Friday, August 1, 2014

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  1. The heart and soul of Michael Weaver, long-time white-rights activist extraordinaire, are still unbowed and unbroken after his 20 months of unjust incarceration at the hands of the abjectly corrupt authorities of Columbus, Georgia. Weaver finally emerged from the belly of the American Gulag System on April 24, 2013, four days after his April 20 birthday. Since his release, Weaver has been living in a community far from the home of his birth, the place in which he grew up. He misses his family, and his family misses him. Weaver was indicted and subsequently arrested on the afternoon of August 23, 2011 for the heinous crime of defending himself and his property from two black felons who attempted to carjack his vehicle as he was leaving a friend's house on the afternoon of Dec. 4, 2010. Weaver's deadly weapon? Pepper spray. Both of Weaver's assailants are multiple felons and, in fact, were on felony probation at the time of their attack on him. Weaver's "trial" on Nov. 14 and 15 of 2011 was a North Korean-style charade that was not based on the facts of his case but, rather, on his politically incorrect activism throughout the years on behalf of his white brothers and sisters. For this, Weaver paid the second-to-the-ultimate price...incarceration in the American Gulag System. In addition to Weaver's incarceration in three Georgia hellhole jails and two prisons, he was also sentenced to nine years banishment from his home in Columbus...the home in which he grew up...the only home he has ever known. Michael is happy to breathe "free" air now, but his living circumstances in the far-away town in which he currently resides are, in their own way, yet another prison. Although various friends in the deplorably weak "White-Rights Movement" have done their best to help him, Weaver nonetheless lives, at best, a hand-to-mouth existence. White Americans, the most giving and generous people on earth...donate to a wide variety of causes, most of which do nothing to advance the noble...and vitally necessary...cause of white rights. This, then, is an appeal to Michael's white brothers and sisters: Please find it in your hearts to donate to a good, just and noble cause. I am, cordially and respectfully yours, Michael's proud father, David Carothers. The 14 Words...