Friday, September 26, 2014

Real Child Actually Gunned Down In Chicago

Just the other day, we were talking about such a scenario over at Civil War Crossroads. The shooter has been identified as
Pat Hines … the Black Undertow:
“But a little boy has been gunned down by Chicago street gangs — the shooter allegedly said, “I just hit a shorty, I just hit a shorty,” and there has been precious little national outrage over it. …
But practically none over Antonio Smith, who just before he was killed argued with his mom because she wouldn’t give him a cupcake. ….
“I don’t understand why people aren’t as outraged when a young child like this is executed on a street,” Alvarez said.
I asked: I didn’t see Al or Jesse on the South Side, did you?
“I agree with you,” she said. “I think that’s wrong because it’s young children being killed in minority communities and these activists need to be just as vocal and just as outraged … as they are when there’s a police shooting …”
For some reason, I doubt that Brooks Simpson or Spelunker will be weighing in on the death of the latest “shorty” in Chicago, Antonio Smith. They didn’t have anything to say either when 13-month-old “shorty” Antonio Santiago was shot to death in his stroller by the Black Undertow in Brunswick, GA over a year ago now.
Note: Wasn’t Garry McCarthy the guy who blamed Sarah Palin and the Pilgrims for gun violence in Chicago?


  1. The untimely death of a human being...especially a child....should be the match that ignites the powder keg of human emotion. A child should have much life left in him but, apparently...the life, and senseless death, of a black child by the hand of a black gangsta means nothing to the Jewish media. If this poor child had been murdered by a white person...whether cop or civilian...this tragic story would be front-page news in every liberal "news" outlet in the world, especially in America. But it is not. But these above-mentioned "news" outlets are run by...controlled by...Jews. The Jews are not only a distinct religion but, in fact...are a RACE, a most historically foul race that harkens only to itself. In every major city throughout America blacks are wantonly murdered by members of their own race, i.e., blacks. The most deadly threat to the life of a young black man is, truth be told...another young black man. Although the "liberal" Jewish media strives ardently to conceal this fact from the bovine American people...the stupid American people who for the past five decades ( since the '60s ) have been falsely indoctrinated with the false belief that they are the ultimate racists. Every form of data...whether from the federal government's FBI ( Justice Department ) files, to private-entity data...reveal, conclusively...that blacks are their own worst enemies. The above-mentioned data reveal that, in only a single year...more blacks are wantonly murdered by their own kind than were ever murdered by the long-defunct Ku-Klux-Klan during its over 100-year history. Truth be told, blacks murder each other over a pair of sports shoes, a half-pint of Old Mister Boston gin, a whore wife or girlfriend who is cheating on him, and various other asinine, ridiculous reasons. This writer rues the times during which black slaves, with the full cooperation and assent of the black African tribal chieftains who captured their fellow blacks for the purpose of sale to the white Europeans, and of course...the Jewish slave-traders who sold them to the white Europeans...ever came to this country. The descendants of these black slaves, liberated from bondage by the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln...even now, almost 200 years later...still endanger the streets and towns of America via their seemingly genetic urge to senseless violence. While history proves that only six-percent of whites owned slaves during the antebellum era in America...modern-day white Americans are still suffering the dire consequences of this vile institution, an institution initiated by the white elitists of that time. The wealthy white elitists of that long-ago time wanted free black labor. Nothing has changed since those misbegotten times. In our time, it is the wealthy white elitists who are the main, most avid champions of illegal immigration, the teeming masses of people from south of our border who our idiot conjunction with wealthy private special interest groups...allow by the cynical manipulation of our American Laws vis-à-vis invade the once sovereign country that once was America, but is no more. This writer lives in Columbus, Ga., a state brimming over with illegals. Where are the cops? Where are the agents of the Muscogee County Sheriffs Department. These two so-called "law enforcement" entities have no problem arresting and incarcerating American citizens....but they dare not arrest an illegal for any reason....even for murder. It is time for Americans to leave...abandon... this once great country, for this country is no longer great.

