Sunday, October 5, 2014

Former Jew Fed Chief Ben Bernanke Gets Jewed by Mortgage Industry After He Tries to Refinance His Home

Daily Slave
October 5, 2014

Ben Bernanke the former Jew head of the Federal Reserve just got Jewed by the mortgage industry lol.
I laughed at this one.  The Jewish usury system is so ridiculously Jewed that the Jew who was recently in charge of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, got Jewed by the mortgage industry.
Bernanke said at a conference this past Thursday that he was unable to refinance his mortgage.  How ironic is that?
Again, the Jewish usury system literally Jewed the man who ran the Jewish usury system for several years.  The Jews could careless if they Jew their own people with their Jewry systems.
Seriously though, it is time to end usury and debt based money.  The punishment for these practices should be swift and severe.  It is nothing but a mechanism designed to enslave nations and peoples into perpetual debt.  That’s why the Jews love it so much and it is why we need to end it.
Germany under National Socialism flourished economically because Adolf Hitler did his best to rid the country of this Jewish usury garbage.  It is probably the best example of what a White European nation is capable of without Jewish usury practices ruining the economy.
“It’s entirely possible” that lenders “may have gone a little bit too far on mortgage credit conditions,” he said, according to Bloomberg News.

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  1. This white male Christian gentile is chuckling while he writes these lines. What? A Jew....and a powerful one at being Jewed by his fellow Jews? Huh! This is a rich irony to say the least. The typical modus operandi of the Jews is to Jew the gentile races, especially the white gentile race. This seemingly odd dynamic is not really that odd, though. Throughout history Jews have, in fact...Jewed their fellow members of the Tribe of Satan. The multi-billionaire Hungarian Jew, George Soros, is said to have a checkered, treacherous past. During WW11 the wealthy Soros family is said to have collaborated with the Nazis, the result of which was the deaths of countless Jews. Although the Jewish race is ordinarily a tightly knit, organized, unified, cohesive race....apparently there are exceptions to this rule. When Jews smell money perhaps their veneer of unity and cohesion flies out the synagogue window. So, Ben Bernanke is experiencing money problems? This couldn't have happened to a more apropos guy. LOL...