Friday, September 12, 2014

Shock as black fire chief relieves four firefighters for having American flag stickers

Maywood, IL Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh is a black man who has benefited from being black his entire career. He was given preferential treatment when he was hired and every time he was promoted. If his skin had been white, he probably wouldn’t be chief right now. Maywood, IL is only 10% black.
So it is no surprise that the Chicago suburb of Maywood is in absolute shock that he is persecuting his co-workers, as “racists,” for having American flag stickers. Craig Bronaugh claims that American flag stickers on helmets and lockers is “racist.”
He has relieved four white co-workers of duty.


  1. The firing by the black Fire Chief of Maywood, Ill., Craig Bronaugh, of the white fire-fighters on his staff should come as no surprise to astute white Americans. Although for decades blacks have complained about white racism...white bosses who putatively have held black workers back because of their race...their skin color...the truth is that, when blacks are given positions of authority by guilt-ridden whites....the artificially promoted blacks do the same thing that white bosses have for decades been accused ( usually falsely ) of doing: hiring, firing and promoting based on race. Fire Chief Bronaugh is more than likely an affirmative action employee, i.e., an employee hired and promoted to Fire Chief based soley on his minority status, i.e., his race, despite his qualifications for the job or lack thereof. Although white liberals have, via decades of Jewish media influence, been gulled into believing that all races of humanity are the same...they are not. The races of humanity do, in fact, have their respective differences. And, most importantly...this case reveals the fact ( a fact that liberals will not admit ) that, when granted positions of power....blacks will behave every bit as racistly as the most committed "white supremacist". Take a bow to white guilt, artificially installed Fire Chief Bronaugh, the product of affirmative action. And thank whatever gods that rule your narrow, racist world that whites have the conscience to make amends for their past misdeeds, i.e., racism, by installing you into an important public position for which you are probably not qualified. This writer invites you, "Chief" kiss his white ass, you black racist pig...

  2. This recent dynamic, i.e., the racist abuse of whites by a black racist monkey thug...will prevail for a time...but not for long. The African jungle awaits you, you black racist-thug-pig. Trees and lampposts...lamp-posts and trees. Have a nice life, chimp...

  3. Geez! The God-forsaken Jews who control the various organs of the so-called mass media never quit, never rest. This writer wrote two cogent articles in the now-gone last 20 minutes, but he does not see them on this site. Hmm. Could it be that Michael Weaver's posts are becoming a bit too effective? Could it be that his messages are reaching too many people, despite the Jewish mega-media power that exerts a false influence even on the most intelligent of "law enforcement" agents? Hmm. An oxymoron here: The terms "law enforcement" and "intelligent" are mutually exclusive terms, will never mix. There are more than a few as-yet unsolved murders that occurred in Columbus, Ga. spanning back, literally, for decades, yet the geniuses who inhabit the Columbus law enforcement community have, to this day...never caught the perpetrators. Geez! What's up with this? Back during the days during which my son, Michael Weaver, was disseminating his politically incorrect written literature throughout the dirty streets of Columbus, the Columbus police were always there...showed up spot-on to question him regarding his constitutionally protected activities. Yet the July 25, 2007 murder of Gordon Wynn McKenney goes unsolved. A suggestion here, Po-Po: Perhaps you should spend more time solving murders than in wasting the taxpayer's money chasing down First Amendment advocates. But then, of course...chasing down white rights advocates is far less dangerous than chasing down murderers...pussy-ass, cowardly chump faggots...

  4. The educational requirement to enlist into the ranks of the Columbus, Ga. Police Department is....get this...a GED. A GED is an acronym for "General Equivilancy Diploma," i.e., a sub- high school graduate. Geez!! And these badge-wearing and gun-wielding people have arrest powers? Heaven help us...