Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jack the Jew Ripper

Jews Claim Jew Jack the Ripper Only Killed Hookers Because of Antisemitism

Daily Stormer
September 11, 2014
Jew from hell.
I know when someone persecutes me, the first thing I feel like doing is gutting a whore. You should understand the persecution, goyim.
Jews continually refuse to ever accept responsibility for anything, and continue to believe that if a single member of their evil tribal cult is accused of a crime, their entire criminal operation is being indicted.
The recent revelation that Jack the Ripper was indeed a Jew has put Jews in panic mode, trying to explain away why such a weird act as murdering and disembowelling hookers would be committed by a dirty Jew.
Haaretz has literally gone so far as to claim that Jew Jack only butchered these hookers because of Antisemitism – his feelings were so hurt by evil Whites that he could do nothing but go out and slaughter whores.
In an in-depth follow-up on the revelation, the Daily Mail relates the details of Kosminski’s life before he came to Great Britain.
“He was born near the old Russian-Polish border in 1864 or 1865, when anti-Semitic laws were driving Jewish communities into ghettos – forbidden to grow food, use Hebrew or build synagogues, they were being starved out of existence.
Young Aaron was an unwanted child, born much later than his brothers and sisters, when his mother was 46. The family shared one mattress, and it is thought the boy was sexually abused, probably by his stepfather.
“Following the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881, waves of ‘pogromy’ — the Russian word for devastation – were unleashed. Just as in Nazi Germany 60 years later, the Jews were blamed for everything, and extremist mobs were sent by special trains to obliterate the ghettos, in what would today be termed ‘ethnic cleansing.’ These armies of thugs burned, looted and pillaged Jewish towns. Rape was commonplace, and any man who tried to intervene would be beaten to death.
Stories spread of women committing suicide by throwing themselves from rooftops to escape the rapists. Babies were butchered in their mothers’ arms.
“Kosminski, then in his mid-teens, must have witnessed unspeakable horrors. He and his family fled, struggling across Europe until they arrived penniless in London in 1882. It was this traumatic background that fuelled his mental collapse, and that triggered his obsession with rape and disembowelment, acted out as Jack the Ripper.”
Even if it can someday be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kosminsky committed these murders, the reasons why will surely remain shrouded in mystery.
We will never really know if Kosminsky the Ripper – if such a creature existed – was simply a run-of-the-mill lunatic, or if his terrible deeds were the result of what he suffered in Eastern Europe.
Wouldn’t be ironic, though, if the anti-Semitism that Jews fear might result from the revelation that Jack the Ripper was Jewish – were part of the reason the crimes were committed in the first place?


  1. The origin...and race...of the notorious Jack the Ripper, the slasher-murderer who terrorized the Whitechapel, London area in the late still unknown after over 100 years. Who was he, and what dark forces impelled him to commit his satanic crimes? The Ripper's crimes remain unsolved, thus much speculation surrounds them....speculation that endures even to this day. Several self-proclaimed knowledgeable sources surmise that the misogynistic Ripper was a close relative of then-reigning ruler of Great Britain, Queen Victoria, the longest reigning monarch in British history. Other sources maintain that the ruler of the razor was a mere common man, but a man skilled in surgical techniques. The police and medical examiners ( such as they were at that time ) posited this theory. And, yes...some police and medical "authorities" insisted that the Predator of Whitechapel was a Jew. If modern-day DNA evidence reveals that the murderer of prostitutes was a Jew, so be it. This writer knows not the details of how this resolution came to pass. There were several suspects who were under police scrutiny in the wake of the six or seven murders attributed to Jack the Ripper. These brutal murders were banner news in every major news organ of their time...intrigue and speculation ran rife. Who is Jack the Ripper, the newspapers of that time asked. These murders, again...occurred over 100 years ago, in which case the question of who the murderer was may forever remain unresolved. Was Jack the Ripper a Jew? Perhaps, for Jews are known by informed people to be wanton and savage murderers, an unfortunate dynamic that exists even to this day. Even a cursory reading of the ancient Jewish "holy" book, the Talmud, reveals this troubling fact. The Jewish Talmud, written when this ill-informed writer knows not replete with vile, acrimonious, gentile-hating diatribes. Was Jack the Ripper a gentile-hating Jew? Possibly................

