Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outing Kievsky

I’m sure that many of you have already heard the news that our friend Kievsky ofMindweapons in Ragnarok has been outed by One People’s Project:
“The husband of a Connecticut Democrat running for a probate judge seat caused a social media kerfluffle on Friday after it turned out he’s an enthusiastic backer of what looks a lot like white supremacy, much to the exasperation of his political wife, who faces the voters on Tuesday.
Robert Freeman made headlines on Friday after his blog Mindweapons of Ragnarok was exposed by One People’s Project, an organization devoted to monitoring hate groups….”
I heard about this the day before we traveled to Mississippi and now there are dozens of stories in the national liberal media which are clumsily trying to portray Rob as a cartoon Neo-Nazi.
I’ve known Rob Freeman for years and he is nothing of the sort. The Rob that I know has always been a kind, bright, outgoing man with a zest for life who is passionately devoted to the welfare of his people. He was considerate enough to buy Renee and I a wedding gift and sent our family a silver dollar to commemorate the birth of our newborn son in June.
In our conversations over the years, Rob’s main interests have been developing “White Nationalism 2.0,” the impending energy crisis, and organic gardening/sustainable agriculture. He’s also critical of American suburbia which has destroyed organic communities.
It’s easier to paint little devil horns on folks you disagree with, but Rob lacks the self righteous, holier-than-thou, persecuting mentality of the modern neo-Puritan who is outraged by the thought that someone might disagree with his own point of view. There are hundreds of these busybody types on Twitter hounding his wife to divorce him!
I’ve been asked many times by White Nationalists why I prefer to live in the Deep South in the blackest part of Alabama. The answer is that I don’t find most blacks nearly as disagreeable or unpleasant to live among as millions of White liberals in this country.

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