Monday, September 22, 2014

Support Robert Ransdell for U.S. Senate

Contact info: Robert Ransdell
                      P.O.Box 6083

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  1. Wow!! And kudos, accolades, plaudits... to Robert Ransdell, the bold and outspoken candidate for the office of U.S. Senator from the state of Kentucky. Ransdell pulls no punches in his interview conducted by an interviewer who is more than likely a bought-and-paid-for minion of the ubiquitous Jewish mega-media machine that daily and nightly spews forth disinformation that lulls white Americans into a false, and deadly, sense of complacency, if not apathy. In his ad-lib interview, Ransdell, without the cheating assistance of an Obama-style TelePromter...tells it like it is, cogently articulates the facts as they are, and damn the torpedoes. He knows full well that the Jewish-controlled mega-media machine is, of course..out to destroy him and his bid for the office of U.S. Senator from Kentucky, yet he speaks the thoughts of his heart nonetheless. This is indeed a courageous stance for any common white person to take, infinitely more a white person who is running for the office of U.S. Senator. Ransdell is a write-in candidate, historically not a good position in which to be. Write-in candidates for public office have a historically abysmal record of winning their bid for high office. In truth, every candidate who aspires to high political office is engaged in an up-hill battle, a battle that is not easily won...if ever. Ransdell in his off-the-cuff, extemporaneous speech to the media....of course realized that his words, however true...will be spun, distorted, taken out of context. In short, should Ransdell's endeavor gain traction...he, and his campaign...will be destroyed by the Jewish media that, truth be told...are the ultimate king and queen-makers in American politics in particular and white Western politics in general. Aspiring American politicians who because of their heart-felt convictions refuse to "kiss "the Ring" of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee ( AIPAC )...are doomed to failure. This Israel-based special interest group,, truth be told yet again....the indisputably most powerful special interest group in the world. This American and Israel-based Political Action Committee ( PAC )...controls both American domestic and foreign policy, as well as the foreign and domestic policies of America's "allies" in Western Europe. To be continued...