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Jury of 7 blacks, 5 whites seated for Kareem Lane retrial

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Lane's charged in Jim Burns' 1992 homicide

After sifting through a jury pool of 60 Columbus residents Wednesday, attorneys in the murder retrial of Kareem Lane settled on a panel of 12 plus three alternates.
The jury’s racial makeup was an issue, as prosecutors and defense attorney Stacey Jackson accused each other of striking prospective jurors because of race.
The jury Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters seated at 2:35 p.m. had five black women, three white women, two black men and two white men. The three alternates were a black man and two black women.
Alternates serve if any of the 12 jurors hearing the case are disqualified or otherwise unable to complete the trial. They hear the same evidence, but unless they’re needed as substitutes, they do not participate in jury deliberations once the case has been presented.
Peters dismissed the jurors until 9 a.m. Monday, when Lane again goes on trial for the 1992 fatal stabbing of then-Muscogee County School Superintendent Jim Burns. Lane’s first trial in September 2012 ended with a hung jury. Ten jurors then wanted to find him not guilty and two wanted to convict him.
As jury selection ended Wednesday, District Attorney Julia Slater told Peters that Jackson’s jury strikes appeared “racially motivated,” as all of the nine prospects Jackson rejected were white.
Jackson countered that he could say the same of prosecutors: Eight of their nine strikes were “minorities,” he said, citing blacks, Asians and Hispanics.
Hispanic is not a race, Slater said.
It’s still a minority, replied Jackson.
The defense attorney told Peters he rejected prospective jurors not because of their race but for other reasons: Some worked for the Muscogee school district Burns headed; some had connections to law enforcement; and some were crime victims likely prejudiced by their experience.
Slater noted Jackson accepted a crime victim who was black, but no whites.
Peters said all the law required of Jackson was that he articulate a reason other than race for each strike.
Interest in the racial issue waned after jury manager Marsha Coram told Peters one of the people in the jury pool was sick from hunger, as the judge had not recessed court for lunch. The attorneys decided to accept the panel they had rather than cause further delay.
Among the prospective jurors dismissed after questioning were a downtown nightclub owner who said he was suing the city for false arrest; a man whose cousin was slain April 24 on Adair Avenue in Columbus; a foreign-born liquor store owner who said he didn’t understand some English words such as “verdict”; and a woman who had been close to homicide victim Holly Hearn, whose brother-in-law Lonnie Jacob Ragan killed her with a shotgun Aug. 26, 2011. The woman sat through Ragan’s trial this past March, and said it so affected her that if she had to serve on Lane’s jury, “I would probably cry the whole case.”
Ragan was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. His prosecutor was Jennifer Cooley, who is assisting Slater and Assistant District Attorney George Lipscomb in Lane’s case.
Lane is accused of stabbing Burns in the back about 12:20 a.m. Oct. 19, 1992, during a struggle in the second-floor bedroom of Burns’ 620 Broadway home, where the superintendent fought with an intruder from the bedroom down the stairs to the front door. There the burglar escaped, and Burns collapsed and bled to death.
Police stopped Lane, then a 17-year-old Shaw High School senior, about 1 a.m. that night on Macon Road near Rigdon Road, where he was driving a gray Ford Ranger pickup matching the description witnesses gave of a vehicle parked on Front Avenue, just a few blocks from Burns’ home.
The witnesses said they saw a man run to the truck and drive off about the time Burns was stabbed.
Police questioned Lane through the next day, then released him. He was not charged with Burns’ homicide until cold-case investigators obtained warrants for his arrest May 4, 2010.
He’s charged with “malice” or intentional murder and two counts of felony murder for causing a death while committing the felony offenses of burglary and aggravated assault.
In Lane’s first trial, jurors deliberated three days before Peters declared a mistrial Sept. 19, 2012. Lane afterward was freed on $30,000 bond. He now lives in the Birmingham, Ala., area.

