Sunday, September 21, 2014

Robert Ransdell Speaks to High School Students, has Microphone Shut Off and is Called “Racist” by Faggot Teacher

Daily Slave
September 20, 2014
Robert Ransdell: The People's Champion
Robert Ransdell: The People’s Champion
This is really unbelievable.  Kentucky Senate candidate Robert Ransdell preaches a pro-White message to High School students and he has his microphone cut off and is denounced by some Jewy-looking faggot teacher as a “racist.”
Why is being pro-White “racist” but being pro-Black or pro-Jew is not?
It is also worth noting that this idiot teacher seems to have no idea that the United States and its major institutions are primarily run by Jews.  Whites in the existing power structure are mostly bought and paid for by Jewish interests.  Look at Rand Paul for example, who has gone from preaching some anti-establishment ideas to becoming a full-blown neoconservative Israel-lover.  This is why America does everything in its power to support everything that Israel and Jewish lobby groups want.  The American government has not represented the best interests of average White Americans for decades.
Below is video of Ransdell’s speech.  It even includes a disclaimer warning people about “racist” speech when there is nothing remotely offensive contained in his remarks.  This incident in a microcosm is what is wrong with America.  We have far too many pussy faggots who get all bent out of shape if someone says anything that is even close to being politically incorrect.


  1. This audio-visual provides yet more proof that this now, and for years has by...controlled by...a hostile and foreign mindset, ideology. That is, the mindset, the ideology...of Jewish Marxist origin. Since ancient times the Jews have been the destroyers of every society that they have infested like gnawing rats that eat out the infrastructure of the houses that they have infested.. Once these rats destroy the house, they slither forth to infest and ultimately destroy other once sound houses. This is the innate nature of rats and, to extrapolate... the innate nature of the Jews. Primal rodents ( rats ) in time destroy the habitations of their unwary hosts, the very dwellings in which they live. They do their damage, much of it irreparable. Likewise, the Jews, too, in time...destroy the once relatively solid and socially and politically stable nations whose idiot leaders allow them entry into their respective nations, societies. What odd and inscrutable dynamic, an intelligent person must ask...can explain this? God, the Creator of all things, has endowed every living creature with the innate tools necessary for its survival. If the Christian Bible is to be believed, God the Creator loves the human race above all His other created creatures. Mankind, so we are God's crowning creation...a creation whose status is superior to....beyond...all of His other sentient creations. Why, then, one must ask...are the "leaders" of white civilizations inviting...encouraging...their own destruction via the uncontrolled invasion of their sovereign borders by mainly non-whites who have no love for the country that they invade on a daily and nightly basis. Having illegally crossed the borders of formerly white nations, many of these illegals commit heinous crimes against the innocent and unwary populations of the once safe and sovereign nations that they have illegally invaded, without the slightest resistance from the tax-payer "public servants" who the hard working taxpayers trust...and secure their safety and very existence. Roughly 25 Americans lose their lives every day and night of the year at the blood-stained hands of illegal aliens, i.e., people from debased, crime-ridden countries who have no legal right even to be here. Yet they are here nonetheless, and with the full cooperation of the peoples' "representatives" ( America's "public servants" ) whose constitutionally mandated task is to secure the safety of the Americans whom they purportedly serve. In this constitutionally mandated task these "public servants" have failed the constituents who were naïve enough to vote for them most miserably...abjectly miserably...

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  4. Republicans used to stand for certain and specific and well-defined "American" values, but no longer do.