenous rats. In an act that is a grave violation of and insult to Americans' right to freedom of speech and, more importantly...freedom of religious conscience and expression...Mayor Parker demanded that Christian ministers in "her" town submit their sermons to her office for review before the ministers were allowed to preach them to their congregations. The U.S. Constitution expressly...explicably...forbids this. Americans have a legally guaranteed RIGHT to express their thoughts...particularly religious and political thoughts. Parker went so far as to officially subpoena the sermons to her office so that she could either approve them or deny their dissemination to a purportedly free people. In this endeavor she was likely assisted by Houston City Attorney David Feldman, likely a Christ and New Testament- hating Jew. After various radio talk-show hosts throughout the nation exposed Parker's drooling and wild-eyed attempt to censor the messages of Christian ministers, a massive protest campaign was launched by thousands of Americans, many of them not even professed Christians. Parker's office was countless thousands of letters, phone calls and e-mails of outraged protest by outraged citizens. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech and, again...this is an inviolable right guaranteed to every American citizen by the U.S. Constitution and, more God the Creator Himself. God Himself commanded that a man shall not lie with a man, for this is an abomination unto the Lord. But then, diseased souls do not believe in nor harken to God's commandments, for they do not believe in God, thus they harken not to His commandments. Current rumor has it that Parker has retained the law firm of Susman and Godfrey, probably a Jewish firm, to peruse the massive number of outraged protests against her arrogant attempt to suppress the speech and writings of free Americans. Jewish lawyers are well known for their cynical efforts to stifle free speech...speech, and thoughts...that do not conform to their demonic ideology...