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  1. Yuk, yuk, ha, ha. Snicker. Chortle. Columbus, Ga.-based D.A. Julia Ann Fessenden Slater and her staff of legal eagles are, as this article is being written...embroiled in a racial conflict regarding the re-opened case of Kareem Lane, a black man accused of the Oct., 1992 murder of then-Muscogee County School Superintendent James ( Jim ) Burns. Slater is a politician, as are all publically elected "public servants." Publically elected officials, as an increasing number of common voters are becoming increasingly aware...are publically funded political prostitutes. Their ultimate objective is not to pursue justice but, pursue their own future political objectives for higher office. In time, and alas...they achieve their goal for power over their fellow citizens with the cooperation of the ignorant citizens who, knowing not what they are doing...continue to elect politicians who work against them, not for them. These smarmy, self-serving politicians thrive on the ignorance of the idiot public, and these debased sub-human creatures use the gunmen of the Muscogee County Sheriffs Department ( poor, ignorant fucks ) to wallow in the backwash of their dirty work. But back to the point of this article: The public officials who befoul Muscogee County ( One of the most abjectly corrupt counties that comprise the 159 counties that comprise the State of Georgia...are a most foul, debased, dissolute, depraved, morally degenerate sub-human species of so-called humanity indeed ). Columbus, Georgia-based D.A. Julia Slater, who represents the six-county Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit, is, so it is of the most crooked D.A.s in the history of the colony of Georgia. Incidentally, when the colony of Georgia was established by George Olglethorpe as a penal colony in 1732, lawyers and other undesireables were banned from entry into the nascent state. The abjectly corrupt power structure that rules Columbus, Georgia with an iron fist is replete with murderous criminality...and the true...real...criminals against humanity reside not behind bars...where they belong...but in public office.

  2. The foul creatures who make the laws are the worst breakers of the laws that they themselves enact. Irony. Bitter irony. Meanwhile, well-meaning common citizens are daily and nightly arrested and jailed for the most idiotically minor of offenses: walking a dog without a leash. Soliciting a ride ( hitch-hiking? ) Running a motor vehicle while the vehicle is unattended, even though the owner of the vehicle is 10 feet from the vehicle. The litany of idiotic "offenses" for which the otherwise law-abiding citizens of Columbus, Georgia are arrested and jailed is much to lengthy to recount here. Suffice it to say that the former penal colony...and erstwhile slave-owning "city" of Columbus, Georgia is a most debased, dissolute, depraved, degenerate wannabe city indeed. The so-called city of Columbus, Georgia is, truth be told, a former cotton mill town that, not so long ago...used and abused children as young as seven years old to labor in the infamous sweat shops that once prevailed in this dark, dirty and sweaty town. Countless numbers of children who were unfortunate enough to reside in this deadly and ignorant town were permanently maimed...and even killed...while laboring in the infamous cotton mills that were run by the callous, uncaring elitists who then ruled this dark town. And, even now, decades later...the dirt-bag city of Columbus is still desperately striving to live down its wicked, evil legacy...but to no avail. The social Brahmins who rule Columbus claim to hate racism...but, as the trial of Kareem Lane reveals...the inherent racism and classism of this town yet reveals itself...

  3. The late and great former judge, Haywood Turner, once described the power-brokers who rule Columbus, Georgia as a "Nest of Vipers." Turner, who passed from this earth on May 8, 2011, was the Judge of Magistrates Court for over 20 years. During this time he saw the innumerable abuses that were imposed on the citizens of Columbus...especially the poor citizens, both black and white. Turner strived to be fair to every citizen who approached his bench, but he was haunted by the fact that the other "courts of jurisprudence" were intractably corrupt...took great delight in abusing the rights of the common citizen who knew not his or her rights under the law. Turner saw that the "justice" system of Columbus, Georgia took advantage of the defendants who were unlucky enough to be charged by quota-filling cops whose main objective was not to secure public safety but, rather, to fill the city's coffers with ill-gotten gains wrested from Columbus citizens who could not afford the high-priced "Dream Team" local lawyers that the moneyed elite and politically connected local Chamber of Commerce suits could easily afford. A poor person in Columbus could be sentenced to a year in jail for spitting on the sidewalk, yet a wealthy and politically connected person could stroll free from court after shooting someone...a poor person, of course. And the beat goes on unabated...the poor jaywalker goes to jail, the rich man walks after aggravated assault with a firearm. Look up the case of wealthy and politically connected Frank Lumpkin, the scion of his wealthy paternal namesake. Columbus, Georgia is a most foul, abjectly corrupt town, ruled by abjectly corrupt people. But God Almighty is a god of Justice, so, in time...Columbus, Georgia will fall prey to its own perfidy. And black, black, be its well-deserved fall...

