Saturday, September 6, 2014

White Couple Beaten In Springfield, MO


While we are on the subject of real violence (the sort that has made Montgomery, AL the second fastest shrinking city in America, and not a bullshit sob story like Ferguson), take a look at this surveillance video of a White couple being savagely assaulted by a mob of black thugs outside a club in Springfield, MO.
Have you heard about that incident from the SPLC? How about the racially motivated beating of Ralph Weems IV in West Point, MS? Has “Spelunker” written anything about the young White man who was GUTTED by four blacks in Baltimore the other day? What about the 1,400 English children who were gang raped by Pakistani sexual predators in Rotherham in the UK and who got away with it for 14 years because social workers and the police were afraid of being labeled, god forbid, “racist”?
The answer is “no.” Nothing but silence followed all of those hideous crimes. Like the real “Tsunami of Violence” in Montgomery, they reveal too much about the ugly reality of multiracialism which doesn’t the narrative.
Update: In Montgomery, the historic apartment of civil rights martyr Rosa Parks was recently ransacked and destroyed by copper thieves. The Cleveland Court housing project where her apartment is located has been renamed “Parks Place” in her honor. BTW in 1994, Rosa Parks herself was beaten in a strong arm robbery – no doubt by a “good boy” like Michael Brown – while living in Detroit.


  1. Primitive, Stone Age-style black savagery has become so common in these times that it is no longer news. Incidents such as that featured on the above video are now so common that, if they are reported at all by the gentile-hating Jewish media...they elicit a mere yawn, stretch, and a change of channel to find the latest football scores. The descendants of the intrepid whites who founded the once-great nation that once was America are, alas, not cut from the same firm cloth as were their ancestors. And this is why white Americans...and, in fact...whites world-wide...will in time cease to exist as a distinct race of people. The Law of Nature is immutable, strict, unforgiving. A creature...or person or group of persons that does not tend to its or their basic survival...will not survive. Unless something of cataclysmic importance happens in the next few years...the white race will be extinct...a race of people lost to history and the family of man...

  2. This writer has posted several posts regarding several important subjects but, unfortunately, his posts did not survive the Muscogee County Sheriffs Department cybercensors. That's ok, because this writer has a remedy for any deceitful end-run around Freedom of Speech. Nice try, Sheriff John Darr, but no blunt. This writer will expose the truth that prevails in the foul city of Columbus, Ga. and, trust me, fool: There's not a DAMN thing you can do about it...pussy...