Friday, September 26, 2014

Eric “My People” Holder Resigns

Wow, I missed the big news of the day … Eric “My People” Holder has resigned.
From the beginning until the end of his tenure, Eric “My People” Holder verified our already low expectations that the “first black Attorney General” of Black Run America would use his office like his counterparts in Africa and the Caribbean to promote the interests of his “people” at the expense of Whites.
I’m honestly going to miss his aggressive race-baiting. Aside from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, few people have done more to discredit the whole concept of “civil rights” and stoke racial division than Eric “My People” Holder.
Note: I’ve heard rumors that Holder might be headed to the Supreme Court. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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  1. Although the abrupt resignation of Eric Holder, the "Top Cop" of America, has caused much rejoicing among U.S. Constitution-loving Americans, their rejoicing may be premature and ill-advised. Holder, the longest-sitting U.S. Attorney General in the history of the American Republic...stepped down from this powerful post three days ago. Inquiring minds must ask the vital question...why now? And why so suddenly? Is it possible that the scandal-ridden attorney general and his behind-the-scenes handlers hide a secret and sinister agenda from the American people and, in fact, the people of the world? Speculation regarding Holder's unexpected resignation from one of the top posts in the Obama administration run rife. Did Holder resign from his Cabinet position because his invisible Jewish puppeteers sensed that, at some time, he may be indicted by a Republican Congress after the up-coming November election that may sweep the Democrat-controlled Senate from power? This is, unfortunately, an unlikely prospect, given the decades-long self-serving cowardice of key members of the once-bold Republican Party. "Republican" Senator John McCain of Arizona, as well as "Republican" Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina...are RINOs...Republicans in Name Only. Their respective voting records reveal that, more often than not...they vote for the Obama agenda, i.e., higher taxes, more budget-killing foreign wars....and a resistance to an audit of the illegal...unconstitutional, Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve "Bank." Although the U.S. Constitution explicitly stipulates that only the U.S. Congress shall have the power to "coin money," and regulate the value thereof...this vital power was ceded long ago to private but influential Jewish banksters. On the night of Dec. 23, 1913, a group of wealthy and thus influential Jews from New Jersey descended upon Jekyll Island, an island on the eastern coast of the American state of Georgia. During the conference attended by Internationalist Jews, the participants contrived a way to circumvent the power of the U.S. Congress to coin money, and regulate the value thereof. Since that time, when the U.S. Congress was on Christmas break...the Internationalist Jewish banksters have, via the "Federal" Reserve "Bank"...controlled the money supply...and value...of "U.S." currency. The Federal Reserve "Bank," always, oddly, headed by a Jew....Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernacke and, now, the Jewess Janet, in its own wicked independent power unto itself, certain committees of which are totally unaccountable to the American people who pay their exorbitant salaries. The inner circles of this bestial inner-circle of Jewish banksters have the temerity even to exclude the U.S. Congress and...even the President of the United States...from their secret, behind-the-scenes meetings. Why?? The American taxpayers are, putatively...supposed to be the final arbiters of how, and where, their hard-earned tax money is spent, and by whom. This, though, is not the case. The American taxpayer has no input...into the ways in which their money is being spent by "their" government...a government that, unbeknownst to them...harkens not to their interests but, the self-serving interests of a foreign power, i.e., Israel and its foul and murderous gangster thugs and its equally foul and murderous people. Yes, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the most corrupt and lawless top law-enforcement agent in the world... has descended from his powerful post. But who will take his place and, more Holder's resignation merely a cynical ploy by the Jewish-handled Obama to nominate him for one of the nine life-time positions on the U.S. Supreme Court? If this should happen...God help America...