Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lawsuit Currently More Chase Than Fight

As Erich Gliebe and the Board of Directors thus far are attempting to evade our lawful requests for records and documentation along with other activities we’ve employed in the natural progression of the lawsuit, our attorney is nowturning up the heat to get the courts muscle working to compel the defendants into compliance with what is expected as mandatory from them.
Whether or not we get compliance from the defendants, either way will suit us just as well. Non-compliance certainly sinks the defendants in the long run. However we are able to adjust ourselves to their tactics as the conclusion at the end will be the same as either we’ll win on the preponderance of the evidence or the court will eventually lose its patience with the defendants.
Thus far the lawsuit, in our opinion, is turning out to be more likened to the fox chasing the hare, than it is a realdogfight. But no matter, the only thing that counts is winning so that we can restore the organization.
This after all is a case of corporate corruption of a rogue executive who has willy-nilly done whatever he pleased with no thought as to responsibility to anyone. And as there was no one for this executive to answer to, due to the part played by cronyism in the Board of Directors, the National Alliance became what he thought was his personal property and plaything.
No, he must at least be beginning to realize that this is not the case. He may have looked at the organization as his own personal plaything but the reality is the organization is a corporate entity and there are rules to be followed, rules of governance and good business practices.
And the reason a corporation of our kind has these rules is because the corporation, the organization, is not a single man but the people it was set up for to represent. Without people, there is no organization.
But he was wrong—dead wrong—he ignored his people, rebuffed them even, as he felt all powerful in his position under the delusion that his title’s weight made him unmovable. Surprisingly for him, National Alliance members have organized as a body to oppose the tyrant and are taking him to task and remove him. Right now, Gliebe has a title; a position but no people. The members are with us. It is we who will provide the living blood back to the organization.
As we stated previously, the courts are the only option left to save the National Alliance from what we believe are the outright corruption, theft and other illegal activities of Erich Gliebe. We wish it could be otherwise but we’ve no choice in the matter. We can demonstrate that we’ve earnestly tried to talk to Gliebe, only to be rebuffed or ignored. We offered to negotiate; spent many weeks in the attempt. He treated us then as he is demonstrating now. However, this isn’t voluntary now to simply be ignored; this has the force of law and law is not ignored.
Gliebe however does have a choice. He can agree to step aside anytime and end this. He, after all, is the one who is really driving this lawsuit.
We gladly would love to be able to put the funds we’re raising into the organization itself, to bring it back from the grave. Unfortunately we can’t do that until we can get new management installed and the only way we can do that is through the courts. Fortunately as the National Alliance is a corporation, it has to follow proper corporate governance. We have ample enough evidence that Gliebe has run it to the contrary and much has already been submitted.
This lawsuit is his wake up call. We have no other choice but to pursue him and defeat him in the upcoming trial. Gliebe has a choice. But he is hoping to somehow hang on to do what he wants with the organizations only remaining tangible asset, the national office property, Dr. Pierce’s property, Our Cause’s property; that is to sell it. It’s worth a lot of money you see. He’s recorded as having advocated selling it since 2003. He knew the members wouldn’t stand for it then just as he knows it now. However, having driven the organization to such a weakened state, he felt now was the opportune time.
He figured wrongly. He didn’t calculate the determination of the will of the members he faulted that were left in 2012 and now since they have sounded the alarms, they are being aided by members having left from years past. The real assert of the National Alliance you see is and has always been the good people who are its living cells.
The days of being unaccountable for inadequacy’s and corruption are over. The days of putting up with non-performance are over. The days of conning members out of money are over. The membership has spoken loudly, calling for him to account, through this lawsuit
So do so–account for yourself and see if the law squares with your actions–why do we have to chase you down? Account or be gone.


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