Friday, August 1, 2014

Libertarians in Name Only

Libertarians in Name Only

tamarIt’s getting pretty scary and ugly out there – our Southern border is being overrun by hordes of TB infected mestizo “children,” -well, not really children, more like teens with ties to Mexican drug cartels and MS-13 gangs. The usual anti-Southern leftists in the Obama administration and power mad Hispanic racial grievance industry (MEChA, National Council of La Raza) have been joined by a motley crew of traitorous fake “conservatives” (neocons, RINOS, Christian Zionists, open borders homosexual buggering bishops) and now a new cult of traitors, the LINOs, Libertarians In Name Only.
Key open borders immigration LINO traitors include Sen. Rand Paul, his former aide Jack Hunter (formerly known as the “Southern Avenger”), perennial Libertarian presidential and vice presidential losers Gary Johnson, Paul Ryan and Ron Paul. Ron Paul has been reassuring the traditional American public that Third world immigration really wouldn’t be a problem if we could just make some free market reforms and go back to the original intent of the US Constitution, abolish the Fed, the Great Society welfare state, the New Deal, Social Security, and all the evil environmental and child labor laws – the Libertarian FULL MONTY!
Watch below as failed Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ron Paul in 1988 trying to reassure some regular California guy that unrestricted Third World immigration is actually good for the USA and any minor problems are caused by too much US border restrictions on the free movement of people.
American Renaissance voted Rand Paul the 2013 Traitor of the Year. Rand Paul’s staffer Jack Hunter once made the cardinal sin of speaking up for Southern people. Well, Jack isn’t defending the Southern people anymore. After The Washington Free Beacon outed him as the “Southern Avenger,” Jack tells us he become a born again libertarian, and now wants to share the gospel of libertarian free market prosperity to every single diseased, low IQ Third World illegal alien who jumps across the border into the USA.
Counter-Currents has an excellent article documenting the pathetic libertarian treason of Jack Hunter. To be fair, not all libertarians have been insane traitors on the immigration issue. Dr. Milton Friedman once stated:
“You can have open borders of you can have the welfare state, but you cannot have both”
Dr. Friedman also said the patently false lie that before 1914 no one in the United States opposed open borders immigration. Did Southerners want to welcome the mass immigration of Haitians that had recently slaughtered the entire White population of Santo Domingo? How about the Chinese Exclusion Act? What about the immigration laws that excluded anarchists and the feebleminded? Do you think our ancestors wanted anarchist immigrants here like the one who assassinated President McKinley on Sept. 14, 1901?
Dr. Milton Friedman told us there was no opposition to open borders immigration back then. Why would he lie? It’s the same reason leftist turned Wall Street Journall libertarian Tamar Jacoby demands open borders immigration to the USA. It is supposedly great for the USA, but not for Israel – Israel needs to be a Jewish ethno-state with a very protective border fence and no voting rights for Palestinians etc.
The brutal reality is that libertarianism is just another destructive, race denying political-intellectual movement designed to disarm the traditional American people. Libertarianism is just another hat to be worn, a disguise, and this disguise is pushed by … the Jews.
Open borders libertarianism is only pushed in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and the rest of the Occident. There are no open borders immigration libertarians in Israel. Jews do not push their poison on their own people.
Open borders immigration is suicide for our people, or more accurately – murder.