  2. Although the identity of the late 1800s-era murderer of women ( mainly prostitutes ) in the Whitechapel district of London may never be known, decent people agree that his crimes were savage, to say the least. If there is a just God in Heaven...he will be justly punished, sentenced at his judgment to eternal punishment in hell, the ineffably ( indescribably ) evil place to which evil people in this life are ultimately condemned...forever. Forever, i.e., for eternity, i.e., time everlasting. Time, as we humans know it...without end. Hell. The indescribable terrors of hell are, of course, not known to us human beings, for the ultimate unknown. No dead person has ever returned from these mysterious bournes to tell us of their fate, their experiences in these unknown, unearthly realms. Despite man-kind's lengthy existence in this present realm we humans call life...even the wisest of us cannot explain the dynamics of this life in which we live and labor, much less the life to come after death in another realm of existence...again, a realm...or realms...totally unknown to us. Life itself is a eternally intransigent mystery, even to the most intelligent people who are even now living it. How much more mysterious, the life beyond this life?

  3. For the Clock of Life ticks on in its inexorable course, as it has since the beginning of Time. But Time itself is a man-made concept, a human-contrived concept that helps us to explain the passage of human-perceived events. Time exists, then, only in human terms. Time does not exist in the universe but, merely a concept contrived by Man to explain his progress in the universe in which he lives that knows not Time. Ignorant Mankind looks through a cloudy glass darkly and, though he thinks he knows the dynamics of Time, he does not. There are worlds beyond this sad and evil one...worlds that Man has as yet not seen, nor in his present state of ignorance could not possibly understand. Rejoice, then, those who labor under presumed dire straits in this ephemeral life, for this life is short, although it seems long. Whatever your state or status in this life may be at present, this, too, shall pass. And then Eternity...and Eternity knows no worldly, Earth-bound status. Whether friend or foe or fiend...all sins are forgiven in the Afterlife to which all of us are bound. Jesus the Christ long ago paid the penalty for our sins against our Creator, so simply accept His grace...His forgiveness...and you will live in eternal...everlasting the world that awaits you when your time comes to leave this one...

  4. The hour is late, the clock ticks. It is time to retire for the Before this writer wraps himself in "the arms of Morpheus," though, he bids a good and peaceful night to his long-absent son, Michael Weaver. This writer also bids Weaver's foul tormentors, Columbus, Ga.-based Superior Court "Judge" Bobby "Pandering" Peters, Columbus, Ga.-based Asst. D.A. Michael Craig and, especially, former Columbus-based police "detective" Cathy Bush...a long, sleepless, angst-ridden, floor-pacing night. You white bastards, and bitch, should be ashamed or yourselves for your misuse of...abuse of...the law. You pieces of dog shit know that you violated this person's constitutional rights in every way possible, but of course you care not about this, because,'re pieces of dog shit who don't deserve to live in this country that claims to cherish freedom of speech...but doesn't. That's OK though, because...believe it or not, asshole jerks...God Almighty is mightier than you, even though He doesn't wear a pussy-looking black robe that makes Him look like a limp-wristed homosexual and, in the case of now-retired police "detective" Cathy Bush...He doesn't strut around without panties trolling for random dick. God, the Creator of the ineffably vast a God of Justice who hates injustice and, in His time, will exact His vengeance against those who befoul His righteous justice. Countless men have fought, suffered, bled and died for the right of Americans to speak the thoughts of their hearts, yet you pieces of cast-off dog shit think you can take it upon yourselves to defile the tenets of freedom for which these men suffered, bled and died? Not a chance, sausage-suckers. This writer is himself a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces during time of war...he knows of many men who are now dead in the defense of the Liberty that Americans love to extol on the Fourth of July, a Liberty that apparently does not exist in the Peoples' Republic of Columbus, Ga. These brave men who died in the defense of American Liberty would be vomiting in their early graves if they were aware of the freedom-hating perfidy of you law-abusing minions of the so-called "Law" who on a daily basis violate the law that they gave their lives to serve and protect. But then....these men were heroes...bold men who fought and died for a noble cause...the cause of Freedom. What have YOU done for the cause of Freedom, Peters, Craig and Bush? Speak up, please, this writer can't hear you!! What? You pieces of dog shit have never served your country in any capacity other than to abuse the authority these men died to give you? Hah!! The hour is indeed late, so this writer bids you a long and sleepless night...queers!! I am, contemptuously yours, David Carothers. Now...fuck off!!

