Saturday, August 23, 2014

Michael Brown vs. Dillon Taylor


  1. The obvious- to- intelligent people contrast between the police killing of the black thug, Michael Brown, 18, of Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9 by a white police officer and the murder of white, 20-year-old Dillon Taylor by a black cop is yet one more example of Jewish media anti-white ( gentile ) bias. The death of Brown, the black gangsta thug who was shot dead by white police officer Darren Wilson after the 6'4, 292-pound savage brutally attacked him and inflicted grievous physical harm on him...was...and is still...the main topic featured by the afore-mentioned Jewish media. The purported "murder" of the innocent choir-boy, the "Gentle Giant," so the media describes him...turned out not to be so gentle after all. Black Brown, only minutes before his killing, was the star of a convenience store video showing him stealing a carton of cigars and assaulting the much smaller store clerk who sought to stop the brazen theft. Michael Brown, the black, strong-arm robber of this local store...was nothing more or less than the all-too-typical black thug who daily and nightly menace the streets...and stores...of America. Young black males, as even federal government crime statistics have long revealed...pose the deadliest threat not only to white society in general, but...even to their own people. The deadliest threat to the lives of young black men in America are posed by other young black men, an irrefutable fact always suppressed by the Jewish mega-media machine The death of black strong-arm thief, Michael Brown, has been, and still continues to be...featured as front page news in almost every "news" organization in America and in Western Europe, i.e., wherever the Jewish Marxist mega-media machine predominates, not only in America, but world-wide. The murder-by-cop of the 20-year-old white man, Dillon Taylor on Aug.11, though, by a black non-news. Why?? The explanation of this odd dynamic is simple to understand, once one becomes aware of the irrefutable, ages-old fact that, with some exceptions...the Jews hate gentiles, i.e., everyone other than a Jew. One needs only to peruse one of the Jews' most "holy" books, i.e., the Babylonian Talmud. This "holy" book is, beyond refutation...the most hate-filled book every written and disseminated in the history of humanity. It calls for the murder of all gentiles, and even for the rape of any gentile female of three years of age or older. This information is readily available to those who seek to find it. Compassionate people ( white people, that is ) must grieve with and for the black thug, Michael Brown's bereaved parents, given that the black rioters and looters who have descended upon the place of Brown's death care nothing about Brown, nor the circumstances of his death. Like the Rhyming "Reverend" media hound and camera-prostitute, Al Sharpton, race agitator extraordinaire...the black rioters and looters who have descended upon the unfortunate town of Ferguson, Mo. care nothing about Brown but, in fact, are merely selfish and racist opportunists who are hiding behind the false mantle of white racism for their own self-serving purposes. The Jewish controlled media, though, will not disclose this foul fact...

  2. This writer knows very little about the circumstances regarding the death of the 20-year-old white male, Dillon Taylor, at the hands of a black cop. Why? Because the story of this tragedy has been suppressed by the Jewish media. The Jews, the Jews, the Jews: the eternal and infernal pest that befouls every society in which the naïve host population allows their own reside. What is the Final Solution to this ages-old problem????

  3. Encrypt....233...164-24. 11-24-14, BRDWY, 7:34-45. 10 St. Mittens v. Boshia. ISIS v. B&D, FTR, UP...50-75...Green Go...

  4. The officers name is Bron Cruz. Sounds Hispanic to me.

    1. the arms in the video didn't look black to me...