Friday, October 3, 2014

Black Panther Leader Visits South Africa to Discuss “Killing the White Minority” to “Create a New Homeland for Black Americans”

European Knights Project
October 3, 2014
‘King’ Shamir Shabazz
We emailed US Attorney General Eric Holder (former black nationalist & Marxist activist) to ask him why a US terrorist group, was allowed to incite racial violence in South Africa. We were told that the Black Panther trip was legal as it was within the bounds of constitutionally protected free speech. That they were permitted to travel overseas and return unencumbered into the US (ISIS?) as they were not listed as a terrorist group ‘on the federal level’.
I then asked why Holder’s office dropped formal charges against the Panthers after the Bush administration had them on the ropes. The US Department of Justice has yet to respond. In case you missed the original story, the mainstream media have all but ignored, I’d recommend everyone read and share it. It is one of the most disgusting stories of the year. Also please subscribe to our new monthly newsletter if you want to receive more news penned by journalists with their fists cocked and ready!
The ISIS supporting, non-black hating, Marxist American New Black Panther Party has been quite busy.
First, calling for the “extermination of all non-blacks” at home in the US; seems they don’t much care for Indians and Asians due to the fact they’ve done well in their adopted homelands-and now, based on a report out of South Africa, the “extermination of all whites and non-blacks in Africa.” The Caucasians living north of the Sahara might be a bit of an inconvenience.
What makes the Panther’s rhetoric exponentially more dangerous in South Africa than it is even in it’s birthplace, the US – is the fact that South Africa has a black majority, and a pattern of mass violence against non-black people has already been established.
King Zulu Shabazz, the black American leader of the Black Panther Party, stated via Black Power Radio, that,
“In South Africa and Zimbabwe I witnessed blacks ready to kill crackers and young people ready for revolution…just talking and social activism won’t work. If we don’t get out on the streets and start killing Crackers, they won’t think we is serious’”.
Quite remarkably, Shabazz blamed the inordinate number of rapes in South Africa’s Black community on whites, saying “Rape wasn’t in Africa until the white man arrived…” And here I thought rape was a black dating ritual. You learn something new every day.
Eric ‘Black Panther’ Holder
Shabazz, with links to, and protected by, US Attorney General, Eric Holder is a danger to ALL NON-BLACKS. I don’t care if you are white, Hispanic, Asian or mixed-this man hates you and will not shut his trap until each and every one of us is dead. Black and Marxist neo-liberal contempt for Whites, Asians, Mormons, Indians, ANYONE not fortunate enough to have frizzy hair, thick lips, a broad nose or predilection for sexual depravity, is all but standard operating procedure in 2014. The hatred fomented by our Zionist oppressors, now knows NO bounds. We are ALL being targeted for extinction.
To deny that anti-white & anti-heterosexual gentile hatred has become acceptable in mainstream America, is to deny fact. Zionist Hollywood, led by a cabal of anti-gentile hate mongers has been pumping hatred out of Tinsle Town for decades now, and blacks, without the willpower to resist and intelligence to get the fact, they’re being conned, have bought ALL OF IT. Being breastfed on a steady diet of leftist anti-White, anti-Western hatred for several decades straight will do that to you. 12 Years a Slave and the Butler have done their job well!
And how has the left been able to whip the black man into such a frenzy?
Slavery. Yeah, that’s right. The endeavour that brought these people to our lands, has given them the opportunity to be the richest black people on the planet, has created literally thousands of black millionaires, is still being used as an excuse for their racial hatred.
It seems slavery has given blacks the legal right to hate anyone of European descent, regardless of whether or not any of us have any ancestral connection to it. In fact if one wants to get technical, it is the blacks themselves that are the direct descendants of their slave owners.
Still, we are told that black failure and suffering, stems from slavery. Marxist anthropologists and sociologists, a disproportionately large percentage of whom are Jewish, have even coined fancy terms for the condition – Transgenerational Slave Syndrome, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, African American Psychic Trauma, Transgenerational Slavery Trauma etc. This sort of warped logic is disseminated by our universities, the pundits on our television sets, and most effectively, by the useful white liberal idiot accomplices we are forced to share our communities with. Racism is bad, except when it’s directed at the white majority or anyone else that’s decided to try and assimilate/has succeeded.
Father’s are being stripped of their right to see their children by the feminist controlled family court system are told to suck it up and be men. A black woman’s great great great great great great granpappy picked cotton and she’s told it isn’t her fault she’s an abject failure.
This is the sort of asinine logic we see time and again in racial politics.
It also gives the media a free pass when they deliberately conceal black on non-black crime. White, Indian and coloured (mulatto) South Africans are being murdered on a daily basis by criminals enabled by the black ANC government, yet nary a soul on our shores blinks. One black thug is shot by a Hispanic neighbourhood watchman in a Florida swamp, and the nation grinds to a halt.
White, Asian and non-black American citizens are routinely targeted for extermination by black youths across our nation, and the media remains silent. Men like Shabazz promote racial hatred in the US and have been allowed to do so without repercussion.
Black Panthers with the ANC
And now they’re inciting violence in South Africa during their ‘humanitarian and refuge seeking mission”., and are being allowed to do so unencumbered.
Quite hilariously, during their trip to SA, Shabazz and the Black Panthers organised a charity drive to assist a local black orphanage by appealing to supporters back in the States (the black community) and SA. In total it received 50$ in donations. My guess donations arrived in redeemable food stamps and KFC coupons.
And why the sudden interest in South Africa?
Seems Shabazz and his violent Babbuino brigade like the fabulous infrastructure and buildings white South Africans have built, and want to turn Durban and Capetown into Detroit. The NBPP claim “Azania”, or South Africa to the rest of us, is their motherland and are currently trying to market it to black Americans, as a Pan-black “Israel.”
Sadly this could have all been averted if US Attorney general Eric Holder didn’t drop the strong legal case the Bush administration initiated against the Black Panthers. In fact the case, which surely would have resulted in a conviction for voter intimidation, was dropped within weeks of Holder taking charge. The Panthers thanked Holder for it in a video they produced later regarding the case.
The NBPP Website had the following message, outlining their trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe:
“A re-newed vision” and “directional change” were what’s needed to Prince Mathebulu (Commander Sankara) as he has seen the effects of the Post- Apartheid era first hand. This became the backbone to the entire tour and the motivation of the trip, which spanned a total of 8 townships and provinces of Johannesburg, South Africa all the way to Zimbabwe to meet with leading officials, from the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu- PF party) led by the Pan- Afrikanist firebrand, President Robert Mugabe.
The 8 person delegation from the United States(U.S.) consisted of high ranking New Black Panther Party Officials, All- African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) represented by Bob Brown, organizer with the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee(SNCC) and Kwame Ture’ (formerly Stokely Carmichael), Pastor Ted Sutton, a Baltimore, Maryland based youth pastor, founder of, “ The Ministers of Defense” a mentorship program that teaches about self-respect, decency, and curbing Black violence among so-called gangs and finally a beautiful, bold, Black woman, from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s, Nation of Islam under the direction of Minister Louis Farrakhan in Phoenix, Arizona, named Sister Khameelah Shabazz who has studied with the Muslims Girls Training Classes(MGT) since 1975.”
Black Panther Eric Holder was arrested for the armed takeover of Columbia University building.