  5. The above dithyrambic diatribe was composed last night while the writer thereof was well into his cups...had almost drowned in them. Perhaps this is why the sentiments expressed therein seem a bit vitriolic, even unseemly. But then, full cups of Ichor often have this effect on the imbiber. Whatever. Shit happens, so the sages say. This writer is now in a different state of mind; there are now no brimming cups of Ichor to impel the verbal toxins of his Poison Pen to inflict their deadly damage on its hapless victims. But, mirabile dictu...even without the kind assistance of the Drink of the Gods....this writer's sentiments remain unchanged: He still considers the "people" mentioned in his previous article to be smelly pieces of cast-off dog shit. The perfidies of Superior Court Judge Bobby "Pandering" Peters, Asst. D.A. Michael Craig, and former police "detective" Cathy Bush still stink to high Heaven. The angels in Heaven are even now still holding their noses and gagging in the wake of the persecution of...the malicious mal-prosecution of...Michael Weaver, the long-time, then-Columbus-based white rights activist who was prosecuted in Nov. 2011 for the deadly crime of using legally sold, non-lethal pepper spray to repel two black multi-convicted felons who sought to carjack his vehicle on the late afternoon of Dec. 4, 2010 when Weaver was leaving a friend's house to return to his. Both multi-convicted felons were on felony probation at the time of the violent attack. Although neither of the thugs was injured by the pepper spray, Weaver was subsequently illegally arrested hours later by a rogue black cop after he returned to his friend's house, the scene of the attempted carjacking. The rogue black cop...without a warrant...invaded the threshold of the friend's house and snatched Weaver out of the house, then clapped the cuffs on him. Again, an illegal ( unconstitutional ) arrest. In the Peoples' Republic of Columbus, Ga., though...the U.S. Constitution is a kindergarten football team, and the Bill of Rights its pre-pubescent cheerleaders. Columbus, Ga. is, in essence...a "Duh" town in which the average formal education level is the 10th grade, if that. The minimum educational qualification to enlist in the Columbus Police Department is a GED. Columbus, Ga. is also an erstwhile black slave-owning town in which many of the descendants of the white, erstwhile slave-owning elites still live. These modern-day wealthy white elitists who inherited their wealth from the free labor of the black slaves whom their ancestors owned wield immense influence....immense Columbus. To be continued...

  6. Although the use of non-lethal pepper spray, a self-defense substance that can be legally purchased in almost any retail outlet in the civilized world ( Wal-Mart, K-Mart, et al ) is hardly ever...if ever...prosecuted...The Columbus, Ga. D.A.'s office headed by D.A. Julia Ann Fessenden Slater, though, chose to prosecute Weaver for aggravated assault, a felony ( Ga. Code 16-5-21 ). Weaver's and this writer's extensive research into the case law of the State of Georgia ( the penal colony of Georgia founded in 1732 ) found no precedent for a charge of aggravated assault being filed against a citizen who defended himself or herself from violent attack by multi-convicted felons by the use of non-lethal means...i.e., pepper spray. Neither of us found such a precedent, because there is none. Weaver is the only Georgia citizen ever to be prosecuted for felony aggravated assault for using legal, non-lethal means to defend himself and his property from violent assault by dangerous, multi-convicted felons. But then, Weaver's illegal arrest and subsequent mal- prosecution for the crime of defending himself and his property from violent assault was not based on the clear facts of his case ( self defense ) but, rather, on his long-time politically incorrect activities in the dark, dirty and dangerous streets of Columbus. Inveterate white-rights activist Michael Weaver had, during his decades-long activism...apparently trod on the wrong toes...toes that, in turn...would tread heavily...and brutally... on his. To be continued...