  2. It is not this writer's intention to demean the two main "law-enforcement" entities that prevail in the Peoples' Republic of Columbus, Ga., i.e., the Columbus Police Department and the Muscogee County Sheriffs Department. Having said these things, though, this writer has some questions for these local "law-enforcement" ( LOL ) entities: Why is it that your militarized "agents of the law" totally ignore the throngs of people from south of our border who have...illegally...swarmed into Columbus, as well as innumerable other American municipalities? Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren and Muscogee County Sheriff, John Darr: Are your agents who are so eager to arrest and incarcerate American citizens for the high crime of jaywalking afraid to confront the brown-skinned people...more than likely in this country illegally...who daily and nightly commit crimes in this community? Crimes that sometimes result in the death of legal Americans, i.e., the people you swore to "protect and serve?" Please answer this question posed by an American citizen who, during the years 1972-1975...served this idiot country during the misbegotten Vietnam "War" that raged for over 10 years, an idiot war that took the lives of over 58,000 young Americans. What the hell did these young Americans fight and die for other than for the purpose of securing the security of this nation? But yet, both of you pussy-assed "gentlemen" of the law ignore....or are afraid to address...the important issue of illegal immigration into this country...a country for which you presumably raised your punk-ass right hands, vowing to protect and serve it. But then, both of you chumps are politicians, in which case your lips are constantly sore from kissing the smelly asses of the local elites who installed you into your positions of power. This writer hopes that the Columbus Chamber of Commerce has paid you well over the years to turn a blind eye to the crimes committed by people...many of them convicted criminals in their respective countries of origin...who are in this country illegally....and who commit crimes here with impunity because you and your pussy-assed, fat-bellied agents of the "law" are too chicken-shit to confront them. Yeah, the brutal, murderous South American gang, MS-13, may be among the people you and your minions see every day and night on the street, but are too chicken-shit to stop and question them. Why? Your faggot chump cops and sheriffs deputies don't mind harassing legal citizens who have a right to be in this country, but they don't dare even make eye contact with a person who may be in this country illegally. C'mon, Boren and Darr: You guys are bad asses extraordinaire, so you shouldn't have any problem confronting MS-13. Hell, this writer has, and, unlike you pussy chumps...he doesn't carry a gun. Hey, chump-ass pussies: If you're scared, SAY scared. Or are you chumps too pussy-assed even to do that? ISIS...ISIL...will in time come to America, after these forces decimate Europe. Are you ready for them? No, you're not....because you and your butt-licking agents are too busy harassing honest Americans. But then...what the hell would you two jerkoffs know about honesty??

  3. Whew!! This writer feels much better, now that he has released long-suppressed emotions. Writing is indeed among the best healing balms for the injured soul. Having said these things, though, this writer offers no apology for his sentiments expressed in the above post. There are good and decent law enforcement agents, to be sure. The sentiments expressed above apply only to the all-too-many butt-wipes who, unfortunately, infest the ranks of law enforcement at all levels...local, state and federal. As my drill sergeants bellowed to us callow trainees in Basic Training: If the boot fits, wear it. If not, disregard. But the salient question must still be asked: Since Nov. 6, 1986, it has been a violation of federal law for any person to be in the sovereign state of America illegally. This was signed into law on the above-mentioned date by then-U.S. President Ronald Reagan. So...why, Columbus, Ga. Police Chief Ricky Boren and Muscogee County Sheriff John you persist in ignoring federal law, the still extant law of the land? Scared? If so, say scared, and then stop with Americans, many of whom are veterans who fought for this damned country, unlike you two chumps. If you don't want to do your legally mandated jobs to secure the safety of the Americans in your respective bailiwicks, i.e., arresting people who are in this country illegally, many of whom are criminals in the countries of their origin and who thus pose a threat to the citizens you are supposed to serve and protect....then the sentiments expressed in the post above still stand. U.S. Justice Department statistics reveal that an average of 25 Americans lose their lives in this country every day and night of the week via illegals, i.e., people who have no legal right to be in this country. You, Boren and are law enforcement agents, are you not? You are? Then do your damned jobs! This writer sees and hears suspected illegals every day and night of the week in Columbus, so why don't your highly trained ( LOL ) minions see and hear them? Are they, too...scared? Again...if you're scared...say scared...