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Report: Man masturbates in front of school bus, found on church steps Read more here:

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Editor's Note: Tiffany Stevens is not affiliated with this blog.She is a writer for the Ledger-Enquirer newspaper.I bet the Muscogee County Da's office doesn't ban this repeat offender from the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit.

Travis Hill 

Police arrested a 32-year-old man near the intersection of Oates Avenue and 42nd Street Wednesday after a Muscogee County School District bus driver spotted the man masturbating to a passing school bus, according to a Columbus police report.
Sex Crimes Division Sgt. Mark Richards said Travis Hill was initially charged with child molestation because witness reports indicated some of the school children saw Hill. Investigators later concluded the 60-year-old bus driver pulled over on to a side street to report the crime before any passengers saw the act.
An officer later found Hill on the front steps of a Baptist church around 7:15 a.m. The zipper on his cut-off jeans was completely undone, Richards said. He was wearing no shoes and no shirt. Police say he was not intoxicated.
Richards said Hill's child molestation charge will be changed to public indecency. He will face an additional charge of disorderly conduct during a Friday morning Recorder's Court hearing.
According to the Department of Corrections website, Hill was recently released from prison on a methamphetamine related charge. He has been incarcerated twice before on undisclosed charges.

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  1. Although this writer sought several times to comment on the Columbus, Ga. Ledger-Enquirer's report of long-time resident and criminal, Travis Hill's, most recent arrest among many others, this time for masturbating in public while a school bus filled with children was passing by his location...his first five posts regarding this incident did not survive the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the corrupt, debased powers-that-be who rule this town located on the eastern side of the Chattahoochee River that separates Columbus, Ga. from her western Sister City, Phenix City ( Sin City ) Ala. This writer, though, is not unaccustomed to such cynical fact censorship. Such practices as this are, unfortunately for Americans who still believe in Freedom of Speech and of the Press...the norm, rather than the exception, in this smelly, dirty, crime-ridden part of America, i.e., the Southeast. The afore-mentioned moribund cities, Columbus, Ga. and Phenix City, Ala. are among the worst of the worst of abjectly corrupt American cities. These two cultural cesspool cities are rife with crime ( black, of course ), and rife with the smarmiest of official corruption. Many of the cops of both named cities are crooked, on the take. Worse, the respective D.A.'s offices are likewise irreparably corrupt and on the take, e.g., Columbus D.A. Julia Anne Fessenden Slater, and Phenix City, Ala. D.A. Kenneth Davis. Even worse, the so-called "defense" attorneys who befoul these human rat-infested cities are, like their Kangaroo-Court masters...the worst unindicted mob-boss gangsters who ever a wise and just God allowed to tread upon His once pristine earth. The degenerate public officials who rule these towns with an iron, Stalin-style fist constantly lobby for business interests to locate in these places with the lure of cheap and ignorant labor, as well as the even cheaper labor of what our various local, state....and the federal government...deceitfully and conveniently describe as "undocumented workers." The term "undocumented" has in recent years become an all-inclusive shibboleth that corrupt American officials at all levels of what once was the American government now use to describe the illegality of the illegals who have swarmed across our once secure and sovereign Southern border. This being the state of affairs in America now, American citizens should fight fire with fire. If the illegal aliens who have invaded this country with impunity refuse to obey America's, too, should legal American citizens. American the teeming hordes of south-of-the-border illegals...should declare themselves not subject to American law. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If American law does not apply to does not apply to us, the legal citizens of America, the opinions of Kenyan-born black racist mongrel "President" Barack Obama and the black racist mongrel U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, be damned. May God in his infinite justice condemn both of these traitorous criminals to Satan's hell, where they belong. May hot fire and acrid brimstone await them in their future eternal home...

  2. This writer rejoices to see that his post FINALLY went through...survived the cyber censors. Sorry, Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr. Sorry, D.A. Julia Anne Fessenden Slater. Sorry, Abe Foxman, head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. If, in fact, you or your minions are responsible for seeking to censor this writer's posts...this writer rejoices in the fact that your efforts bore inedible fruit. Now...choke on the bitter fruit you have sown, assholes...

  3. This writer is well aware of the various misdemeanors and felonies that this P.O.S. low-life has committed throughout the years, yet he remains in Columbus. Why? On Nov.15, 2011, long-time white-rights activist Michael Weaver was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Bobby "Pandering" Peters to a year in prison and nine years probation for the heinous crime of using non-lethal pepper spray to defend himself against two black multi-convicted criminals who sought to carjack his vehicle. Both thugs were on felony probation at the time of the incident. Although neither of the black thugs were injured by the legally purchased pepper spray, Weaver was charged with aggravated assault, a felony. Weaver's nine-year probation period stipulates that he be banished from Columbus for the entirety of this time. Unlike the pillar-of-the-community, Mr. Hill, though, Weaver was not the average criminal with whom the Columbus D.A.'s office was accustomed to encountering. He was ( and still is ) a staunch, irrepressible white-rights activist. The nest of writhing, biting vipers that infest the D.A.'s office headed by Julia Ann Fessenden Slater could not tolerate the presence of a person who boldly spoke truth to power, thus he had to be silenced, eliminated from the community lest his politically incorrect activities become too effective. Yet the noble gentleman, Mr. Hill, whose only misdeed was to perform a foul sex act in front of school children...remains in this community. The wheels of justice turn counter-clockwise in the dark, dirty, dingy and dangerous Peoples' Republic of Columbus, Ga. But there is justice in God's universe, if not in Columbus, Ga. Michael Weaver is doing far better in the far better community in which he now lives than he ever did in this dirt-bag hellhole of a so-called community. Thank you then, Pandering Peters, for banishing Weaver from this hell-hole nothing town whose only "attributes"...if one can call them that...are dirty streets, sagging houses, boarded-up former businesses...and rampant, deadly black crime. Being banished from Columbus, Ga. is like being banished from the sinking Titanic. So thank you again, Peters...then eat shit. Have a nice day.