  1. A nation without borders is no nation at all, said the philosophers and statesmen of ancient Greece and Rome, once powerful and prosperous nation states that, as history reveals...fell prey to the persistent demands of the ethno-masochists of that time for open borders. This is indeed an odd dynamic...the founding race of a healthy and wealthy nation ceding its control...its very an alien people, especially alien people who have no love for the nation that they have invaded. Alas...unfortunately...for the original founders and people of the once-healthy and wealthy nation that due to its prosperity has, because of its very prosperity, become a decadent nation that, via the complacency that prosperity induces upon the in-time-spoiled nation...that nation destroys itself from within, not from without. The once great nation of America is an indisputably modern example of this ancient paradigm. The struggle to establish a viable nation, then, by way of the persistent hard work of the population thereof, individual prosperity, thus national prosperity, inevitably ensues. This universe in which human beings strive and a balanced universe. That is, for every good there is an equal and opposite, concomitant evil. An even casual perusal of human history reveals this immutable fact. Struggle and conquest, conquest and struggle, are the never-changing facts of human life on this sad and woe-begotten planet that orbits around the Sun in its daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycle. Savants and sages throughout the ages have observed and duly noted these immutable facts. Every human-contrived nation, despite its worldly ascendency...will ultimately, in the fullness of time...decline, disappear, be mere dross on the Ash-Heap of history. Every once- powerful and prosperous nation in history has met its untimely and painful demise due not to the perfidies of its native population but, rather, to the treacheries of foreign invaders that the debased, self-serving "leaders" of the nation allowed to occur. Even Abraham Lincoln, America's 16th president, observed this salient fact. To paraphrase Lincoln, America is too powerful to be destroyed via an outside force, however militarily powerful. If America is ever destroyed, it will be because of hostile internal forces, not external. And Lincoln's 19th century prediction is even now waxing true. The once sovereign nation that once was the sovereign nation of America is no longer a sovereign nation but, rather, a polyglot Tower of Babel from which every minority group in this abjectly diseased world seeks by whatever means to invade, and, in time, subsume. The "leaders" of America, both the legislative branch of the U.S. government ( the Congress ) and especially the Executive branch ( "President" Obama ), do not and have NEVER sought the well-being of the common American people. American politicians of both political parties...Demican and only to serve themselves and their well-paying lobbyists and their equally self-serving Political Action Committees ( PACS ). In short, the "American" government, especially at the federal level...has no interest in the travails of the common people of America. Powerful self interests are now the order of the day and night in the Peoples' Republic of Amerika...the common citizen be damned...

  2. The two-time election of current U.S. "President" Barack Hussein Obama is an event almost unparalleled in the history of the American Republic. Some historians have suggested that there was, in times past, another U.S. president whose national origin was in question. This writer, alas, does not remember the name of this previous president, because his name and data are not available in the "American" Jewish-controlled "mainstream" media. Orwell's Memory Hole is indeed wide and deep. Current U.S. "President" Barack H. Obama's presidency is absolutely unique in the annals of American history. Obama, in only a very short time...rose from the status of an obscure...almost unknown... state senator from Illinois to the most powerful office in the world...the President of the United States. Even the most astute and informed political science scholars cannot explain whence he came. Obama claims to have attended and graduated from high-dollar/exclusive Ivy League universities, Harvard Law School among them. Yet none of his purported classmates remember ever seeing him in any of the classes Obama claims to have attended. Odd, very odd. America's Ivy League schools are tightly knit fraternities and sororities...the name and face of the alumna are ordinarily prominently displayed in the yearbooks of the respective universities, but Obama's university statistics are not. Again....odd...especially for a current, sitting President of the United States, the most powerful office in the world. Given these indisputable facts, it is only reasonable logic for astute, inquiring Americans and others in the world to wonder: Who the hell IS this man, and whence came he? During his over six years in office this possible Manchurian Candidate has done more to debase...destroy...America than any other chief executive in the history of the American Republic. He ( Obama ) is by every logical reckoning a black, white-hating racist who was trained from an early age to hate America and the descendants of her white Founding Fathers. Almost every morning Americans awaken to yet another smarmy scandal sired by Obama and his behind-the-scenes white gentile-hating Jewish globalist puppeteers. When will this national nightmare end? When America as fewer and fewer Americans knew her in her glory days is ended. Then comes the Anti-Christ, the Beast, the half-man, half- demon who will rule the world with a fist of iron, a dictator, a tyrant whose abject murderous cruelty has never before been seen by humanity, and never will again. Obama is indeed a creature of biblical prophesy, a demon from the dark side of the universe. Woe be unto mankind, for he himself has beckoned this foul creature from hell forth. And God weeps at Man's self-imposed destruction...

  3. Contenders for the U.S. presidency stand not a chance of being elected to this "highest office in the world." Why? Because this is the Media Age, and no person can be elected to high office in America....or the world, for that matter...unless the contender kow-tows, kisses the ring, of the media powers-that-be. And that media power is Jewish media power, and no person shall be ensconced in "elective" office without the blessing of these Marxist media moguls who are the hidden puppeteers behind the veneer of the curtain of "democracy." The President of the United States in NOT the ruler of America, nor of the naïve, ill-informed voters who "elect" him. Years ago...decades ago...the American political system was hijacked by a hostile foreign entity...the historical pest of mankind...the Jews. The Jews who "...please not God and are contrary to all men."

  4. In defense of those Libertarians who oppose the suicidal, irrational open borders policy, here is an excellent article by our first candidate for president, John Hospers, which refutes the open borders argument using L/libertarian principles.
    As the Libertarian candidate for Congress again this year in the 14th Ohio US Congressional district (and, if that makes me a "perennial", so be it) see my website, where I renounce the national party platform. See