Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mexican Woman Asks White Man if He’s a Racist, Gets Put in Her Place

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2014

Here you have a Mexican reporter asking a White Man if he is a racist because he wants to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.
I don’t know the context of the video, but it is at some sort of anti-immigration rally.
He has a Black Man on his side, and the Mexican woman is put in her place and backs up.
The fact is, everyone is a racist. Of course we are. It is a tribal function, and even if it wasn’t good (it is) the situation would be the same. And the brown people know it. But they also know they can use this idiot term as a weapon in their invasion and conquest agenda, and thus it is always there.
I like how the man responded, but it almost feels as though we just simply need to embrace the term. When people ask me if I’m a racist, I say “of course I am. Aren’t you?”


  1. Literally laughing out loud, LOL! The Mexican woman featured on this video thought she had the upper hand against the "white boy" whom she confronted on an American street, accusing him of being a racist...the dreaded R-word. Fortunately for the white boy he had at his side a black man who destroyed the Mexican's racist argument. Her very body language, i.e., the movements of her eyes...revealed that not only is SHE a racist...but also that she had met her match...had lost the debate. Unfortunately, had whitey not been accompanied by a black man...the Mexican woman...possibly an illegal...may have won the debate, a debate based soley on race, i.e., the race of the white man who is probably an American citizen. The black man is to be commended for supporting the argument of his white fellow ( legal ) American citizen. But why should this be necessary? Cannot legal white citizens of America have the right to discourse on their own behalf, without the assistance of a minority? This, though, reveals the dire straits to which white Americans have descended. White legal Americans can no longer argue on their own behalf regarding the sovereignty of their own country...but, instead...require the assistance of a minority American. Why????? A fact unknown to most Americans....and, in fact, to most white Europeans...is the fact that the dreaded "R"-word was coined by none other than the communist Jew, Leon Trotsky, a.k.a. Lev Bronstein back in the 1930's This gentile writer must admit that the terms, "racist, racism," terms that have been in active use by communist forces world-wide and throughout the decades since the "Russian" Revolution of 1917...have been immensely effective in silencing all dissent regarding race and the concomitant subjects that will naturally ensue from them. White Americans and, in fact, white people throughout the world have, because of the Jewish, gentile-hating world-wide media...have been cowed into silence regarding the race issue. For example, although young black males commit the vast majority of crimes, not only in America but, in fact...in every white society throughout the world...the Jewish media does not report this fact. Why??

  2. This writer hopes that he is wrong, but "things happen." Honest and informed people, not only in America, the "Land of the Free"...but informed people throughout the world... are increasingly realizing the uncomfortable...inconvenient fact...that certain forces are, even now, as this writer writes these lines...working assiduously to subdue and ultimately destroy the God-given right to freedom of speech...freedom of conscience of which freedom of speech is the key component. The people of a society in which citizens...not serfs...are not permitted by the government to speak freely..is not a free society but, rather, a serf society that is afraid of the government that is supposed to serve them, not suppress and abuse them. In America, the people are supposed to be the masters of their government....not the reverse...

  3. Columbus, Ga. currently has a mayor who has "come out" in favor of biblically forbidden homosexual activity. In June of this year, Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson declared that this past June would be "Gay Pride Month," a month whose purpose is to extoll...encourage...the foul practice of sodomy: men involved in sexual relations with other men...and, likewise...women involved in sexual relations with other women. In the first chapter of the Christian Bible ( Genesis ) it is said that God Himself destroyed the wicked cities of Sodom and Gemorrah because of their wicked ( homosexual ) proclivities. But then, Columbus, Ga. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is a registered Democrat. What else need be said?