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The White Race on Trial: Mark Faella and the American Front

Olivia Dawkins
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2013
Mark Faella, a heroic brother in need.
Mark Faella, a heroic brother in need.
In May of 2012, FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Osceola County Sheriff’s SWAT team raided the home of Marcus Faella, the leader of American Front Inc. Fourteen members of the organization were arrested, charged with offenses that included teaching and participating in paramilitary training, conspiring to shoot into a building, gang activities, etc. evidencing prejudice — and so on.
The charges against all of the 14, save for Faella, have been dropped. He is to stand trial this month.  He has been threatened with life in prison.  He is a man risking life to promote the European-American agenda advocated by the American Front.
The charges, as you may have guess, are trumped-up and ridiculous.  It appears that the state has virtually nothing on Mark or the organization, other than the testimony of a drug-dealing informant.
As AF members Jennifer and Mark McGowen’s lawyer, Sam Edwards, has said, “They were a group of citizens having barbecues, and nothing illegal was occurring out there … the state made allegations they were firing guns and saying racial epithets against blacks while shooting into jugs, but there is no corroborative evidence. But even so, it is a protected First Amendment right.”
All charges against American Front Members Jennifer and Mark McGowan have been dropped.  They had been accused of "training for a race war."
All charges against American Front Members Jennifer and Mark McGowan have been dropped. They had been accused of “training for a race war.”
We can only hope that being around one’s own peers and sharing a barbeque with like-minded people doesn’t constitute a terrorist activity.
The drug-dealing FBI informant, Jason Hall, was paid $40,000 to infiltrate the group. Hall, whose testimony appears to be the focal-point of the prosecution’s case, recorded Faella and AF members with his cell phone.
According to the Osceola County affidavit, the final video recorded by the Hall shows the group planning a counter-demonstration to SHARPS (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice), and Reds (who the affidavit labels “a group that is Anti-racism skinheads [sic]“) on May Day, a traditional communist holiday.  When the informant was suspected of filming, he fled.  He now claims that there was a secret plot behind the planned demonstration, and that Faella was planning to commit acts of violence.  It does not appear as though evidence exists to support this bizarre claim.
The National Front
Though the American Front isn’t large — the ADL is tracking about 17 active members and associates in Central Florida — it is one of the oldest continuously active racist skinhead groups in the country.

The American Front's national leader, David Lynch, was murdered with his pregnant wife in 2011.
The American Front’s national leader, David Lynch, was murdered with his pregnant wife in 2011.
The organization was founded in California in 1987 by Bob Heick.  Following themysterious murder of the organization’s popular charismatic leader, David Lynch, in early 2011, Faella’s sect in Florida was one of the most active remaining.
Prior to their arrests, I had been invited to come visit Mark’s compound, though I politely declined. I have since regretted the decision. Since that time, I have tried to find a base for what this organization is all about.  Having looked into the matter, I can testify that by all appearances, they are a legitimately concerned white organization, following a a truly National Socialist model.  Their business cards even read “Helping the white worker since 1988”.
The ADL’s Mark Pitcavage has referred to them as “hard-core skinheads,” which tells us they must be doing something right.
Supporting Our Brother
Mark is still awaiting trial.  It seems that unlike Michael Weaver, who was railroaded into signing a plea agreement under threats of a heavier prison sentence, Faella is going to go to trial.  But he needs support.  I have set up a support page where those with the means can donate to Mark’s legal defense fund, but those without the means can do a great service by simply spreading the word about this case which has gone severely under-reported in the alternative White media.
It is of the utmost importance that we stay together, and support our brothers when they are in need.  Mark has dedicated his life to our struggle, and we need to be there for him.  What happened to him could happen to any of us, in this Jewish-run system where it is a crime to desire freedom for our folk.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.


  1. This writer just posted a well thought-out and well-written essay regarding the Jewish ownership and control not only of the "mainstream media but, in fact...the American government at all levels...municipal, state and federal. But, mirabile dictu...the post vanished like the whore bride of a Jewish wedding. Hmm. A point to ponder...

  2. Jennifer and Mark McGowan, alleged members of the white nationalist group, the American Front ( AF ), were recently jailed on trumped-up charges of domestic terrorism after hosting a barbeque for their white compatriots. After an intensive investigation by federal authorities the charges filed against the Florida couple were subsequently dropped. The FBI, in accordance with its usual modus operandi, had hired a low-life to infiltrate the loosely knit organization. This low-life waste-of-white turncoat is named Jason Hall, a piece-of-shit white drug dealer. Hall was reportedly paid $40,000 to turn traitor against his white kinsmen. By paying this piece-of-shit white drug dealer this large sum of money the idiot FBI accomplished one main but deleterious objective: It provided this "white" turncoat with the funds to purchase even more illegal drugs to disseminate to his white brethren, as well as to people of other races. Nice job, FBI fools! Congratulations! In your misbegotten quest to eliminate a "white racist" group you have increased the sale of illicit drugs to members of the Osceola County, Fla. community, in which case you have INCREASED crime in that area, not DECREASED it. Most Americans...naïve fools that they are...have the mistaken notion that the FBI...purportedly the premier law-enforcement agency in comprised of highly intelligent people who make no mistakes...are highly trained competent people who know what they are doing. This case, and many others too numerous to name here...prove otherwise. The FBI, i.e., the Federal Bureau of a comedic joke. If the American people must rely on this junior varsity organization for protection against bloodthirsty foreign terrorists...real terrorists such as al-Qaida and ISIL...heaven help us....