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  3. American patriots of every race should rejoice, albeit cautiously, in the wake of the news that Obama- appointed U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder resigned last week from his post as the Top Cop of America. The mulatto Marxist and racist Holder will continue in this important post until Kenyan-born U.S. "President" Obama nominates his successor. Obama is himself a mulatto Marxist racist, in which case he will of course nominate another of Holder's stridently leftist, anti-American ilk. Birds of a feather flock together; like attracts like. Whomever Obama nominates to replace Holder, a former ( or perhaps still active Black Panther )...will, of course, be cut from the same tattered cloth...perhaps even worse cloth. Speculation abounds as to why Holder, who has disgraced the office of U.S. Attorney General in more than a few ways during his six-year tenure...chose this time to submit his resignation. Could the reason be that the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicrats, is still conducting an investigation into Holder's role in the "Fast and Furious" operation in 2010 whose hidden, cynical purpose was to defile the right of free Americans to "keep and bear arms," an absolute right as stated explicitly in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? An American U.S. Southern border-control agent, Brian Terry...was murdered by one of the military-grade weapons that Holder ordered to be exported into the hands of the Mexican drug cartel kingpins who have gained vast wealth by importing equally vast amounts of illegal...and immensely harmful...drugs into this country that he, Holder...swore to protect and serve. Holder is a leftist Democrat, a life-long member of one of the only two major political parties that since the founding of America have held sway in the American Republic. Years ago, at least since the 1950s, the once viable Democrat Party was hijacked by American and Israeli Luciferian Jews. Luciferarian Jews have, since that time...hijacked control not only of the U.S. Congress, but also and, most importantly...the media in all its various forms...the Jewish-owned print media via its ownership of the various publishing houses that print the magazines and other print "information" sources that influence American public opinion...and, also...the various organs of the electronic media that will be mentioned below. These Jewish- owned and thus controlled organs of disinformation hold incalculably vast sway over the minds of their gentile readers throughout the world. The electronic media exerts an even more powerful influence over the minds of Americans and, in fact, the minds of unsuspecting people throughout the world. This organ of mass disinformation consists of the Jewish controlled electronic media...i.e., TV and the World-Wide Web, i.e., the computer and its world-wide reach and influence in every place on planet Earth, however remote or destitute. This remarkable Jewish-contrived entity poses the most potent, the most deadly...threat to the freedom of humanity ever to be brought to Earth since the Arch-Angel, Lucifer...sought to destroy his former Master, God's, Creation untold multi-millennia ago. Intelligent ( what are left of them ) and concerned Americans celebrate the departure of the racist half-breed Eric Holder from his undeserved post as the Top Cop of America. But who will take his place, and will he be Obama's nominee for the position of Supreme Court justice? If so...if he is confirmed by the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate for this vital position...the noble experiment that once was the free Republic of America is doomed to Satan's hell...

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