  4. This writer rejoices to a just god ( and a god with an ironic sense of humor ), regarding the fact that the hypocritical minions of the law who infest the courts of Columbus, Georgia like ravening rats are now engineers hoist on their own petards. When on Nov. 15, 2011 long-time white-rights activist Michael Weaver was illegally and maliciously charged with and convicted of aggravated assault for the heinous crime of using non-lethal pepper spray to defend his life and property from two black thugs...both multiple felons...who sought to carjack his vehicle...the prosecution, headed by Columbus, Ga.-based Asst. D.A. Michael Craig, used the infamous Race Card to prejudice the entire court process against him. Craig offered no evidence against Weaver, whether physical or otherwise, to substantiate his case against him. Prosecutor Craig's entire prosecution was based soley...exclusively...on Weaver's long-term politically incorrect political activities throughout the streets of the People's Republic of Columbus, Ga., an erstwhile slave-owning town ruled almost exclusively by liberal Democrats ( one and the same ). The only "evidence" that Craig had to offer during the two-day Superior Court sessions were pamphlets containing politically incorrect written material that Weaver had disseminated throughout Columbus and other areas for years. The Freedom of Speech clause of the United States Constitution ( the First Amendment to the 10- amendment Bill of Rights ratified in 1791 ), guarantees Americans the right to speak freely and openly about any issue, regardless of the issue's ostensibly "offensive" nature. The protection of "offensive" speech and writing is the very PURPOSE of the First Amendment. The Founding Fathers of America, in their wisdom, knew the value of freedom of conscience...i.e., secure the freedom of an open society. No law is necessary to secure the freedom to articulate views with which everyone agrees. The idiot minions of the Columbus, Ga. "legal" system, however...apparently did not understand this simple, unambiguous concept. The theatrical and emotive prosecutor, Michael Craig, was a clown in full clown costume. The presiding judge, Superior Court Judge Bobby "Pandering" Peters....likewise was too stupid to understand the tenets of his profession...either that, or he was complicit in a major act of judicial misconduct/malfeasance. Fast forward to the current trial of Kareem Lane, a black man accused in the Oct., 1992 murder of then-Muscogee County School District Superintendent James Burns. Lane's lead defense attorney is Stacy Jackson, a prhomosexual-looking Asst. D.A. George Lipscomb. And guess what? Both sides are accusing the other of racism vis-à-vis the jury selection process. Yes!! Indeed!! The munchkin minions of the law who pretend to be so ultra-politically correct when a white defendant is accused of a crime against a black are now themselves accused of being closet Klansmen!! Racists!! Yes...engineers hoist on their own rickety petard. Delightful!! Delicious!! Hmmm. Come to think of it, there IS some very suspicious activity occurring in the hallowed halls of the Columbus, Ga. criminal "justice" system. Although black males comprise a minority of the inhabitants of Columbus, Ga., they constitute the vast majority of Muscogee County Jail inmates. Huh!! What's up with this odd dynamic?? There are only two answers to this question: Either black males commit a majority of the crimes in Columbus...which is why they're in jail...or Columbus, Georgia is an abjectly racist town that unfairly....and illegally...arrests and incarcerates black men...which is why they're in jail. What's YOUR answer to this puzzling question, Ms. Julia, Ms. Cooley, "Mr." Lipscomb?????????? Has the ravenous cat eaten your tongues?? This writer DARES YOU TO ANSWER THIS SIMPLE QUESTION....ASSHOLES!! WHAT??

  5. Word number constraints did not allow this writer to complete his post to his satisfaction, which is why there are some APPARENT errors in his text. Too bad. If only you spy assholes who prostitute yourselves ( and probably your wives or husbands, too )...could read everything I wrote about you. WHAT???? Go take a piss...