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Jew Media has No Response to Robert Ransdell’s Anti-Jew Political Platform

Daily Slave
September 26, 2014
The Jewish Daily Forward could not dispute Robert Ransdell’s forward thinking anti-Jewish political platform and were forced to ask their Jew readers to make harassing phone calls to Ransdell.
What is interesting about this recent attack piece from the Jewish Daily Forward is that they are unable to dispute anything Robert Ransdell says about Jewish power, multiculturalism etc. This is because everything he says in the e-mail interview cannot be challenged.  It is all verifiable fact.
So since they could not challenge him on facts, they instead make veiled references to Ransdell being a Nazi and describe one of his video postings as “rambling” to discredit his message.  They also include his phone number at the end probably hoping that their Jew readers will call the number and harass him.
This is clear evidence that the Jewish media has no answer to a strong anti-Jew, pro-White message.
Ransdell’s approach is proof that we must become increasingly bold in denouncing the Jewish power structure.  It will render all Jewish propaganda ineffective.
Below is the full interview.
“With Jews We Lose”? No, this isn’t a poster from Nazi Germany. It’s a campaign placard currently on view in Kentucky, where write-in candidate Robert Ransdell is running for U.S. Senate. His party, The White Guard, “seeks to show White people the facts regarding the Jewish role in America’s decline as well as highlight the destructive effects that multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness have had on this country.” (He details his whole platform in this incredibly rambly video.)
We here at the “Jew Media,” as Ransdell calls it, had a few questions about his views. And so we emailed him. To our surprise, he answered back. Highlights of the interview, which has been edited for style and length, include: his belief that Christian Zionists should relocate to Israel, that no Jews are white, and that there’s only one group out there more arrogant than members of the tribe.
Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Ransdell in his own words:

1) Nowadays, many American Jews consider themselves white. Why don’t you share that view?

I don’t share that view because Jews themselves don’t share that view, it is absurd and a fantasy that Jews in America do not make a distinction between Jews and Whites, I won’t even bother quoting the numerous statements made by Jews, past and present, that affirm this fact. Most Whites falsely see Jews as White because they are never given an in depth and accurate portrayal of Jewish solidarity, unity, and identity which would go to show, again through the actions and statements of Jews, through the prolific number of Jewish interests organizations, that Jews regard themselves as what they are, a separate group.

2) You propose to end all aid to Israel. What would you say to white Christian Zionists who lobby in favor of continued support?

Anyone, whether they be Jews or non-Jews, who support a foreign nation over America should be encouraged to leave this nation and take up residence there, whether it be Israel or any other nation. Most Jews put the interests of Israel over America due to racial and religious loyalty to their fellow Jews. Religious conviction leads Christian Zionists to support Israel, except that is for the leaders of this group of people, people like John Hagee, who do it for personal gain. I am not anti-Christian, but those Christians who put Israel over America due to their religious beliefs also are not people that should stay in America, they should relocate to Israel, if the Jews there will have them.

3) The FAQ page on your website shows concern with “increased black-on-white violence” in America. What, then, do you make of the events in Ferguson over the summer?

The riots in Missouri are just another example of the failed experiment of “racial diversity” and failed notion of racial “equality”. The riots themselves were largely incited by the media, controlled by Jewish interests. The riots were the product of decades of appeasement and compromise with regard to Blacks in America. Blacks in America have achieved a level of arrogance that I once thought was only reserved for Jews, many now believe that they can do whatever they want, commit crimes of violence as the Black man shot dead in this case did and that Whites are to simply accommodate them, the concept of owning up to taking responsibility for their actions is almost non-existent to them.

4) Have you personally had any negative interactions with Jews?

I had no negative interactions with Jews before becoming aware of the role organized Jewry has had in the decline of America and the Western world, also their role historically in so many destructive events and programs through history, specifically the last 120 years, although it goes back much further than that. These days my interactions with Jews are pretty negative seeing as I am one of the few who speak out publicly against Jewish supremacy in America and the world today. My disgust for Jews does not stem from any bad experiences with them personally rather I am concerned about my people, White people, and the negative effects Jewish power and control over their world has had on them.
Got your own questions for Ransdell? His website has been kind enough to provide his number. Dial 1-800-488-1363 and leave a message. Have fun!

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